The Bunting♦Meyerhoff Interfaith & Community Service Center (IFC) is open Sunday through Friday from 9am to 9pm. Stop in to say hello - we'd love to see you!


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Related Links

We have worked on compiling a list of related links for your use. If you know of other links that you think would be helpful to other visitors, please suggest them to us!

General Links
Interfaith Calendar
One More Interfaith Calendar 
The Pluralism Project
Institute for Chritian & Jewish Studies
Journal of College & Character: The Institute on College Student Values
The Official Site of the Baha'i Faith. Also offers a brief introduction on the Baha'i faith and comprehensive information on the central figures and institutions of the Baha'i.
Baha'i Fact Sheet.
Planet Baha'i: Information on the Baha'i religion including information on current events. Also a great souce for articles on the Baha'i faith.
Beginners' Guide to Buddhism: Gives a brief introduction on all aspects of Buddhism.
BuddhaNet: Buddhist Information and Education Network - an online Buddhist portal.
The Buddhist Review Online: A magazine dedicated to Buddhism.
Journal of Buddhist Ethics: An index of articles devoted to exploring Buddhist issues.
An Introduction to Buddhism.
          Catholic Fact Sheet
Revised Common Lectionary
Christian Fact Sheet
An Introduction to Hinduism: offers a brief discussion on the basics of Hinduism.
HinduNet: The Hindu Universe. This site is an online Hindu portal.
Introduction to Islam: Offers a brief introduction into what Islam is, what Muslims believe, and the five pillars of Islam.
The Way to Truth: Discover Islam: An extensive and extremely informative site.
Understanding Islam: Presents the explanation of Islam in the light of only the Qur'an and the Sunnah.
Jainism Fact Sheet.
Judaism Basics: Information on basic questions about Judaism and information on Jewish holidays.
Sikhnet: A portal with comprehensive information on the Sikh religion, including an introduction, media resources, history, and much more.
Sikhism Fact Sheet.

Meet our Faith Groups!

While Unitarian Universalists do not have traditional signs or symbols, the flaming chalice, shown with the deep red background, has become widely used in Sunday services.  In the days preceding World War II, the Boston-based Unitarian Service Committee was attempting to rescue Unitarians and other religious liberals from those parts of Europe where lives were threatened by Nazism.  The flaming chalice was the code by which those needing to be rescued identified themselves to the Unitarian Service Committee.  The flame that rises from the chalice represents the light of illumination and understanding.