The Bunting♦Meyerhoff Interfaith & Community Service Center (IFC) is open Sunday through Friday from 9am to 9pm when classes are in session. Stop in to say hello - we'd love to see you!


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The diversity of Johns Hopkins students contributes to a vibrant and active religious life, both on campus and in the city of Baltimore. Students are invited to attend meetings and events led by Hopkins student groups, as well as local faith communities. We have listed an extensive but by no means exhaustive list of student and community opportunities below.


Religiously Affiliated Student Groups of Campus Ministries



Baha’i Students Association                                 



Buddhist Student Association                                                         



Adventist Student Fellowship 

Agape Campus Christian Fellowship

Beloved College Community Fellowship 

Catholic Community     

Graduate Chinese-Speaking Christian Fellowship              

Orthodox Christian Fellowship  

Episcopal Campus Ministries

Graduate Christian Fellowship  

Hopkins Christian Fellowship     

Hopkins Gospel Choir

Kross Campus Minstry                                         

Latter Day Saints Students at Hopkins

Methodist Students                                              

Stepping Stones Ministries        

University Christian Fellowship



Hindu Students Council



Muslim Students Association



Jain Student Association



Jewish Student Association

Chabad at Johns Hopkins 



Sikh Student Association


Unitarian Universalism

Unitarian Universalist Student Association


Local Places of Worship

*Located within walking distance of campus



JHU Interfaith Center*

3509 North Charles Street

(410) 516-1880


The Baltimore City Baha’i Community

(410) 929-5697



JHU Interfaith Center*

3509 North Charles Street

(410) 516-1880



Oak Street AME Church

123 West 24th Street

Rev. Richard Greene

(410) 235-6908


First Emmanuel Apostolic

4534 Reisterstown Road

Bishop Dwight C. Iler

(410) 664-2664


University Baptist Church*

3501 North Charles Street

Rev. L. Joseph Rosas III

(410) 467-2343


University Parkway Church of Christ*

530 West University Parkway

Rick Adsit

(410) 467-7371


Cathedral Church of the Incarnation* (Episcopal)

4 East University Parkway

Rev. Sara Shisler

(410) 467-3750


Homewood Friends* (Quaker)

3107 North Charles Street

(410) 235-4438


First English Evangelical Lutheran Church

39th and Charles Streets

Rev. Donald L. Burggraf

(410) 235-2356


North Baltimore Mennonite Church

4615 Roland Avenue

Rev. David Greiser

(410) 467-8947


Metropolitan Community Church

401 W. Monument Street

Rev. David Smith

(410) 669-6222


Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

3501 The Alameda

(410) 366-2908


Roland Park Presbyterian* (PCUSA)

4801 Roland Avenue

Pastor Mark Hanna

(410) 889-2000


Second Presbyterian Church* (PCUSA)

4200 St. Paul Street

Rev. Tom Blair

(410) 467-4210


Miracle Temple (Adventist)

100 South Rock Glen Road

Dr. Errol T. Stoddart

(410) 368-9294


Grace United Methodist Church

5407 North Charles Street

Rev. Dr. Amy P. McCullough

(410) 433-6650


Faith Christian Fellowship (PCA)

505 East 42nd Street

Rev. Craig Garriot

(410) 323-0202


Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witness

3627 Greenmount Avenue

(410) 366-1858


Greek Orthodox Cathedral of the Annunciation

24 West Preston Street

The Very Rev. Dean Moralis

(410) 727-1830


St. Matthew United Church of Christ

3400 Norman Avenue

Rev. Eugene P. Bartell

(410) 235-3738


Lovely Lane United Methodist Church

2200 St. Paul Street

Rev. Nancy Nedwell

(410) 889-1512


St. John’s of Baltimore City*

27th and St. Paul Streets

Rev. Dr. Amy P. McCullough

(410) 366-7733



Christian Science

1st Church of Christ Scientist*

102 West University Parkway

Julie-Anne Eastman

(410) 467-4858



JHU Interfaith Center*

3509 North Charles Street

(410) 516-1880



Baltimore Ethical Society

306 West Franklin Street, # 102

(410) 581-2322

Mr. Hugh Taft-Morales



JHU Interfaith Center*

3509 North Charles Street

(410) 516-1880


Jewish (Orthodox, Conservative, Reform)

Smokler Center for Jewish Life*

3109 North Charles Street

Rabbi Debbie Pine

(410) 516-0333


Chabad at Hopkins*

3701 North Charles Street

Rabbi Zev Gopin

(410) 243-3700



JHU Interfaith Center*

3509 North Charles Street

(410) 516-1880


Unitarian Universalist

First Unitarian Church of Baltimore

12 West Franklin Street

Rev. Dave Carl Olsen

(410) 685-2330




Meet our Faith Groups!

While Unitarian Universalists do not have traditional signs or symbols, the flaming chalice, shown with the deep red background, has become widely used in Sunday services.  In the days preceding World War II, the Boston-based Unitarian Service Committee was attempting to rescue Unitarians and other religious liberals from those parts of Europe where lives were threatened by Nazism.  The flaming chalice was the code by which those needing to be rescued identified themselves to the Unitarian Service Committee.  The flame that rises from the chalice represents the light of illumination and understanding.