Volume V, Number 2 - Spring 2011


To ensure the quality of the articles published in each issue, Foundations maintains a Faculty Advisory Board comprised of faculty across a wide range of historical specialties.

Papers that have been tentatively approved for publication or that the Editorial Board feels unable to effectively evaluate are sent to the Faculty Advisory Board, and each member has a 3-week period to conduct a review that shall take into account, but shall not be limited to, the following criteria:

· Clarity of writing

· Strength of the thesis and supporting evidence

· Significant use of primary source material

· Appropriate secondary sources considered

· Organization

· Lack of grammatical and spelling errors

Upon completion of their review, each member submits a written opinion to the Editorial Board for its consideration. Based on current submissions levels, the commitment involves a handful of papers each year.

The mission of Foundations is an extremely valuable one, and the Editorial Board firmly believes that the members of the Faculty Advisory Board are crucial to the success of the journal.  The Editorial Board would personally like to encourage you to volunteer your time and expertise and join in our effort to make Foundations a forum for the best in undergraduate historical research.

If you are interested in becoming a faculty advisor, please send an email to foundations@jhu.edu with a copy of your CV and a listing of the areas of study you would like to cover.