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Publications - Francis Scott Key 1984-1994


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Internal Publications FSK 1984-1994

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Publications - Francis Scott Key 1984-1994 | Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center Archives

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Title: Publications - Francis Scott Key 1984-1994Add to your cart.

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[Series 3: Internal Publications FSK 1984-1994],

Series 3: Internal Publications FSK 1984-1994Add to your cart.
Sub-Series 1: KeynotesAdd to your cart.
Folder 1: 1985Add to your cart.
Item 1: Vol. 1, No.1, Spring 1985Add to your cart.

Articles including

July 2, 1984 Baltimore City Hospitals renamed Francis scott key Medical Center; lanch 1000 balloons, pictures

Ronald R. Peterson about renamed institution

Pushing Back the No. One Killer; Dr. Kerry J. Stewart, Dr. Sheldon H. Gottlieb, pictures

Is My Child a Victim or Potential Victim, of Sexual Abuse?  Joanne Althoff, coordinatior, Dr. Archie Golden

FSK's Long-term Care Options Help Elderly Maintain Independence; Home Care, Beacham Day Care,

New Gastrointestinal Pain Center Helps Patients Cope; Dr. Marvin M. Schuster, Dr. Shabsin,

Foundation Includes FSK in National Effort to Aid Elderly; Grant for $16 millions, Dr. John R. Burton, Mary Pat Clarke, Chronic Hospital and Nursing Facility were featured in a national video news conference January 24, 1985 - asa model for geriatric care options in the US

Initiatives in Nursing Promote Quality Patient Care; Nursing Department Names First Joint Appointment; Judy A. Reitz, David Wolf, Ronald Peterson, Burt Finkelstein, Harry Creekmore,

Robert D.H. Harvey Leads List of Baltimoreans named to FSKMC  Board

Staff publications

Item 2: Vol. 1, No.2, Summer 1985Add to your cart.

Articles including

Veipoint:Remarks from the Prsident; Ronald Peterson, transfer ownership one year ago, financial statements, changeemployee attitude - "wliilngness to serve, master plan ning process, Med center is not targeted for closure.

When Every second Counts... Dr. Christopher T. morrow, Dr. Michael Mininsohn, Drs. Rob Goldberg, Joe Adams, Dr. Gustav Voigt, Emergency Medicine Department

At 94 Percent Survival: The Record Speaks for Itself; Leslie Tudahl, nurse in the Burn Center, Dr. Andrew Munster,Mary Clark, R.N., Joyce Robinson, R.N., Jim Scheulan, P.A., Delceno Jackson, L.P.N.,

Beating the Odds: Premature Infants Get a Second Chance; Dr. Molteni,

Master Planning process Begins; RTKL, Planning Committee Peterson, Zieve, Schmidt, Smith, Lugoff, Furman, Reitz,

Ambulatory Surgery program Expands, Dr. Judith Stiff, Marsha Rybczynski, R.N.,

Researchers Use Biofeedback to Treat Elderly; Kathryn Burgio, dr. J.R. Burton, Richard Greulich

NIDA Dedicates New Addiction Research Facility; Dr. Jerome H. Jaffe,

Hiden Addictions: Are You a Coffee Junkie?  Dr. Bigelow, Dr. Gunduz Gucer,

"Nursing Issues for the 80" Brings New Perspectives; J. Reitz, Sheila O'Neill, Clarissa Agee,

New Nursing Trage Model Adopted by ER Staff; Toni Russell, R.N., Jan Miller

Key People; 1985 Rathbun Award, Drs. Joseph Carrese, Michael Whitlow, Drs. Burton & Zieve

Faculty Promotions and awards; Drs Donald R. Jasinski, Gardner W. Smith, Judith L. Stiff, Calvin Ernst, National Nurses Week Marked by Many Events;

Faculty Publications

Folder 2: 1986Add to your cart.
Item 1: Vol. 2, No. 1, Spring 1986Add to your cart.

Articles including

United Way Campaign $46000 was pledged by employees; Food Drive was donated of 3.5 tons canned and dried goods; Community Advisory Board, Gayle Adams; two Wellness Programs-Community Burn Prevention Program and Heart Health, by Ronald Peterson

The Art of Communicating Medicine, drs  Ranold Barker, Philip Zieve, Ann I. Ma, Kern, Grayson, Roca, Joseph Adams, Barry Brasfield Pat Cronin John Burton, Peter Tseng,

Negotiating Medical Care; Dr. Joseph Carrese, resident, dept of medicine

Kicking the Habit: The Doctor Role; Dr. Joseph Adams, resident, department of medicine

Uncommon Success:C.P.P.A.'s Faculty Practice Plan; Dr. Philip Zieve, Ronald Peterson, Dr. Chester Schmidt, CPPA

Lingering Perceptions of City Hospitals; Dr. Ted Parran, Chief resident, dept of medicine

Master Planning Update: Anticipating the Marketplace; William J. Ward Jr., vice president operations, RTKL architects Barry Graham, David Beard;

Staff reacts to Changes in Length-of-Stay; Yaer 1982-9.8 days; 1986-7.5 days; Admitting, OR, Ancillary Services

Continence Unit's Opening Marked by Surgeon General's Address, Geriatric Continence Research Program, NIA, HCFA, Day care Center Receives CERT Mini-Grant

The Elusive Diagnosis of Sleep-Related Disorders; Dr. Philip Smith

NIH Grant Highlights Aging, Nursing Research; Three yaers Grant is $3,5 mil to establish a general clinical research center GCRC; Karen Dennis, Reubin Andres, James F. O'Donnell

CCD Nursing: The Challenge is Routine; Center for Chemical Dependence, Virginia Alinsao, RN; Ann Maloney, RN, 26-bed center opened in May  1985

First Regional Nursing Seminar Features Pediatric Burn Care

Emergency Nurses Establish Anti Driving Campaign

Labor & delivery Nursing staff Institutes Grieving Program

Burn Center Staff Named "Best of Baltimore's Best" 13 Silver and Blue award finalist, picture

Management Post Announced  Margit  Bleecker, Karen Dennis, Dr. George Huggins, Dr. Dilip Kittur, Anita L. Langford, Regine A. Ritenour, Dr. Stephen D. Sears, Dr. Daniel B. Smith, Dr. Robert J. Spence, Marilyn Warsofsky

Food Drive Center

Housestaff establishes Employee recognition Award

HSCRC Awards Community Education/ Prevention Grants

Staff publications

Item 2: Vol. 2, No. 2, Fall, 1986Add to your cart.

Articles including

Viewpoint, by Ronald Peterson;

Bravo! Harding Carr, grounds maintenance supervisor, Gil Taylor, groundskeeper; Darlene Roles, housekeeper; Catherine Pearce, switchboard operator;  David Williams, stationary engineer; Michele Nose, pharmacy cashier; Vinnie Collins, Geriatric aide;  Vicki Sjolander, safety engineer; Zeke Wilkerson, autopsy technician; Marie Baca, inventiry control clerk; Garland Byrris, bed control officer;  Doris king, office assistant.

Introducing The Johns Hopkins Health System, FSKMC, JHH, North Charles General Hospital, Wyman Park Health System, JHHPlan.

CMEA Union is voted out

Chronic Rehabilitation for Adult program at MFL Chronic hospital and Nursing Facility started in 1979.

Elder Call Program, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

AIDS, Dr. Stephen Smith/photo, chief of division of infectious diseases

Diabetes, Dr. Marc Blackman/photo

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary disease, Dr. Eugene Bleecker, chief, division of pulmonary medicine

Holter Monitor, Drs. Sidney O. Gottlieb, Weisfeldt, Gerstenblith, Pam Ouyang, Mellits

Bridging the Gap Between Machines and Life, ICU/IMC Drs. Sylvester, James Britt, Director of ICU at FSKMC, Lori Meyer, RN, Elizabeth Lisle, RN, Sue Snyder, RN

Volunteer Memories, 130 volunteers, photos

New partnership with City Public Schools Begins, giving students new perspectives on healthcare, Ronald Peterson

Blood Drive is Huge Success, 256 units

Freedom Shrine Dedicated

Blood Bank Accredited, Dr. Julia Millan

Alcoholism Treatment Service(ATS) Celebrates 10 years

Management Posts Announced, Dr. Fabien G. Eyal, chairman of neonatology; Dr. Joseph G. Ouslander, medical director of Chronic Hospital, Dr. Peter J. Golueke, Director of the vascular surgery service, John D. Petronis, chief of division of nuclear medicine.

New names in the FSKMC

Snapshots -- Corine Carr, William Furman, Mary Kellogg,

Key Research

Folder 3: 1987Add to your cart.
Item 1: Vol.3, No.1, Spring 1987Add to your cart.

Articles including

Viewpoints, by Ronald Peterson; mental and behavioral illnesses

Breaking the bonds of depression; Dr. Chester W. Schmidt, chairman of the Dept of Psychiatry; Dr. David N. Neubauer, Director APU;  Dr. Donald R. Jasinski,director of CCd; Dr. Robert Brooner director of DTP; Dr. Robert  P. Roca

Jim McComas,president and chief executive officer of the Dome Corporation;  Proposed development sites for Bayview campus

Making Way for the Asthma Center; Ann Sussman, Ann McDowell, Peggy Waxter

Wins Prestigios Pfitzer Award; Dr. Bennett

Medical Mission:El Salvador; Dr. Burton

National Lung Health Study Launched, Dr. Solbert Permutt,  Richard Berzon

It’s a Different Kind of Caring, Wendy Shepard, Sheila Spears, Mary Rainess

C.A.R.E.  Program Reaches 3000 Students

Bravo! Mary Terry, Mable Copeland, Mike Gardner, Ronals Ruffin, Margaret Taylor,

We’re Here, 1986 United Way Campaign, picture Finkelstein, Clemens, Peterson, Kellogg, Nietubicz, Knauer, Langford, Moon, Hawke

Kiwanis Donates Funds for Renovations

Firefighters Compete for 1988 Calendar Spots

New Posts Announced

Nursing Facility Honors Three Residents, 50 years they sepent in the institution; Charles Toye, Lionel Taylor, John Jones

Staff publications

Item 2: Vol.3, No.2, Summer 1987Add to your cart.

Articles including

Viewpoints by Ronald Peterson, Geriatric Medicine, MFL Chronic Hospital and Nursing Home

The Myth of Aging, Thursday volunteers entertain for MFL Chronic Hospital residents and Nursing Home Profiles in geriatric Medicine and Aging Research, Drs. John Burton, Reubin Andres, Nathan W. Shock, Susan J. Denman, Andrew P. Goldberg, William B. Greenough, Richard C. Greulich

Backgrounder: The Evolution of the NIA, Dr. Nathan W. Shock

A few Moments with Ron Peterson, A model concept for the proposed Medical Center redevelopment, RTKL architectural firm

Elder Call Update, Nellie Stevenson, elder call aide, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Dr. Susan Denman

Congressman Cardin Visits FSKMC, picture-Cardin, Peterson, G. Adams, Greulich, Neall

The Smoker’s Dilemma: Quitting vs. Living, Dr. Rand, Dr. Bigelow

Fingerprints: Clues to a New GI Syndrome, Dr. Marvin M. Schuster, Dr. Sheldon H.  Gottlieb

Women Have Never Had So many Choices, Dr. Robert J. Spence, the implants, reconstructive surgery

Geriatric Nursing: A special Gift, nurse Eileen Leahy, Alan Pentz, Mary Smith, Bernie Allender, Anita Langford, Dr. W. Greenough, geri aide Evelyn Taylor

Snapshots -- Virginia C. Alinsao, R.N., David Knauer, assistant director of pharmacy administration

They Are Our Ambassadors to the Community, Gail Adams, Hazel Kroen

Dome Corp. Breaks Ground for Asthma Center

Children’s Daycare Center Opens, Pictures, Christine Ader, director, Kathy Hackman, teacher assistant, Janet Burch, teacher

Medical Housestaff Announced for 1987-1988, Dr. Joseph A. Carrese, list of resident names

Medical Housestaff Receives Awards, 1987 Rathbun Award, Grace Cordts, Michael I. Fingerhood; Theodore G. MacKinney, rec’d JHU Faculty Award, presentatios were made by drs. Zieve, Burton, Andres; Dr. Stephen D. Sears, chief of Infectious Diseases, “Tteacher of the Year”.

Management Posts announced, Faculty Promotions, Staff Publications

Folder 4: 1988Add to your cart.
Item 1: Vol.4, No.1, Summer/Fall 1988Add to your cart.

Artiles including

The Narcotics Controversy, the problem with pain, Ken Walters, Pharmacy dr., ass. director of the pharmacy, drs. Jasinski, Walters, Munster, Morgan, Waterbury, Meyd, Dobin, Fingerhood, Cronin, Parran, Carrese, Leff, Pictures

Pain Management: The Nursing Perspective, Pictures, Vici Marsalek, R.N., M.S., C.C.R.N., Toni Russell, R.N., Ann Brannan, R.N.

Precautions for Protection, Dr. Sears,

Burn Patient Gets Cultured Skin Graft: A Maryland First, Dr. Munster

Is Society Failing The Elderly?  Drs. Burton, Gloth, Bellantoni

A Team Effort, Nurse Recrutment, Judy A. Rietz, R.N., Sc.D.

JHHS News, Wyman Park and North Charles Merge

Preserving the Past: Archives is Created; 1947 pictures,  List of archives committee

Cafeteria Gets New Name and Facelift, Dr. Ronald Byank, photo

New names and Faces

A-Z News, Ronald Peterson

Staff Publications and studies

Viewpoint, by Ronald Peterson, “Patient First” program

Item 2: Vol.3, No.3, Winter 1988Add to your cart.

Articles including

Viewpoint, by Ronald Peterson, recognition of nurses

The Nurse as Scientist, Dr. Reitz, Karen Dennis, R.N., Ph.D.

Nursing Research Projects

A Few Moments with Dr. Judy Reitz

A Morning in the Life of Susan Denman, M.D.

The Custom Hip: Designing the Perfect Fit, Dr. Riyaz H. Jinnah; The Custom Hip: One Patient’s Story

The Hours, The Pressure and Now… Teaching, Drs. L. Randol Barker, David E. Kern, Laura Mumford, Donna Howard, Dr. Parran, Dr. Grece

Nurses Initiate Self-Governance Concept, Patrick Ayd, Karen Smith O’Brien, Doris Long, Betty LaPierre

Burn Education is Best Burn Prevention, Dr. Munster, Julie Victor, R.N.

Snapshots – Cynthia Callum, M.S.W., Gordon Christmyer

Curry Teachers Little Kids Big Ideas, Ceal Curry

1987: The Year of Giving Generously, United Way Campaign

Management Posts Announced, Children’s Daycare Center, awarded Barbara Mikulski

Research at Bayview

Folder 5: 1989Add to your cart.
Item 1: Vol.4, No.2, Spring 1989Add to your cart.

Articles including

Sudden Death Sudden Questions, crisis in Organ Donation, potential organ or tissue donor dies every week, Drs. R. Spence, D. Kittur, Debra Knott, R.N., Janet McMenamin, R.N.

Troubling Times for Internal Medicine, Dr. Zieve, Dr. Straus, Dr. Siegel, Dr. Tomanelli, Dr. Fingerhood

National Trail on Smoking Patch Begins, Dr. Donald Jasinski, Joyce Smith, Karen Kaplita

Piecing Together Medical Ethics, Dr. Robert Roca, Peter Terry, Ethics Committee team list

Digestive Diseases Staff Opens New Endoscopy Suite, Dr. Philip Katz

Nursing For the No. One Killer, Mary Myers, Barbara Sisson, Pam Myirski, Judy Ruddell, Glenda McKee, Dr. Nisha Chandra, Dr. P Ouayng,

Quality A Conversation with Dr. Robert M. Heyssel, JHHS

Groundbreaking: Comprehensive Geriatric Center, Dr. Zieve, Ronald Peter son. Dr. Andres

United Way Campaign

Snapshots – Susanne Konschnik, Dr. Solbert Permutt.

New Names & Faces

A to Z news, Maryann Hiteshew, Ceal Curry, Brian Katona

Research at Bayview

Viewpoint, by Ronals Peterson. tissue donotion

Folder 6: 1990Add to your cart.
Item 1: Vol. 5, No.1, Winter 1990-1991Add to your cart.

Articles including

Burn Reconstraction, Lawanda Conaway-Fales, corrective cosmetician, Dr. R. Spence,

Easing Addiction’s Grip, CAP, Dr. George R. Huggins, Dr. Archie S. Golden

New Home for Pulmonary Division, Dr. Solbert Permutt, Asthma & Allergy Center, Noreen McMahon, R.N.

Paramedics, CPR, CRT,

Day in, Day out, Gwen Gibson, art therapist

Development Building up to Phase II, Comprehensive Geriatric Center, RTKL, cost an estimated $61 mil.

Things That Go Beep in the Night

New Names & Faces

Snapshots – Sister Dorothy Marie Young

A to Z News, Dr. Edward Gabrielson, Archie Golden, Safe Sitter Program, Ceal Curry, Safe a Heart Foundation

KYE Research

Viewpoint, by Ronald Peterson, Burn Reconstruction

Folder 7: 1993Add to your cart.
Item 1: Vol.6, No.1, Spring 1993Add to your cart.

Articles including

Pathways in Neurosurgery, Dr. Alessandro Olivi, Dr. Fred Geisler

People Power, Quality Management, quality services, Judy Reitz, Dr. Richard Freeman,

New Focus on Patient Care, Michele Hancock, RNCMichelle Allen,

Physician Heal Thyself, support group, Drs. Larry Wise, Michael Harper, Evelyn Broikos, Melanie Gross

Finding Their Way Home, CAP, patient story

Partners in Care, Dr. J. Burton, Karen Santmyer, R.N., Dr. Roca, Bea Robbins, R.N., Jane Marks

Building Our Future, Acute Care Tower, Francis Scott Key Pavilion

Full Steam Ahead, The Boiler Plant, 1900

A Home Way from Home, Chronic Ventilator unit, opened 1992 at the Geriatric Center

Stumpers! 25 years of special service Baltimore Regional Burn Center, opened in 1968

Key Research, Staff Publications

Presedent’s Message, by Ronald Peterson, Quality Management, quality services

Item 2: Vol.7, No.1Add to your cart.

Message from R.Peterson; Bayview first AESOP units in the country

Beacham Ambulatory Care Center, Beacham Adult Day Care Center;

Harrison Library;

Mason F. Lord Building;

Rathbun Conference Room;

Cassell Drive;

Nathan Shock Drive;

Carroll Auditorium.

Dr. Louis Kavoussi, chief of urology; AESOP; laparoscopy surgery.

X Ray Vision; Carol Sue Hart, clinical imaging manager, 24years of service.

The new wave of nursing, health care reform triggers a surge of advance practice nurses.

Doctors in Diplomacy/ China, Zimbabwe, Chile.

Dr. Ronald Byank at Moscow, Russia and China.

Dr. Munster, 14 cities in India.

Dr. Greenough, in Bangladesh.

Age to Perfection; Acute Geriatric Unit ( AGU); Jean McLeod, the AGU program coordinator, Donna Dirak, RNDrs. Burton and Greenough

Breaking the Sound Barrier, Sharon Caplan, chief of speech language pathology

Bayview research, staff publications

Sub-Series 2: The Banner, 1984-1994Add to your cart.
Folder 1984Add to your cart.
Item 8: Vol.1, No.1, September 7, 1984Add to your cart.

Articles including

NEW NEWSLETTER!  First paper, about Banner

Pediatric Burn Patients have easy transition to return to school, nursing visiting program, Carol Ball; Peggy Schmidt, Gail Horowitz Ceal Curry

First Intermediate Care Unit, formerly "Room212", 4 beds for neurology and neurosurgery services, directors  Drs. Gunduz Gucer, Margit Bleecker.

Volunteers needed to introduce our new institution to community, Gail Adams

Employees willing to quit smoking

Tickets for 25th Anniversary Celebrartion of the Medical Center department of Social Work on October 18, 1984

Harry Creekmore chief, division of plastic surgery

Ray Stutzman, chief division of urology

Calvin B Ernst, chairman, vascular surgery

Gene Nardone, volunteer, was honored as "Baltimore's Best"

Item 1: Vol.1, No.2, September 21, 1984Add to your cart.

United Way Campaign meeting; committee Carol E. Ball, Fred Dowdy, Jr.

Beacham Day Care Center open house

Anne Sterling, director of materials control

Item 2: Vol.1, No.3, October 5, 1984Add to your cart.

United Way Campaign contributions;

Highlandtown Harvest Festival;

Andrew M. Munster, director of the Baltimore Regional Burn Unit;

Judy A. Reitz, position change from director of nursing practice at the Johns Hopkins Hospital to vice president for nursing

Item 3: Vol.1, No.4, October 19, 1984Add to your cart.

United Way Campaign contributions;

A6Center, reopening beds; Judy A. Reitz, vice president for nursing;

Graduate nurse interns who passed the State Board Nursing Exam;

Mason F. Lord Building thrift shop;

Food Drive Month, 1983 collected 3/4 ton food for the Food Closet

Item 4: Vol.1, No.5, November 2, 1984Add to your cart.
Nova Pharmaceutical Corporation Headquarters dedication, located in newly-renovated Mason F. Lord Building Annex; United Way Contributions, $33,045 contribution total, Ronald R. Peterson, president; Gallon Club, Jane Wallett, Michele Nixon;
Item 5: Vol.1, No.6, November 16, 1984Add to your cart.
Telephone Pioneers of America; Ronald R. Peterson, president, named to Maryland Hospital Association administrative and management functions committee; United Way Campaign; Social Work's 25th anniversary celebration, Humanitarian Fund; Pharmacy's Manufacturers Drug Exhibit; Behavioral Pharmacology Research Unit's quit-smoking study
Item 6: Vol.1, No.7, November 30, 1984Add to your cart.
Highlandtown Kiwanis Club check presentation of $31,799 to Francis Scott Key Medical Center administration to purchase new hospital equipment; First anniversary of Beacham Day Care Center; Maureen Morton, R.N., nurse recruiter, elected president of the Baltimore Association of Nurse Recruiters
Item 7: Vol.1, No.8, December 14, 1984Add to your cart.
United Way Campaign drawing winners; Department of Nursing staff sponsored a Preceptor Recognition Program; Medical Center Volleyball Team Listings
Folder 1985Add to your cart.
Item 1: Vol.1, No.9, January 14, 1985Add to your cart.
C.P.P.A.'s Nonprofit Foundation, the Chesapeake Education Research Trust awarded five $2,000 one-year grants; Burt Finkelstein, director of pharmacy; Maureen Morton, R.N., nurse recruiter; L. Kenneth Grabill, vice president of finance; Eugene R. Bleecker, M.D., director of the division of pulmonary medicine; Ira Papel, M.D., chief resident in otolaryngology head and neck surgery; Mason F. Lord Chronic Hospital and Nursing Facility; Beacham Day Care Center
Item 2: Vol,1, No.10, January 25, 1985Add to your cart.
Laundry Manager Walter A. Simonsen and his 34 employees honored for their combined 451 years of service; Baltimore City Hospitals/Francis Scott Key Laundry closing; Helen McDonald, patient aid for A3East, retired after 28 years of service, honored
Item 3: Vol.1, No.11, February 8, 1985Add to your cart.
Baltimore Regional Burn Center closed to new admissions due to the revealed presence of antibiotic-resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Item 4: Vol.1, No.12, February 22, 1985Add to your cart.
Renovations in the A Building, Ground Floor; Anne Flood, R.N., named director of quality assuarance, succeeds Ruth Brenner, R.N.; Raymond Malamet, M.D., instructor of medicine, division of rheumatology to speak at meeting of Maryland Lupus Foundation; volleyball league end of regular season statistics
Item 5: Vol.1, No.13, March 8, 1985Add to your cart.
Medical Center's Personnel Department initiate new employee orientation program; Burn Center volleyball team, first intra-hospital volleyball champions;
Item 6: Vol.1, No.14, March 22, 1985Add to your cart.
Images: Rande Zandek, Sharon Redmond, Peter Loeb, Pam Montell, Theresa Love, Dave Johnson, Janice Friang, Mike Kotowski, Steve Reichenbach, Joey Garten, Bryce Hathaway, Steve Hanson, William Heal, Kurt Kuenzel, Joe Collins.
Item 7: Vol.1, No.15, April 5, 1985Add to your cart.
A3West intermediate care unit opened March 26; A2East neurosciences unit closed March 26
Item 8: Vol.1, No.16, April 19, 1985Add to your cart.
1985 Volunteer Recognition Ceremony and Luncheon in Carroll Auditorium; Ronald R. Peterson, president; Ann Sussman, director of volunteer services
Item 9: Vol.1, No.17, May 3, 1985Add to your cart.
1985 Volunteer Recognition Ceremony and Luncheon; Annie Horner, 86, oldest Medical Center volunteer, contributed 482 hours since 1983; Everett K. Spees, M.D., Ph.D, associate professor of surgery and chief division of renal transplantation, received the 1984 Upjohn/Southeastern Organ Procurement Foundation Award; softball team;
Item 10: Vol.1, No.18, May 17, 1985Add to your cart.
National Hospital Week; Donald E. Hannahs, long-standing volunteer, honored by the Health and Welfare Council of Central Maryland; Kiwanis Club of Highlandtown; Advances in Controversies in Emergency Medicine symposium featured physicians Rorman A. Goy, M.D., Gustav C. Voight, M.D. Nisha C. Chandra, M.D., Louise B. Andrew, M.D., F.A.C.E.P.; United Way of Central Maryland and the Medical Center instituted the Referral Aid Program for employees; World's Fastest Typing Contest, executive secretaries Deborah Bull and Patricia Carroll advanced to the Baltimore regional competition; Special thanks to Gayle Adams, Carol Ball, R.N., Dave Cavey, Jack Hess, Pat Kail, Dave Knauer, Pat Lynch, Ann Reiter, R.N. for staffing the Medical Center booth at the Patterson Park Preakness Festival
Item 11: Vol.1, No.19, May 31, 1985Add to your cart.
David B. Knauer, assistant director of pharmacy, elected vice president of the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy Alumni Association for 1985-1986 and appointed as clinical instructor in pharmacy practice for 1985-1986 academic year; Deboarah Bull, executive secretary, won first place in her category at the Baltimore regional competition of the World's Fastest Typing Contest with 108 words per minute with no errors; Patricia Carroll, executive secretary, attended the Baltimore regional competition of the World's Fastest Typing Contest
Item 12: Vol.1, No.20, June 14, 1985Add to your cart.
National Institute on Drug Abuse Addiction Research Center on the Medical Campus formal dedication, Jerome H. Jaffe, M.D., James Mason, M.D.; Candy Striper Program to begin at Medical Center; reception for resignation of John Birkmeyer, LCSW, director of social work
Item 13: Vol.1,No.21, June 28, 1985Add to your cart.

Joseph A. Caresse, M.D. and Michael B. Whitlow, M.D> recieved 1985 Howard K. Rathbun Award

John P. Joyce recieved The Johns Hopkins University Faculty Award

The volunteer organization raised more than $20,000 since Jan. 1984

Jeanette and Henry Katz, Elaine Goloskov, Frranziska Murphy, Tom Beavers, Amelia Dzierwa, and Stephanie Smith collected donations towards the Medical Center equipment and furnishings

Sheila O'Neil, R.N., presented "New Directions for Nursing"  May 28 in Carroll Auditorium

Julia Ragins, Georgia Cobb, Loretta Lucas, Lizzie Thomas, Barbara Barnes, Lucille Parker, and Mildred Banner were certified as geriatric patient aides and were homored at a May 17 reception in A5West classroom

The new employees appointed in June were: Carol Selby-Allen, Darlene Cuiver, Karen Karmilowicz, Joann Bryant, Margaret Van Horn, Cathy Adkins, Lauretta Moseley, Patricia Dormer, Curtis Brown, Joe Charles, Anne Keeling, Richard McWilliams. Janet Dillard, Janice Barber, Jeanette Hausmann, Cynthia McElroy, Nancy Novotny, lynn Pavlis, Barbara Poiatowski, Barbara Reed, and Beverly Schwartz

The graduate nurse interns were Rene Adams. Robin Anderson, Sheryl Ashley, Denise Auffarth, Cynthia Bitzer, Loraine Black, Mary Ann Bochenski, Cathy Cummins, Anna Gonzales, Ellen Hampton, Ann Harman, Sandra Haskell, Robin Keil, Carol King, Felicia Kinlein, Catherine Kreisel, Maureen Lamoreaux, Elizabeth Levy, Christine Linton, Barbara McCoy, Cynthia Mackey, Pamela Maggitti, Ann Maloney, Jill Mariano, Linda Mark, Joann Olszewski, Bennie rice, Lynnee Roane, Lisa Schaum, Tina Schwartz, Karla Sellers, Sheila Spears, James Stockdale, Susan Thumo. Susan Wahlberg, Kathleen Weston. Leah Wyckoff, Theresa Joyce, Teresa Caravello-Abramowski, Mary Ann Rider, Wendy Buck, and Lawrence Mernaugh

Laura Duane, R.N., was promoted to the head nurse, psychiatry and Marceline Krouse to offoce supervisor, facilities management.

Item 14: Vol. 1, No. 22, July 12, 1985Add to your cart.

A device which enables physcians to diagnose neurological disorders by continuously monitoring brain fluid pressure will soon be available to hospitals nationwide

Drs. Gucer and Lawrence J. Viernstein, instructor of neurosurgey at Johns Hopkins University, will present their findings to the Congress of Neurological Surgeons in September

Fred Dowdy, JR., administrator of support services, was named s member of the American College of Hospital Administrators

Item 15: Vol. 1, No. 23., July 26, 1985Add to your cart.

Representatives of insurance companies were available at the Medical Center for employees who could change their current health insurance coverage between August 1 and August 28

New employees hired in July were Anthony Ill, Barbara A. Hubbe, Lee Colen, Rhonda E. Postell, Margaret Cesnick, Sharon Crum, Rebecca Pabich, Harry Ramsey, Mary Shorter, Patricha Sudano, Sarita Weiss, Leonard Scott, Derek M. Dobalion, M.D., Frederik C. Hansen III, M.D., Mostella Gilliam, Karen Pryor, Robert Turner Jr., William Jackson. Melinda Dangerfield, Gary E. Applebaum, M.D., Patrick E. Barta, M.D., Joseph B. Bryer, M.D., Robert F. Commito, M.D., Patricia L. Cronin, M.D., Andrew Dobin, M.D., Stanley D. Drake, M.D., Mark Sol Esiner, M.D., Harold J. Fuller Jr., M.D., Theodore G. MacKinney, M.D., Regina A. Healy, M.D., Patricia C. Hsia, M.D., Ann I. Mi, M.D., Caroline Popper, M.D., Neal T. Sakima, M.D., Sanford H. Schaps, M.D., Lea Stern, M.D., Howard S. Tuch, M.D., Stuart R. Willes, M.D., Karen Wood, M.D., Bette Jean Davis, NIDA, Mark D. Harris, M.D.,  Surendra M. Kumar, M.D., Barbara L. Baughman, R.N., Patricia Holsey-Coates, R.N., Linda Houk, R.N., Mary E. Kellogg, R.N., Virginia Mooney, R.N., Doris E. Ray, Betsy L. Schultz, R.N., Elma S. Sliger, Christine F. Bassett, Jeanne M. Beach, Rebecca A. Brotemarkle, Robin L. Cohen, Stephanie M. Denbow, Catherine T. Gabler, Cheryl A. Gastrock, Kyle R. Gifford, Cassaundra R. Gladden, Donna R. Goeller, Gayle L. Hall, Ann Hilton, Patricia G. Kkemblr, Diana G. King, Eleanor R. Leavitt, Janet E. Martin, Nellie Massuda, Deidre Potter, Bobby L. Ripple, Kathleen T. Santiago, Laura S. Slater, Stephanie M. Sowinkski, Randy G. Stairs, Sharon L. Sylvester, Michael C. Zacharko, Judith Ann Denison, Glinda Hopkins, P.A., Hedy York, Charles Franklin, Karen Linz, Eunice Zen, Otto Kausch, M.D., Steven R. Machlin, M.D., Bruce S. Rothschild, M.D., Michael DeSimone, Douglass Bumstead, Mark Coker, Patricia Erickson, Janet Raffetto, Frank Catanzariti Jr., M.D., and Kevin T. Moran, M.D.

July promotions went o Joseph A. Adams, M.D., Glen M. Bolton, M.D., Brenda W. Cooper, M.D., Richard A. Goldman, M.D., Ignatius L. DiNardo, M.D., Michael Donnenberg, M.D., Robert E. Fisher, M.D.m David Z. Grace, M.D., John C. Guthiel, M.D., Mary W. Hawke, M.D., John P. Joyce, M.D., Stuart D. Katz, M.D., Michael J. Mininsuhn, M.D., Karen E. Szauter, M.D., Susan E. Valone, M.D., Bruce D. Waldholtz, M.D., Richard G. Bennett, M.D., Stephen Marcum, M.D., Katherine A. Brough, Linda Chatterton, William Kutson, and Deborah A. Smith

Item 16: Vol. 1, No. 24, August 9, 1985Add to your cart.
Medical center staff planned to participate in the community events, Highland Harvest Festival on September 29, and East Point Home & Trade Expo September 19-21
Item 17: Vol. 1, No. 25, August 23, 1985Add to your cart.

The Baltimore Regional Burn Center named a "Silver and Blue" award winer at the semi-annual "Baltimore's Best" reception

1985 summer junior volunteers homored on August 28 at 6:30 and the Honorable Helen Delich Bentley, U.S. congresswoman representing Maryland's 2nd District, delivered the address

Three year volunteers are Phyllis Hosgood, Jennifer Phipps, Clara Steagall

Two year volunteers are Kenneth Goldman, Kim Langston, Kim Rector, and Roxanne Sutton

One year volunteers are Christie Andrews, Jennifer Asplen, Dena Bell, Wanda blackwell, Veronica Carmack, Kelly Clash, Dorothy Cole, Cynthia Fitzgerald, Donna Fazenbaker, Lynn Sebrina Javorsky, Joy Jefferson, Kasey Kelly, Sharon Kess, Barbara Kindle, Cindy Marx, Lynn Matczuk, Joanna Miller, Shannon Miller, Donna Morris, Angela Owens, Kelly Patterson, Becky Reyes, Debbie Rippel, Susan Rippel, melissa Shepherd, John Shetterly, Lnn Suddath, Kareen Turner, Kim Welch, Yolanda Whitling, and Geneva Zacarias

One-day seminar on Pediatric burn care presented at FSKMC on September 26

Item 18: Vol. 1, No. 26., September 6, 1985Add to your cart.

Honorable Helen Delich Bentley spoke to summer candystrippers.  Students from 32 high schools, junior high schools, vocatiional and technical schools, and community colleges were recognized

FSKMC nurses will present 1st regional nursing seminar "Pediatric Burn Care: A Team Approach" Septeber 26 covering topics such as prevention, treatment, and outpatient folow-up

Item 19: Vol. 2, No. 7., October 4, 1985Add to your cart.

Over 70 health care professionals and affiliated personnel attended "Pediatric Burn Care: A Team Approach"

Volleyball is back! Burn Center team hoping to defend their title against 13 other teams from around the Medical Center

Item 20: Vol. 2, No. 8, October 18, 1985Add to your cart.

Shuttle van service between FSKMC and The Johns Hopkins Hospital now available

1985-86 Volleyball Teams

Team #1: "TBSA" (The Ball Slammer Association" Janice Friang, David Ward, Kevin Moran, Jackie McKenzie, Steve Reichenbach, Mike Kotowski, Teresa Love, Ellie Leavitt, Carolyn Neste, Tom Gross, Jim Scheulan, and Jeff Robertson

Team #2 "The Detox Demons" Debra Sweet, Sue Lafko, Barbara Reed, Michael Tate, Marge McKinney, Jeanette Kline, Jim Oliver, Oscar Barry, Cindy Bitzer, Jody Olszewki, Brenda Overton, Joe Piniecki, Joyce Donnithan, Latanya Harrison, Kyle Gilford, Laurie Banks, Jim STocksdale. Robin Keil, and Marian Price

Team #3 "The Trouble Shooters" Steve Hanson, Bryce Hathaway, Joey Garten, Kurt Kuenzel, Anna Regulski, Joe Shaeferbien, Kate Phillips, Wanda Moore, Keith Hairston, Ron Capital, Deneen Decarlo, Vicki Sjolander, Kelly Croucher, Jimmy Jones, and Valerie Jones

Item 21: Vol. 2, No. 9, November 1, 1985Add to your cart.

1985 Medical Center United Way Campaign contributions surpassed greatest expectations

Over 400 employees attendend a day-long Pharmaceutical Manufactures Exhibit sponsored by Medical Center Pharmacy staff on October 22 in the CSC auditorium

Medical Center's canned foods drive begins November 11 and runs through November 29

Medical Center volunteers will hold a bake sale on November 13 outside Caroll Auditorium. Proceeds benifit Mason F. Lord and Burn Center patients

Team #4" PMS"Paul Blank, Chryl Cheape, Linda Paferi, Karen Gilman, Laura Wilkenson, Tonas Kalil, Linda Cyphers, Laurie Morrison, Cathy Hormes, Alicia Nieves, Stephanie Youells, Judy Denison, Gayle Schutrum, Darryl Kulski, Frank Catanzariti, Jeff Anglen, Doug Howell, Dave Shapiro, and Madume Kerina

Team#5 "Culture Club'85" Frank Bryan, Dante Righini, Warren Williams, Brian Knight, Cynthia Hill, Anita Panowicz, James Smith, John Bustion, Doris Toler, Billy Best, Brent Byers, Jim Woleslagle, Pobert Patterson, Mark Friedly, Len Lubinsky, Mary Simonsen, and Melvin Simmons

Team#6"The Back-Orders" Charlie Valentine, Bilie Jean Fender, Chris Freedman, Vicki Grzelik, Diane MacDougall, Dawn McFoul, Karen Oliver, Steve Champ, and Mike Desimone

Item 22: Vol. 2, No. 10., November 15, 1985Add to your cart.

54 Medical Center Departments achieved 100% participation in the 1985 United Way campaign which raised $45, 733

The 1985 Drawing will be held November 20

Shuttle van service for Medical Center and Johns Hopkins Hospital has operated for one month

New clinic hours for oral surgery available Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 1 to 5 p.m.

Crime prevention classes held in Carroll Auditorium on November 19 at 6 p.m. and November 22 at 10:30 a.m.

Mayo william Donald Schefer joins for the Twelfth Annual Tree Lighting Cermony at The Mason F. Lord Chronic Hospital 7 Nursing Facility on December 5

"Psyco-Social Aspects of Working with Aids Patients" presented by Jack Stein on November 26

Employee health service staff now offering two vaccines (flu and hepatitis-B)

Item 23: Vol. 2, No. 11, December 6, 1985Add to your cart.

Winners of 1985 Special Achievement Awards presented at November Management Meeting on November 7: Highest actual dollar increase contributed by a single department-operating room staff, Yvonne Smith (solicitor), Highest increase in participation by a single department-Baltimore Regional Burn Center staff-Lynne Wolfe, R.N., and Theresa Yarrell, R.N. (solicitors), Highest percentage increase in dollars contributed(IV Nursing staff)-Evelyn Pon, R.N. and Jeane Rocas, R.N. (solicitors), Highest percentage increase in average girft -Finance Department staff, President's Award for highest average employee gift as compared to personal income-Recieving & Warehouse staff, T. Kane (solicitor)

Rita Newton, R.D., awarded the 1985 Ross Labortories of Maryland Continuing Education Scholarship

October appointments of new employees include Lydia Carter, R.N., Barbara Davide, R.N.,Susan Vizarra, R.N.m Barbara Wintz, R.N.m Susan Snyder, R.N., Mary Wright, R.N., Lesli Gelfert. R.N., Kimber Cerenze-Bogucki, R.N., Charles Chambers, R.N., Nategheh Dabestani, R.N., Randolph Sweat, R.N., Joanne Jenkins, Shirley Welzenbach, Jeffrey Turek, Linda Cyphers, Laurie Morrison, Sharon Byfield, Scott Wise, Paul Petrick, Tobe Morrow, David Smith, Robert Sharps Jr., Susan Bernstein, George Pinkney, Antonio Beasley, Carole Coleman, deborah Modo, Terrie O'Sulivan, James Conigland, Denise Jarvis, Anne Steidle, Lori Chearney, Cynthia Bibik, R.N.

October promotions include Tyrone Fleming, Denise Jones, Bilie Fender, Irene Korz, Frank Bryan Jr., Linda Allen, Lorraine Quick, Anne Roache, Sandra Menchen, Steven Custer, Patrick Beasley, Peggy Melton, Erich Riessler, Bonita King, Carol Hart, Cecelia Vinson, and Gayle Mahoney

Team#7 "Straggler's" Irma Jones, Bonny King, Ginger Miller. Melvin Ware, Clyde Winston, Eva Davis, Patricia Painter, Hedy York, Edward Johnson, Larry Wongus, Arnell Carter, Robert King, Charles Carrolle, and Donald Lassister

Team#8 "Red Alerts" Roman Goy, Pam Kelly. Christine Linton, Stuart Fritz, Christopher Morrow, Jan Miller, Debbie Mordecai, Jeff Freeman, Clarissa Wilson, Chris Dove, Julie Casani, Mary Ann Bochinski, Barbara Galloway, Bill Fabbri, Jim Baker, Robin Cuddy, Abbott Bolte, and Cindy Mackey

Team#9 "The OR Masked Marvels" Cathy Morrison, Mike Zacharko, Christine Arpin, Joanne Courtney, Jessie Byron, Sonia Sudler, Reba Miller, Yvonne Smith, Theresa Joyce, Jane Panuska, Carrole Welsh, William Furman, Nancy Evans, Barbara Rogers, Fay Boutin, and Lynn Parizek

Team#1o "Fleas" David Grace, Rich Goldman, Brenda cooper, Glen Botton, Gary Applebaum, Andy Dobin, Pat Hsia, Rickey Bey, Lea Stern, Mike Mimimsohn, John Joyce, Karen Wood, Karen Szauter, Susan Valome, John Vess, edith Lepgold, Stuarty Katz, and Rob Fisher

Item 24: Vol. 2, No.12, December 20, 1985Add to your cart.

Spokesperson said that Xavier Roberts, the creator of Cabbage Patch Kids, randomly selected the Medical Center as one of several hospitals nationwide to distribute the dolls

Food service worker Jeanette Roane retires after 41 years at BaltimoreCity Hospitals and FSKMC and ceremony took place on December 19 in the cafeteria

Robert J. Spence, M.D., F.A.C.S.m appointed chief of the division of plastic and reconstructive surgery

Regina Ritenour, L.C.S.W., promoted to director of social work

Stephen j. Sears, M.D., M.P.H., joined the medical staff as chief of the division of infectious diseases

Marilyn Warsofsky named executive director of the Baltimore Regional Burn Center Foundation

Gayle Adams, director of cummunity relations, appointed to the Maryland Hospital Association's Legislation committee and was also recently named a meber of the board of directors in the Greater Dundalk Chamber of Commerce

New employees apointed in October iclude Barbara Daley, R.N., Mary Gears, R.N., Deborah Louden, Cludette Cobbs-Azokwu, Julia Colandro, R.N., Theresa El-Jallad, R.N., M<ary Finklestein, R.N., Bennie Rice, R.N., Helen Grady, R.N., Carol McLemore, R.N., Mary Windisch, R.N., Catherine Davelli, R.N., Michelle Jones, R.N., Deborah Miller, R,N., Sharlene Fair, R.N., Kathleen Wilson, R.N., Wilbert Richardson, Sharon rammel, Patrice Boykin, Darlene Clemmons, June Protzko, Lynn Gruen, Richard McCloud, Sr., Charles Shockey, James Allen, David Oakes, Jane Ports, Denise Bossom, Mary Lee Jones, Jackie Kaczmorczyk, Eileen Leahy, R.N., Paul Geckle, and Adele Margel

October promotions include Thomas Marshall, Bobby Ashford, Margaret Taylor, Scottie Ricks, Roosevelt Miles Jr., and Olivia Foster

Team#11 "The Food Service Express" Rita Newton, Lazinne Carrington, John White, Harold Robinson, Kevin Ross, Scottie Ricks, David Lewis, Sarah Daniel, Beverly Jenkins, Derek Ballard, Al Thomas, Johanna Wilkes, Pamela Chambers, Linda Johnson, Janet Wilson, Dennis Cofield, Darrell Easter, Annette Bailey, Wandnola Snead, Michael Myers, Lazette Holmes, and Anthony Wicks

Team #12"BPRU-NIDA" Scott Espenscheid, Nancy Robinson, Janice Finnerty, Loise Geezen, Peter Hartsock, Joanne Lietz, Mary Pat Lowe, Dave O'Leary, Ann Roache, John Roache, Dave Romanic, Marsha White, Joe Williams, Mike Woods, Jim Dougherty, and Wally Pickworth

Folder 1986Add to your cart.
Item 1: Vol. 2., No. 13, January 10, 1986Add to your cart.

NIH awarded $3.5 million to Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine scientists at Francis Scott Key Medical Center to establish a general clinical research center

FSKMC's GCRC's program director is Andrew P. Goldberg, M.D;other personnel include FSKMC nursing research director Karen Dennis, M.S.N, Ph.D.,  Reubin Andres, M.D., NIA clinical director to leas the intramural scientific programs, and James F. O'Donnell, Ph.D., deputy director and acting chief, NIH GCRC programs

Catherine Alston certified by National Certification Examination for Accrediated Record Technicians

85 Medical Center volunteers attended a hloiday brunch

Item 2: Vol.2, No.13, January 31, 1986Add to your cart.

Baltimore Regional Burn Center Staff won the 1985 "Best of Baltimore's Best" Award

City State's Attorney Kurt Schmoke and Delegate Larry Young lead exciting list of Black History Month activities

Emergency nurses established first Maryland Chapter of Emergency Nurses C.A.R.E. (Cancel Alchol Related Emergencies) at FSKMC. ER nurses initiated new chapter with a presentation for the public in The Mason F. Lord Library on Jan. 23. Cathie Windisch and Jan Miller told the audience about why they have joined the campaign against drunk driving. Judy A. Reitz welcomed the crowd of 60.

The December appointments were Debroah Hunter, Ann Irwin, Danielle Koziol, Steven Folmer, Mary Kaczorowski, Midia Johnson, Vernet Johnson, Marguarite Hill, Christina Brooks, Marla Fodor, Barbara Lowinger, Debra Poulliott, Theresa Johnson, Sharron Taylor, James Kidwell, David Richmond, Elizabeth Matthews, Mary Lou Tabor, Christine Miller, Carol Eltringham, Howard Meyers, Diane Long, Diana Durshlag, Alan Nordin, Bonnie Heider, Renee Pinder, Mary Carter, and David Burnham.

December promotions include Anita Langford to director of nursing and Karen Dennis to director of nursing research.

Mass for Ash Wednesday, February 12, celebrated at 11:30 a.m. in the hospital lobby chapel.

Item 3: Vol. 2, No. 14, February 14, 1986Add to your cart.
It's Survey Time!
Item 4: Vol. 2, No. 15., February 28, 1986Add to your cart.

Delegate Larry Young's address to FSKMC managers concluded an interesting series of activities for Black History Month. As co-chairman of the Joint Committee on Health Care Cost Containment, he announced the Govenor's Task Force on Black and Minority Health. Fred Dowdy Jr., admin. for support operatios and chairman of the Black History Moth Committee. said program went exceptionally well.

Baltimore Regional Burn Center director Andrew M. Munster were among the guests at gala celebration of the "Baltimore is Best" Awards.

FSKMC seeks state funding for capital improvements to the Baltimore Regional Burn Center. Senate Bill #759 introduced by Senator Thomas Bromwell and House Bill # 1623 introduced by American Joe Miedusiewski and Anthony Di Pietro  would provide $250, 000 in matching funds for renovations to the BRBC.

The January appointments were Linda Thompson, Earl McFadden, Paulette Brown, Debra Bowman, Sharon Wesko, Alice Bailey, Anne Ackerman, Sharon Fijalkovic, Vondalee Pinder, Patrick Hoyt, Willard Gill, Robert Layte, Winston Green, James Canady, Bonnie hadel, Laura Lyman, Lynn Fisher, Linda Johnson, Karen Beauregard, Steven Kammar, Karen Santmyer, Debrah Froman, Ann Morrison, Sherry Thomas, Patricia Koscielski.

January promotions were Daniel B. Smith to associate director of finance, Garnater Wilson to cafeteria cashier, Rochelle Derrien to office assistant III, Undray Roles to materials handler, Wayne Gilmore to storekeeper, Pamela Frankel to clinical nurse specialist, and Bernadette Myszkowski to accounting assistant II.

Department of Medicine Housestaff has created a monthly award. Ted Parran Jr., M.D., chief medical resident repaorts the first three winners: Eileen Burns, Dorthy Sparrow, and Linda Houk.

Item 5: Vol. 2, No. 16, March 14, 1986Add to your cart.

FSKMC"S new General Clinical Research Center admitted its first patient, sixty-seven-year-old James Gourley, on February 17. Gourley was the first volunteer subject of the $3.5 million National Institutes of Health grant awarded in December, which estalblished the six bed unit. Some personnel involved in the unit are Andrew P. Goldberg, Eugene Bleecker, Margit L. Bleeker, Philip L. Smith, and Karen Dennis.

More than 200 FSKMC employees resonded to the Banner survey.

The Southeast Baltimore Drug Treatment Program announces the appointment of its new director, Robert Kevin Brooner.

The acute Psychiatric Unit now offers a weekly family education/support group for relitives and significant others of patients receiving care.

The Bookmobile Library seeks donations of westerns, poetry, and children's books.

The Health Fairs are coming: Canto Health Fair on April 5, Harbel Health Fair April 15, and Dundalk Health Fair on April 16.

Volleyball playoffs begin next week.

Three bake sales on March 19, March 26, and April 2, scheduled for lunchtime in front of the Carroll Auditorium.

Item 6: Vol.2, No. 17, March  28, 1986Add to your cart.

Johns Hopkins Health System, a new health system encompassing four hospitals and a health maintenance organization, was announced on March 24. The system includes The Johns Hopkins Hospital, Francis Scott Key Medical Center, North Charles general Hospital, The Wyman Park Health System, and the Johns Hopkins Health Plan. Robert M. Heyssel, the JHH president and president of the Johns Hopkins Health System, comments on the importance of the event.  Medical Center president Ronald R. Peterson said that the creation of the Johns Hopkins Health system will provide greater efficiency and said that at Francis Scott Key the only immediate change is the the JHHS Board of Trustees will assume respondsibility for nominations and appointments to the Board of Trustees. Carville Akehurst, chairman of the Health Resources Planning Commision, said that this is the first major thrust in this direction taken by the hospital industry in the state of Maryland and supports the system's plan to reduce beds. Harold Cohen, executive director of the Health Services Cost Review Commision, agrees and adds that by focusing on the consolidation of services and specialties JHHS shows the potential for cost savings.

February appointments include Gloria Ashby, Rosalena Frazier, Sandra latimer, Sharon Patterson, Kim Stevenson, Donna O'Berry, Linda Steed, Deborah Delcher, Karen Folmer, Keirstin Hill, Kim Holmes, Karen Holt, Deborah Kalinski, Luann Kwiatkowski, Barbara Liguori, Maria Pratts-Irizarry, Joyce Smith, Valerie Varvaro, Susan Saunders, Katherine Bolling, Kathleen Fairley,and Kathleen Lindenmayer.

February promotions iclude Teresa Goodson and Brenda Harris to LPN II, Deanna Kelly to secretary II, Anna regulski to secretary II, Hester Jackson and Regina Michael to office assistant III, Robert Jackson to cook II, and Sharron Taylor to cook I.

The Institutional Review Board Office has relocated to the OPD Room 154.

The FSKMC volleyball finals eill be held next week.

Item 7: Vol.2, No.18, April 11, 1986Add to your cart.

Mental Blocks defeated the Fleas. Bryce Hathaway of clinical engineering. accepted the tournament trophy.

Anne Flood, director of the Department of Quality Assurance, has been appointed risk manager at FSKMC.

The Johns Hopkins Federal Credit Union recieved approval to include  FSKMC employees.

All FSKMC employees are wlcome to excercise inn the division of cardiology bike room.

"Hiroshima and Nagasaki" will be shown on April 14 and is sponsored by the Baltimore chapter of Physicians for Social Respondsibility.

Item 8: Vol.2, No.19, April 25, 1986Add to your cart.

Legislation providing for matching state funds to renovate the Baltimore Regional Burn Center was approved by the General Assembly.

"The Image of Nursing" is the theme chosen by the Department of Nursing staff for National Nurses Week, May 4-11.

"Hospitals make Healthy neighbors" is the theme for National Hospital Week, May 11-17.

March appointments are Shirley Bowman, Linda DiMario, Faith Mouring, Laura Dawson, Jacqueline Easter, Desiree Harris, Cesar Vinueza, daryl Waters, Delores McLean, Todd Croucher, Ethel Best, Nathaniel Scruggs, Deborah Buhrman, Ted Adelung, Clifford Hopkins, Anthony Huff, Harry Pierce, Darlene Stauch, Keith Jackson, Brenda Dimowski, Sandra Kaseman, Dorthea Knight, Brenda Singh, Marguerite Richardson, Doreathia Robinson, Marcia Woodward, Marsha Veney, Kathleen Travagline, Robyn Barringer, Denise Cianelli, Christie Dulaney, Wayne Santmyer, Loretta Eldrige, Priscilla Heeter, Margaret Kelly, Debra Hyman, Susan Mechlinski, Pamela Potter, Julie Victor, Bonnie Zelauskas, Sharon Biffoni, Lynne Eckley, and Mary Buck.

March promotions iclude Bill Kutson to administrative supervisor, Sharon Murph to lab assistanty, Carolyn Jonson to office assistant III, Angela Mikles to secretary II, and Joann P. Bryant to psych aide I.

Kurt Kuenzel, clinical engineering manager, thanks co-workers for all the support he recieved during his recent surgery.

Frederick Wigley and Joyce Kopicky are studying the effects of excercise and new drug therapies on patients with osteoarthritis.

free quit-smoking programs are still available.

Item 9: Vol. 2, No. 20, May 9, 1986Add to your cart.

Mayy 11-17 marks 65th observance of National Hospital Week. On May 14 the Heart Health program staff will offer free cardiac risk-factor evulations, on May 15 the Baltimore Regional Burn Center Foundation will staff a display booth in the hospital lobby , and on May 15 "ER Nurses CARE" will present in the Carroll Auditorium.

Elizabeth Lisle assumed managerial respondsibility for the intermediate care unit. Michele Hancock coninues as head nurse for the A3West unit.

Carole Yeager was inducted into the Delta Chi chapter of Alpha Sigma Lambda.

Item 10: Vol.2, No.21, May 23, 1986Add to your cart.

The Medical Center and three Baltimore city public schools have begun an educational partnership to give grade school studentd new perspectives in healthcare. Participating schools include John Ruhrah Elementary School, Southeast Middle School, and Patterson High School.  The program was created by the state Voluntary Council, and in 1984 the Greater Baltimore Committee took over the program. Gayle adams, Ceal Curry, Chris Dove, Joan Guilarte, Bonnie Hines, Fran Lodder, Laura Lyman, Ann Sussman, and Ellen Walderman are associated with the program.

One hundred and thirty volunteers were recognized May 13 at a noon ceremony. Capt. Patrick Flynn and Sue Miller ere featured speakers. Volunteers presented with the new FSKMC pins for at least one hundred hours of service were Catherine Abbott, Helen Allen, Alberta Baccala, Sr. Theodore Baccala, Elizabeth Bamberger, Melvin Baranoski, James Benzing, Mary Benzing, Susan Bertsman, John Beyer, William Blevins, John Bowen, Bernard Bremer, Ann Brigman, Rev. Robert Brookman, Ruth Brooks, George Brubach, Tina Buck, Rosa Canty, Frances Cecil, Cornelia Chalk, Bernadine Chambers, William Chambers, Lillian Ciborowski, Ann Citrano, Elizabeth Clark, Theresa Clark, Melissa Cooper, Cindi Cornell, Terry Daughtry, Eileen Derry, and George Dieter. Also honored were Louis Dorbit, Heber Dorsey, Amelia Dzierwa, frances Eckhardt, Thomas Eckhardt, Guy Engelback, Catherine Foley, Joseph Foley, Stanley Fouchs, Mary Gavrillis, Elaine Goloskov, Genevieve Greeson, Theodore Gross, Frances Hawkins, Doris Hill, Louise Hobbs, Peter Holmes, Ana Horner, Virginia Hullett, George Hurley, Regina Hurley, Howard Hurst, Bernard Ireland, Jake Jakubik, James Jenkins, Christine Juratovac, Frank Kammerer, Henry Katz, Elaine Kelly, Ruby King, Barbara Kluver, Mildred Knapp, William Koermer Jr., Frances Koski, Beverly Kovalich, Alfred Linke, Tammy Loukonen, Jean Lubreski, Brenda Lyons, Ann MacCubbin, Frank McCraw, Bernadette McElroy, Selina McHugh, Irene Maunes, Leonard Maunes, Cara Michael, John Michael, Stella Moerschel, Anne Moore, Joseph Mueller, Margaret Mueller, Franzisko Murphy, Gary Murphy, Virginia Nadeau, Eugene Nardone, Sophie Nardone, Joseph Nelka, Sharon Palmer, Concetta Piccione, Catherine Pietrawiak, Edwin Platz, Joanna Pukalski, Rita Recchia, Wiliam Rock, Katherine Rodgers, Elizabeth Rosmus, Vivian Ross, Genevieve Ruley, Joseph Salvetti, Harry J. Sass, Julia Saunders, Jeanette Scheidt, Violet Scheidt, Ann Schollian, Mabel Schulze, John Semaly, Margaret Simmons, Ann Simonsen, Genevieve lliwaka, Jessie Slomba, Stephanie Smith, Pauline Spangler, Bernard Stanton, Tom Staples, Jeanne Steps, Sophia Sturgeon, Anthony Totaro, Mary Trudell, Bernadette Wagner, Madeline Webb, Dorothy West, Geraldine Wicks, Gregory Wilkins, Kirsten Winkler, Bernadette Wooten, Geneva aacarias, and Christine Zeiler.

New information about monitoring "Silent" Changes in heart function has been published in the May 8 New England Jounal of Medicine by heart specialists at FSKMC.  The Hopkins team was led by Sidney O. Gottlieb and Myron L. Weisfeldt.

Staff and friends of the Mason F. Lord Chronic Hospital and Nursing Facility will hold their annual Summer Festival on June 7.

Item 11: Vol.2, No.22, June 6, 1986Add to your cart.

Medical Center Employees representd by the Classified Municiapal Employees Association voted out CMEA on May 29.  Ronald R. Peterson said that the hospital views the decertification petition by our employees and the subsequent outcome of the National Labor Relations Board election as a vote of confidence in the hospital management.

Carolyn Popper received The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Falculty Award in Geriatric Medicine, and Lea Stern, and Regina Healy tied for The Howard K. Rathburn Award.

State health officials gave the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions a grant to test a new way to measure how much and what kind of nursing care different patients need. The state Health Services Cost Review Commission made the award.  The study of the "Nursing Intensity Index" is expected to shed light on how hospitals spend nursing care dollars and lead to more sensiblr patient care rate setting. Judy Reitz is the vice president for nursing at FSKMC and the principal investigator, The invistigators will collect dat from 7600 patients at The Johns Hopkins Hospital, Frances Scott Key Medical Center, North Charles General Hospital, Fallston General Hospital, Sinai Hospital, Garrett Memorial Hospital, and Peninsula General Hospital.

"Help for the Helpers"

Item 12: Vol.2, No.23, June 20, 1986Add to your cart.

The Medical Center Nutrition Support Team recently recieved a Norwich-Eaton Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Annual Fellowship Award of $1200 to enhance the team's resources bank of textbooks and journals as well as provide funds for travel expenses.  Roman Ratych accepted the award on belf of team members Diane Dielewski, Pamela Frankel, and Andrew Goldberg.

New flags flying outside the "AA BLDG" donated and decated last month. Mr. and Mrs. Hyman Goldstein presented the Medical Center with an American flag, which flew over the Capitol, and is courtesy of former U.S. Congressman Clarence Long. The flaf was presented by patient, Mrs. Annette Bailey, and is courtesy of Delegate American Joe Miedusiewski.

Myrna Carpenter presented a research project "Hypnotic Susceptability, Mood State and Cardiovascular reactivity asa a Measure of Individual Differences" to the research colloquium at the University of Maryland.

The April appointments were Jack Kruger, Nancy Condit, Sharon Glass, Patrick Davis, Lisa Champ, Ana Dorbert, Charles Stokes, Steadman Adelung, Karen Kaplita, Karen Roberts, Stanley Wood, Terri Croucher, Cheryl Stevenson, Bernadette Gardner, William Krentz, Charles Irwin, William smith, Robert Turner, Anne O'Brien, Charlene Ricchey, Sanda Tart, Betsy Ferris, Deborah Costanzo, Marcella Baker, Darlene Woode, Nancy Eaby, Denise Debelius, Marie Colbert, Dorothy Cobb, Felicia Bennett, Annette garner, Sharon Biffoni, Kathleen Barnes, Ruth Zebron, Donna Hager, Michael Staten and Timothy Moore, Chiranjit Bose.

April promotions were Ronald Schneeman to cardiovascular Tech., Timothy Butler to lab assist. II, Ronald McCullough to material handler I, Calvin Robinson to material handler I, Debrah Delcher to R.N., Rochelle Derrien to R.N.--med/surg., KLaren Holt to R.N.--med/surg. ICU, Valerie Vavaro to r.N.--newborn nursery, Patricia Stasuk to sec. II-OB/GYN, Deborah Kalinski and Keirstin Hill to R.N.--OR, and Susan Myer to R.N.--pediatrics.

Effective July 1 vision care benefits will be administered by the Mid-Atlantic Vision Service Plan.

New copier system

Heart Health Classes for July include: Quit Smoking Program, Excercise class, Your Heart's Desire, Stress Management and Rlaxation, and Heart Healthy "Bag Lunches."

The Johns Hopkins Diabetes Center offers a program for diabetics who want to learn how to control their disease,

Item 13: Vol.3, No.1, July 3, 1986Add to your cart.

Over 200 units of blood given by Medical Center employees. Kenneth Hammann, adminstrator for clinical business services and organizar of the blood drive, overwhelmed by the response.

Mary W. Hawke has been appointed chief resident for the 1986-87 academic year. Ted Parron left the position for a fulltime position with C.P.P.A. and the FSKMC Department of Medicine.

New medical interns include Michael H. Brave, Ling Chin, Grace A. Cordits, Paul T. diamond, Ethan H. Dubin. Michael I. Fingerhood, Barbara Fleming, Elzbieta Janczur, Philip H. Keiser, Alan P. Marco, Laura Marsh, David R. Roggen, Walter L. Straus, Robert E. Study, Annie Umbricht, and Nancy E. Williams.

New psychiatry-medicine interns include Michael R. Clark, Hillel T. Grossman, Suzanne Holroyd, Russell L. Margolis, Debbie L. Weaver, and Robert W. Wisner-Carlson. Outgoing senior residents include Ignatius DiNardo, Michael S. Donnenberg, Robert E. Fisher, David Z. Grace, John C. Gutheil, John Joyce, Stuart D. Katz, Michael J. Mininsohn, Karen Szauter, Susan E. Valone, and Bruce D. Waldholtz.

May appointments include William Houston, Joseph Lipman, Susan Demboski, Janet Borawick, Ann Matsumoto, Kisa Ellison, Marcus Byrd, Michael bean, Susan Engelhardt, Margaret Testa, Toni Durham, Bernice Porter, David Smith, Shirley Lind, Deborah Henson, Jennifer Cook, Kim Graulich, Margaret Madigan, Jennifer Shadle, Eileen Smith, John Parks, Lynn Ridlon, Terry Stapf, Pamela Morris, Dawn McFaul, Ruth Miller, Jeanne Bacon, and Beverly Inglis.

Mary Rainess was promoted to head nurse of pschiatry.

Item 14: Vol.3, No.2, July 18, 1986Add to your cart.

Betty Visconage, American Red Cross regional supervisor of donor resources development, describes FSKMC's blood drive one of the most successful ever. Winners of the drawing were  Elsie Green, Cindy Biblik, and James Kidwell.

Staff at FSKMC said "Thank You" to local political and community firefighters for their efforts during the 1986 Genral Assembly session.

Chester W. Schmit, Jr. was elected to the Board of Trustees of the American Psychiatric Association.

Kenneth R. Hammann leaves his post Aug. 8 to become administrative manager of the Department of Surgery at the University of Missouri Medical School in Columbia, Mo. A farewell reception is planned from 3-5 p.M. in the Volunteer Center.

Joan Guilarte was named the head nurse on A2Center while continuing her current position as head nurse on A5Center.

Ann Reiter, former head nurse for the A2Center, has been appointed oncology nurse specialist.

Bake sale on July 24 will benefit the Medical Center's child life program.

Item 15: Vol.3, No.3, August 1, 1986Add to your cart.

Happy Birthday Francis Scott Key!

John Petronis, chief of the division of nuclear medicine, says that National Nuclear Medicine Week (July 27 -August 1) was proclaimed to communicate the capabilities and cost effectiveness of nuclear medicine beyond the realm of a few thousand highly-trained specialists.

Baltimore's "Superdoctors" were featured in August's Baltimore Magazine.Philip D. Zieve, Marvin Schuster, and Richard Allen were listed.

June appointments were Deborah Sexton, Anne Lui, Douglas Smith, Mary Davis, Frances Ginyard, John Meisenhalder, Joseph Poore, David Smith, Lenora Graves, Thessie Whitley, Lyne Stary, Beverly Cox, Marie Sharpe, Richard Douglas, Sandra Leverich, Susan Sutton, Ellen Rosenberg, Jeanne Hickey, Patricia Grimes, Mildred Torrealba, Nicole Gasper, Sharon Mosely, Carolyn Todd, Marie Burns, Barbara Wagoner, Terry Stevenson, Kevin Simmons, Deborah Powell, Adrienne Stots, Cynthia DeBouver, Mary Schubert, Susan Horak, Brian Katona, Ilene Maier, Thomas Felder, Diane Taylor, and Melody Ryan.

June promotions include Richard Rzeczkowski to admissions officer manager, Erika Wojits OAIII-prentive cardiology,  Robert Abell- cardiovascular tech, Thomas Ford to spch. coordinator for the Emergency Department, Ethel Best to OAII-A4West, and Robert Hutchinson to materials control manager.

Blood drive coordinators derving extra special "Thanks" include Terrie O'Sullivan, Denise Bossom, Joyce Rathell, Ed Fox, Bill Kutson, Toni Russell, Roosevelt Miles, Craig Macomber, Jeanne Steps, Ted Kammar, Elaine Pynos, auten Cannon, Mary Hawke, Faye Grau, Winifred Wilson, Bob Hutchinson, Barbara Reiber, June Hauser, Dave Cavey, Bruce Oliver, Alicia Nieves, Doug Bumstead, Bill McLean, Anelita Baldwin, and E. Kelly.

Open enrollment begins next week for those who want to change their health insurance coverage or other benifits programs.

Item 16: Vol.3, No.4, August 15, 1986Add to your cart.

The Medical Center blood bank accrediation has been renewed byt the American Association of blood banks. Juan Millan, director of clinical labortories, commented that it is more than a symbol and that it is an assurance that the Medical Center is in keeping with the highest levels of professionalism in the field.

Pharmacy staff will host an open house on wednesday August 20 for their newly renovated facilities.

A new drug information service is now available for FSKMC nursing and medical stffs through the Medical Center Pharmacy and Drug Information Center.

A special employees' presentation of the new Johns Hopkins Health Systwm Advertising Campaign will be made at FSKMC on September 22 and 26 in the Carroll Auditorium.

Burt W. Finkelstein, Pharm D., is the director of pharmacy and ancillary services.

Katherine C. Tvaronas is now the administrator of clinical buisness services.

Linda Dulny was appointed assistant administrator for The Mason F. Lord Chronic Hospital and Nursing Facility.

Fabien G. Eyal has been appointed associate professor and chief of the division of neonatology.

Peter J. Golueke has been named the assistant Professor and chief of the Department of Vascular Surgery.

Joseph G. Ouslander had been named medical director for The Mason F. Lord Chronic Hospital and Nursing Facility.

John D. Petronis has been appointed chief of the division of nuclear medicine.

Wayne T. Williams was recently honored with a Certificate of Appreciation by the Baltimore City Police Department for his role in apprehending a suspect who injured two FSKMC employees in an incident at the Medical center in April.

Item 17: Vol.3, No.5, September 5, 1986Add to your cart.

FSKMC staff expressed appreciation for summer volunteers on August 28. The folowing volunteers were honored: Sherronda Alexander, Tonya Ambrose, Christie Andrews, Tracy Baisley, Karin Bleeker, Dawn Billmyer, Ami Cantrell, Laurent Chauvin, Susan Dikes, Denise Evans, Mary Galaski, Dorcas Galvan, Carolyn Geiser, Stephanie Hettinger, Denise Hewett, Phyllis Hosgood, Donna Hulseman, Joni Johnston, Kasey Kelly, Celeste Kilgore, Kerry Koenig, Mary Kouloumbre, Jackie Lovejoy, Bonnie Melvin, Patrisha Morris, James McLaughlin, Joanne McMoavaway, Dawn Parker, Jerry Pitts, Cindy Pumphrey, Susan Rippel, Cynthia Savage, Diane Scheidt, Alicia Shaw, Chandri Smith, Jo Stewart, Lynn Suddath, Michelle Thomas, Tammy Thompson, Colin Ward, Dorthy Weddle, Robin White, Pam Wilkerson, and Geneva Zacarias.

Thanks to Sovran Bank, patients are enjoying brand new teddy bears. Ceal Curry, chidlife specialist, says patientss are thrilled with the animals.

Ellen Walderman, FSKMC United Way Referral Aid Program representative, has been appointed United Way Loaned Executive.  Carine Chen-McLaughlin will assume Walderman's RAP duties during her absence.

July appointments include David Hoffman, Romeo San Juan, Lizabeth Cleverly, Betty Williams, Trva De Bellotte, Esther Butler, Adrianne Steele, James White, Judith Fisher, Kathleen Keen, Vivek Kalstha, Laurie Catalfo, Dawn Martin, Denise Cole, Daneen Krejci, Michele Miller, Linda Dulny, Jane Marks, Barbara Hayward-Morgan, Eugene Wooden, Tina Romaniello, Betty Earles, Marilyn Lewis, Shirley Murray, Ronea Reid, Stephanie Worsham, Cynthia Sessoms, Anthony Taylor, Paulette Parker, Mary Thorton, and Dianne Harris.

The July promotions were Howard Ashkin to conditional release monitor, denise Bossom to secretary II, Terri Barton to option nurse II, Deborah Hair to OAIII, and William Barry to ultrasound tech.

Center for Chemical Dependency staff and mrdical director Donald R. Jasinki wil be featured Sept. 18 on ABC Wold News Tonight. The CCD and Dr. Jasinski will also be featured in a TIME magazine cover story on drug abuse and treatment.

Andrew P. Goldberg recently authored a Newsweek article on the role of diet and excercise and their relationship to aging.

Item 18: Vol.3, No.7, September 26, 1986Add to your cart.

Last year's United Way campaign was a success.  This year it is slated for Sept. 22-Oct. 3.

United Way supports programs like the Hearing and Speech Agency of Metropolitan Baltimore

United Way helps fund the Immigration and Refugee Services

United Way Maryland agency, Cebtral Maryland Committee on Sickle Cell Anemia, Inc, finances and conducts program to provide for testing, treatment, research, education, and counseling for sickle cell victims.

"Our Daily Bread," an associated Catholic Charities soup kitchen funded in part by the United Way of Central Maryland serves 500 meals to Baltimore's poor each day

Associated Black Charities Joins United Way of Maryland

Fellowship of lights: A shelter from the Streets

Item 19: Vol.3, No.7, October 3, 1986Add to your cart.

At a press deadline, United Way contributions totaling $42, 013.50 were reported toward the goal of $55,000

The end-of-campaign raffle will be held at noon on Oct. 17 in the medical center cafeteria

The Johns Hopkins Health System is adding The Hopkins Preferred Network, a preferred provider organizatiob

The second edition of Principles of Ambulatory Medicine, co-edited by Philip D. Zieve, John R. Burton, and L. Randol Barker. Many FSKMC staff have contributed various chapters. The Anaanals of Internal Medicine calls it "One of the most comprehensive and useful textbooks for practioners of primary care."

The Dundalk Chamber of Commerce awarded the Medical Center with a plaque for its participation, saying the Fskmc booth was the most informative. Garyle Adams acknowledges the following expo staff: Tina Blatter, Dan Blazucki, David Cavey, Dorothy Cotton, Ceal Curry, Dawn DelGrosso, zzkathy zfairley, Brian Finnegan, Joan Guilarte, Kathy Lindemyer, Lois Pitts, Gail Rine, Mimi zrose, Melody Ryan, Holly Segal, Waltar Simonsen, Ann Sussman, Mary Taylor, Steven Teplinsky, and Bruce Thiel.

Item 20: Vol 3., No.8, October 17, 1986Add to your cart.

The 1986 Medical Center United Way campaign co-coordinators Burt Finklestein and Mary Kellogg reported that more than $60,000 had been pledged by employees to this year's drive.

Screen your kids' Halloween treats with the help of Medical Center radiology stff.

National infection control week is Oct.20-26, and the Infectious Diseases Department staff presents an educational display in front of the Carroll Aditorium.

October is Lupus awareness month.

September appointments include Jill Waire, Rita Reinhardt, Jane Waldera, Richard Patterson, James Rengen, Jerry Sampson, Annette Harris, Betty Mech, Donna Tomlinson, Madonna Black, Elaine Sanni, Mark Fleming, Seth Wolfe, Celia Jaffe, Donna Wierheller, Alice Smith, Kathleen Wallace, Deborah Tscharner, Janet Moenius, Antoinette DeFrank, Barbara Demers, Sandra Meridith, Jane Exner, Jaqueline Thomas, Stephanie White, Kurlene Hall, Jeanne Beach, Gayle Hall, Vicki Robertson, Barbara Siperck, Debra Hammel, Cassaundra Gladden, Florita Brzozowski, Reginald Francisco, Mark Caspi, Agnes Schrider, Joyce Schaffer, William Barron, Daryl Bridgeforth, Karen Lewis, Karen Quitt, Sharon Caplan, Donna Kane, and Brian Juliano.

Septer promotions included Willa Marable to OAIII, Charles Fleming, Jr. to social worker I, Bennie Rice to RN--med/surg,, and Deborah Hunter to RN--medicine.The following were promoted from GNI to RN: Barbara Wagoner, Deborah Powell, Roxanne Gruzs, Marie Heater, Pamela Agostini, Nicole Gasper, Ellen Rosenberg, Susan Sutton, Jeanne Hickey, Olivia Seabolt, Mildred Torrealba, Carolyn Todd, Patricia Grimes, Maria Burns, and Adrienne Stotts.

Gayle Adams thanks: Daniel Blazucki, David Cavey, George Dieter, Georgan Kline, Terrie O'Sullivan, Grace Pryor, Ann Reiter, Gail Rine, and Bruce Thiel for volunterring at the Highlandtown Harvest Festival.

Item 21: Vol.3, No.8, October 31, 1986Add to your cart.

"Tomorrow's Clinical Practice...Today's Nursing Research" was the teme of the Department of Nursing's Second Annual regional coference, held Oct. 24 in the Carroll Auditorium.

The pharmacy department's third annual Manufacturer's Drug Exhibit featured 33 exhibits by drug companies from Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey.

Staff and patients of the Continence Unit recently honored Gertrude Holden, a patient who donated a VCR, a TV stand, and a video club membership to the unit.

Juan C. Millan recently was honored by the Central Maryland Chapter of the American Read Cross for outstanding leadership as chairman of the Blodd Medical Advisory Committee from 1984-1986.

Susan Campbell and Steven Folmer recently achieved certification in operating room nursing.

Item 22: Vol.3, No.9, November 14, 1986Add to your cart.

Operating room nurse day is November 14, and FSKMC's OR nurses' display is i in front of the Carroll Auditorium from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Ceal Curry and Joan Guilarte recieved a free lunch for their "Teddy Pumpkin."

FSKMC volleyball is in full swing.

Richard Berzon and Dandra McCawley recently completed certification by the National Institutes of Health to spirometry for the National Lung Health Study being conducted at FSKMC.

October appointments include Princesita Besa, Cheryl Green, Florence Hackerman, John McCadams, Sherri Williams, Apolonio Villegas, Robert Smith, Yolanda Lyles, Joann Tomas, Janice Brociforte, Anita Neal, Anna Bautista, Christine Adams, Andrea Raspa, Patricia Cushman, Jeffrey Ream, George Konstantinou, Roger Littow, Eileen Potocki, Larry Stokes Sr., Babara McDonald, Sue Coleman, Sandra Moore, Jennifer Wood, Karen Stewart, Julie Horowitz, Donna Fisher, Linda Malvaso-Wright, Wanda Schwab, Ronald Kuta, Charalette Simpson, Susan Malik, Victoria Waligorski, Barbara Gellert, Sharon Dorsey, Edwin Jones, Kathryn deGuire, Christine Whitcomb, Denise Alexander, Shelly Simms, Gary Flax, and Janet Collins.

October promotions include: Evelyn Berge to opt. nurse II, Kaye Williams to hosptal tech. II, Dennis Pena to assoc. dir. pat. accts., Henrietta Lewis to cafeeria cashier, Raquel Geroso to hosp. tech. II, Editha Bernardo snd Kee Lee to hosp. tech. II, Gene Ferguson to sr. med. tech, Rochelle McFarland, Sharon Rammel, Sylvia McQueen to hosp. tech. II, Annette Cury to OAIIII, and Cynthia Callum to soc. wkr. super.

Personality disorders among the elderly will be the subject of a NIA Gerontology Research Seminar slated for 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. on Monday 17 in GRC, Room I-117. Dr. Theodore Millon, Professor of Psychology st the University of Miami, will speak.

Item 23: Vol.3, No.10, November 28, 1986Add to your cart.

56 Medical Center departments achieved 100 percent participation in the 1986 United Way campaign. Department solicitors were recognized November 18 during a mid-afternoon reception in the cafeteria. ertificates were awarded to each solicitor and to those who were responsible for leading their individual campaigns to 100 percent success.

Special Achievement Awards presented at the November 19th management meeting: highest actual dollar increase contributed by a single department -Department of Medicine Professional Care staff, highest increase in participation by a single department-Skilled Nursing Staff-2East-Mason F. Lord, highest percentage increase in dollars contributed-pharmacy staff, highest percentage increase in average gift-Cafeteria staff, highest average employee gift as compared to personal income-Housekeeping staff, and Coordinators' "Thanks Award"- shared by Mary Anne Rider and Sherry Deskin of Pharmacy; and Jimmy Jones, of the OR.

The 14th annual symposium on Geriatric Medicine will be held from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. on Dec. 6 in the Carroll Auditorium.

Tree lighting 10 am. to noon on Dec. 4 in 1 Wesr solarium of the MFL buiding with the Royal Six Band and choruses from Hamstead Hills Elementary School Number 47, general John Stricker Junior High School and Patapsco Senior High School will entertain.

A day in the life of Patient representative Lara Lyman

FSKMC'S Canned ZZZZZZZZZZZFood Drive to benifit the Emergency Food Closet is in full gear and will run until Dec. 5.

Item 24: Vol.3, No.11, December 12,1986Add to your cart.

13 Annual Treelighting Ceremony was held Dec. 4 at The Mason F. Lord Chronic Hospital and Nursin Facility. John Maupin, Jr. D.D.S., deputy commissioner od Medical Services for the Baltimore City Health Department, officially lit the tree.

FSKMC  employees had donated more than a ton and a half of canned goods to the annual Emergency Food Closet drive of the Southeast Emergency Needs Network.

Marvin M. Schuster, M.D., chief of the division of digestive diseases at FSKMC, says fingerprints may be the best clues to diagnosing the actual problem. Dr. Schuster and Sheldon H. Gottlieb looked at the fingerprints of patients reporting the onset of constipation and abdominal pain before ten who shared a patterern of arches.

November appointments include Rhonda Phillips, Linda Smith, Carolyn Skinner, Joan Eichelberger, Steven Gray, Lisa Mckelvie, Cresciana Galarrita, Linda Iser, Tarsha Scott, Kathleen Janseen, Ramona Parker, Annette Rider, Patricia Baran, judith Derkocz, Ellen Kirkman, Michalean Barbour, Mary Frank, Anne Costa, Margaret Yingling, Debbie Kramer, Archie Adams, In-Ok Jung, Therese Griffin, Bernadette Wheeler, Deborah McNerney, Ruth Bull, Monica Hittman, Beth Hawbaker, lori Paul, Marshall Fulton, Star Johnson, Evelyn Mullins, Makieta Mulliens, Jean McCleod, Melanie Grumble, Dawn Diotte, Carol McDaniels, and Leslie Doughterty.

November promotions include: Karen Pryor to admitting officer, Patricia Gomsak to opt. nurse II, zjames Woleslager snd Alda Peterson to sr. med. techs, Janice Barber to sec II, Deborah zzzzdonaldson to O AIII, kathleen Kitko to opt. nurse II, zbeberly Hax to O AII, Alice Dawkins to opt. nurse II, Kelly Croucher to O AII, Nicholas Torre to resp. therapist tech. II, and Shirley Lind to O AII.

Welcome back Ellen Walderman, LCSW

Stanford I. Lamberg, M.D. publishedDermatology in Primary Care.

Item 25: Vol.3, No.12, December 19, 1986Add to your cart.
All FSKMC employees are invited to the Annual Christmas Party Dec. 17
Folder 1987Add to your cart.
Item 1: Vol.3, No.13, January 9, 1987Add to your cart.

William J.Ward, Jr. vice-president of operations complimented the hospital for handling a planned power outage and a train accident.

Bll McLean, the security director, makes FSKMC safer.

Kelly Mackubin has been named executive director of the Baltimore Regional Burn Center Foundation.

Gordon Christmyer has bee elected president-elect for 1987 by the Maryland Society for Hospital Materials Management.

Item 2: Vol.3, No.14, January 27, 1987Add to your cart.

A new gastric bubble is available at FSKMC to help patients reduce weight. Parviz Nikoomanesh, assistant professor of medicine and chief of endoscopy at FSKMC defines the bubble as a small soft, plastic balloon that helps the overwight lose weight without surgery and its expense.

The Johns Hopkins Health plan, as part of its third tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., invited 5th grade students to create posters and essays  depicting their image of Dr. King's dream or racial equality.

The General Clinical Research Center officially opened its renovated quarters on January 5.

Payroll coordinators should pick up 1987 attendance cards from the Employment Office as soon as possible.

December appointments include: Cynthia Heggins, Josephine Washington, Mac Beasley, Deborah Perdieu, Benjamin Hunter, Patty Mills, Ernest Holdclaw, James Gamber, Kelly Fake, Anne Berger, Billie Carterm Kathleen Bradley, Carol Lonesome, Patrick Mackin, Donald Davidson, Joseph Coale, Douglas Linton, Alvin Boew, Janet Krs, Elizabeth Gonzalez, Martha Benson, Margaret Mattare, Clarissa Wilson, Arnetta Campbell, Barbara Pittet, Jacqueline Cornwell, Wilbert Hemby, and Earldean Allen.

December protions include Sandra Dayton to psych. aide II, Minda Albano, Isabel Luna, and Shirley Carr to sr. med. techs, Gwendolyn Gibson to mental health counselor, Editha Bernardi to sr. med tech.m Lisa Champ to OA III, Kathryn Ruzin to OA III, Jennifer Shadle to ther. aide II, Charles Valentine to material control, Denise Cole to rad. tech I, Anne Berkeridge to office supply, and H.P. Shah to sr. med. tech.

management appointment include Robert Hutchinson has been appointed director of warehousing and distribution for the Johns Hopkins Health System, Mary Kellogg's nursing respondsibilities have expanded to include the Intensive Care and Imeadiate Care Units, Mary Gibbons Myers has been appointed head nurse for the Coronary Care Unit, and the New Food Service Department management team include Jeff Berdis-food service diector, Mike Talipan-food production manager, Sharon Johnson-cash operations manager, Susan Skelly-chief dietician, and Gloria Moon-trayline/sanitation manager.

Cleve Laub, Jr., administrator-long-term care, has been elected president of the Highlandtown Kiwanis for 1987.

Item 3: Vol.3, No.15, February 6,1987Add to your cart.

William J. Ward paraises FSKMC's performance during the heavy snowfall. A specaial thanks goes to: Gayle Adams, Sandra Anderson, Midge Bacho, Linda Chatterton, Anne Flood, Henry Gutman, Robert Hutchinson, Dee Kelley, Debra Knott, Patty Levin, Bruce Oliver, Terrie O'Sullivan, Katherine Tvaronas, and Charles Valentine.

Black history month is underway. Beryl Thomas modeled.

National Burn Awareness Week is Feb. 9-17.

The GRC"s AC Bears topped the Pacesetters during the championship.<span style="display: none"> <span style="display: none"> </span></span>

Item 4: Vol.3, No.16, February 20, 1987Add to your cart.

The General Clinical Research Center officially opened its newly-renovated quarters on B3North in January. Both Karen E. Dennis and Andrew P. Goldberg spoke enthusiastically about the potential of the building

Kathy Fairley, health educator with FSKMC's Heart Health Program gives tips for February is national Heart Month.

Three medical Center programs have garnerered media attention: Black History Month, National Burn Awareness Week, and new findings in the division of digestive diseases.

S. Cleverland Laub JR. administrator for long-term care, has been appointed to the Maryland Hospital Association new Committee on Aging and Long-term Care Issues.

Richard G. Bennett, M.D. has recieved the 1987 Pfizer/American Geriatrics Society Post-doctoral Fellowship Award.

Reubin Andres has recieved the 1986 Allied-Singal Award for a career dedicated to geriatrics and seeking solutions to the problems of aging.

January appointments include Janet Caputo, William Eiler, Muriel Asgari, Mary McGuire, Juanita Staigerwald, Sandra Biermann, Garnater Wilson, Willie McCullough, Jamel Williams, Fern Geber, William Nolan, Darlene Gray, Cheryl Drummond, Hattie Johnson, Melrose Hanft, Adrienne barrett, Sherry Watterson, Richard Weeks, Carla Hanahus, Mary Jones, Monique Moore, Olivia McCulloch, Mary Frances Hom, Karen Stebbing, Ronald Scheider, Andrea Corbett, Huntington Wiggins, Patricia Palmer, Lore Schepleng, Pamela Robinson, Bernard Bellamy, David Ward, Phyllis Clingan, Joyce Fritsch, Tina Permella, Kenneth Kozel, Kathryn Guy, and  Marrietta Hassan.

Item 5: Vol.3, No.17, March 6, 1987Add to your cart.

FSKMC scientists will screen 15,000 or more adult smokers during the next two years to search for better ways to fight life-threatening lung diseases. Solbert Permutt, principal investigator and director of research in the pulmonary medicine at FSKMC, said, "Early detection of lung disease should be as routine as today's blood pressure or cholesterol screenings.

C.A.R.E. Program Marks one year. Toni M. Russell said that unlike other programs taht bombard teens with lifestyle "don'ts", C.A.R.E. adresses the combination of drinking and driving.

Nine-week excercise class begins March 16 and will meet Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

March is national nutrition month and will include a nutrition education exhibit, cafeteria special, display of nutrition support products, and another cafeteria special.

"Vegetabella" set to "The Sound of Music" and "Carmen" will be performed at the Johns Hopkins Health Plan Tindeco Health Center.

National poison prevention week is March 15-21.

Item 6: Vol.3, No.18, March 20, 1987Add to your cart.

26 Baltimore firefighters will be published in the 1988 "Fireworks' pin-up calender for the Baltimore Regional Burn Center.

To observe national social workers' Month, staff writer Timothey Parker has profiled Medical Center social worker Janet Barget.

February appointments include Edward Smutniak, Sharon Hargrove, Loretta Jamal, Cheryl Misouri, Jayson Reagan, Peter Cusumano, Jeanne DiPasquale, Toni Travers, Danita Burrell, Corrine Chapman, Walter Robinson, Bonnie Danker, John Richardson, Marcia McKee, Margaret Beste, Albert Silk, Johnsie Crawley, Karen Smith, Gwendolyn Johnson, Allene Davis, Carol McLemore, Sandra Betz, Deborah Williams, Ofelia Leynes, Lisa Miller, steven Howard, Anthony Grant, Vance Adams, Cynthia Petrey, Barbara Hayes, Kimberley Petro, Carol Coleman, and Margaret Kahan.

February promotiions include June Wicks to food serv. worker IV, Lori Chearney to rehab, Carolyn Braughty, Diane Lease to OA II, Cecilia Foster to clinical coordinator, Victoria Wisiewski to secretary II, Joan Zelinka to social worker III.

Management appointments include G. Vincent Jordan to associate director for project management and construction, Ann Sussman to director of volunteers, Charles Valentine to materials control manager. and Judith Ross has joined the Department of Nursing as nurse recruiter.

Sweets for the Sweet!

Mass will be celebrated at 11:30 each Wednesday until Easter in the Acute Care Hospital Chapel.

Item 7: Vol.3, No.19, April 10, 1987Add to your cart.

A party was held to bid farewell to the Volunteer Center, which will be razed for the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine Asthma Center. FSKMC president Ronald E. Peterson commented that "Progress can sometimes seem painful."Ann Sussman and her predessors Carolyn Cochran, Peggy Waxter, and Ann McDowell were presented souvenir bricks.

June Protzko, a physical therapist, helps patients feel stronger.

Lionel Taylor, Jon Jones, and Charles have each spent more than 50 years as residents of The Mason F. Lord Chronic Hospital and Nursing Facility.  There was a party in 1West Solararium, and the April 6 edition of The Evening Sun ran a feature story in the "Accent" section about the three residents and their memories over the years.

April is occupational therapy moth and the Department of Occupational Therapy will host an openhouse in the department as well as displays and informative videos about the importent role of OT has in patient care.

FSKMC's co-ed volley-ball team placed third in championship  playoffs in the "B" Division of the Towson YMCA Volleyball League held March 22. Nancy Condit, Joseph Garten, Lynn Garten, Bryce Hathaway, Steve Hanson, David Grace, Doug Kautz, June Protzko, and Steve Reichenbach participated.

James Gamber, Jr. has joined the staff of  The MASON F. Lord Chronic Hospital and Nursing Facility as recreational therapist.

Barbara Lowinger has been selected for 1986-1987 Who's Who in American Nursing for demonstrating leadership and promoting professional nursing and healthcare delivery.

Benefit the Burn Center- raffle tickets worth 4500 to the winner on sale.

Item 8: Vol.3, No.20, April 17, 1987Add to your cart.

April 20-24 is national secretaries week. Two bayview secretaries that are featured are Sylvia Raczkowski, exective secretary to L. Kenneth Grabill II, vice president for finance and his assistant director Dale Smith, and Janice Bernhardt, a secretary for the neonatal intensive care unit.

OT week, April 20-24, Find out more about OT by visiting FSKMC's OT Department display in front of the Carroll Auditorium.

Organ/ Tissue Awareness Week is April 27-May 2. FSKMC's newly-formed Organ/Tissue Advocacy Program will staff displays and distribute informative literature from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. on April 27, 28, 30 and May 1 outside the Carroll Auditorium.  Employees are invited to a panel discussion "Organ Procurement: Option and Law" at noon , April 29 in Carroll Auditorium.

Martin Marietta Corp. donated $10,000 to the Baltimore Regional Burn Center to purchase a monitiring device and three ultra-sound dopplers. Kelly Mackubin, executive director of the Burn Prevention Foundation, commented on the importance of these items.

Pringle Lawrence. R.N. and Julie Victor, R.N. of the Burn Prevention Program will present "A Programmatic Approach to Burn Prevention" this June at the Geneva International Congress on Burns in Geneva. BRBC head nurse Leslie Tudahl, R.N and co-director, co-authored the paper with Lawrence and Victor.

March appointments include Judy Thomas, Sharon Thompson, Ruby Marshall, Medhi Alipour, Dorothy Zito, Susan Cohn, Betty Hart, Jane Ernest, Doris Long, Lucinda Gardner, Dennis Brown, Richard Hoyt, Linda Hopkins, Hazel Roloff, Tyronne Arrington, Ethel Fisher, Charlotte Anderson, Theresa Green, Debra Spear, David Stappelli, Sharon Fitzgerald, Brenda Respass, Kevin Lewis, Ellen Pope, Diane Mosley, Patricia Brannan, Kathy Dixon, Josephine Fleming, Beverly Vogel, Cynthia Ferrell, Brenda Boblitz, Priscilla Taylor, Eugene Haines, Patricia Estep, and Catherine Biggerman.

March promotions include Garnater Wilson to cafeteria cashier, Sylvia Brice to secretary II, Linda Steed to O AIII, Mary Simsen to Sr. Med. tech, and Saundra Murray to O AIII.

Item 9: Vol.3, No.21, May 1, 1987Add to your cart.

Panel discussion "Organ Procurement: Option and Law" covered issues such as the ethical and moral issues of donation, the role of the physcian in organ donation, laws regarding donations, and perspectives of a donor and reciepient. Rose Tefke how thankful she was for her new kidney and Mickey Axtell remarked on how donating her daughter'organs helped her through personal tragedy.  Medical Center president Ronald R. Peterson remarked on the need for staff to become aware of how vital donation is, and Robert J. Spence , assistant professor annd chief, division of Plastic Surgery said that doctoss needed to become more involved with speaking to potential donors.

Opportunity, professional growth, and recognition will be key concepts for National Nurses Week, May 3-9. Displays, receptions, and a conference will feature the variety of opportunitied available within the profession and the important role nurses play in the Medical Center. "Nursing Issues of the '80s" Presentation is set for 1 p.m. on May 5. Sister Mary Jean Flaherty, associte professor and director of the doctoral program at The Catholic University of America will speak on "nursing: The Year 2000 and Beyond."

May is better speech and hearing month. Ecan take hearing tests form 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Program topics include aphasia on May 7, head trauma on May 14, children's speech and language developement on May 21, and communication impairments in the elderly.

Robert J. Spence and Ernesto J. Ruas were honored April 29 with the first-ever award for the best article published in 1986 in the Maryland Medical Journal. "The Banking and Clinical Use of Human Skin Allograft in Trauma Patients: Clinical Use of Allograft Skin" was chosen by MMJ' ed. board as the best of 55 articles published last year.

Marie Linke wants to thank the Medical center staff for the sympathy and donations in the name of her husband, Albert Linke.

Survival after 60 is the subject of a free, one-day workshop and seminar set for May 15. It is co-sponsored by Volunteer Services, the Medical Center, and the National Institute on Aging Gerontology Research Center.

Buy something sweet at a bake sale to benifit pediatrics.

Broadway Services, Inc. has relocated its corporate and personnel offices.

Item 10: Vol.3, No.22, May 15, 1987Add to your cart.

151 volunteers were honored May 1 at an awards ceremony. Helen Delich Bentley (R-2nd District; U.S. House of Representatives) joined Medical center president Ronald R. Peterson, Ann Sussman, the director of volunteer services, and Fred Dowdy Jr., adminstrator of support services, in presenting the awards.

The Highlandtown Kiwanis have donated $110, 00 to the Medical center to renovate the two main lobbies.

In honor of Older Americans Month, former public affairs intern Bruce Thiel profiles the continence unit charge nurse: Eileen Leahy, charge nurse for the Continence Research Unit.

Item 12: Vol. 3, No.24, June 26, 1987Add to your cart.

FSKMC's New Children's Daycare Center officially opened June 22. Judy Reitz, vice predisent of nursing, said, "Quality child care is important to all working parents." Christine Ader co mmented on the structured activities.

268 units were donated by Medical Center vs. last year's 256. Katherine Tvaronas, administrator for clinical business services and chairperson for this year's drive, said, "I can't overstate the appreciation we as a major medical center have, for an effort such as this. My own personal thanks goes to each donor."

The ninth annual medical housestaff and senior resident recognition were presented in early June. Grace A. Cordts and Michael I. Fingerhood shared the Rathbun Award, and Theodore G. McKinney was awarded The Johns Hopkins University Faculty Award.

May appointments iclude Terry Fasick, Tammy Loyal, Lena Boyd, Yusef Shahid, Betty Williams, Louella Fulton, Robert Brisbon, Ethel Ford, Barbara Surles, Zenaye Birru, Shalonda Garris, Patricia Sedgwick, Stacy Kropski, Barbara Kopf, Suzanne Schell, Daniel Walter, Melanie Phillips, Sonia Alonso, Dianna Murray, James Hazel, Maryann Kohles, Neal Simons, Michael Willie, Diana Schmier, Viola Ashe, Richard Ferringo, Anne Frith, Linda Malvaso-Wright, Melissa Hines, Terry Horrocks, Kathryn Legore, Jayne Giunta, Lisa Ward, Deborah Kennard, Leah Martin, LaMont Smith, and Robert Barlipp.

May promotions include Douglas Smith and Treva DeBellotte to hosp. tech. II, Virginia Harris to OAIII, Kathleen Egans to nurse cinician, Kim Houser to coordinator Children's Mental Health Services, Robert Abell to cardiovascular tech. supv., Catherine Lane to opt. nurses II, Deborah Williams to GNI, Paticia Kulisiewicz to secretary II, Brenda James to occupational therapist II, and Jane Alsruhe to sr. med. tech.

Prices for visitor paking to increase effective July 1.

Item 13: Vol.4, No.1, July 10, 1987Add to your cart.

A day in the life of a physcian assistant. Office of Public Affairs intern Bruce Thiel spent some time with P.A. Cheryl Heck.

You too can become an organ donor.  The Medical Center recently launched its own Organ Donation Awareness program with a lunchtime seminar with representatives from the Department of Nursing, Divisions of Renal Transplantation, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, the Maryland Organ Procurement Center, and the Maryland Tissue Bank making presentations.

Stanford I. Lamberg said that sunscreens are very effective in blocking the burning ultra-violet rays but won't prevent skin cancer.

The Hon. Benjamin L. Cardin (U.S. House of Rep., D-3rd District) will visit the Medical Center on July 24 to discuss current healthcare issues and learn more from FSKMC about health issues important to senior citizens.

Helen Turner, a CSC Building 3rd floor housekeeper, came to the resue of a young woman choking on a sourball.

Item 14: Vol.4, No.2, July 24, 1987Add to your cart.

The Chesapeake Physcians Professionial Association recently elected the following individuals to serve as its officers: Chester W. Schmidt Jr., associate professor and chairman, Department of Psychiatry, Garner W. Smith, profesor and chairman,Section of Surgical Sciences, George R. Huggins, associate professor and chairman, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, and Sheldon H. Gottlieb, associate professor and clinical chief, Division of Cardiology.

Medical Center President Ronald R. Peterson has been elected to the executitve Council of The Maryland Hospital Association.

Plans are underway for the Seventh Annual Summer Festival at The Mason F. Lord Chronic Hospital and Nursing Facility.

June appointments include Theresa Brady, David Sterling, Deborah Blewer, Agata Wrzol, Janet Burch, Kathleen Hackman, Blanche Ward, Margaret Elkstrom, Annastasia Kezar, Ariene Walton, Daniel Chodnicki, Sara Cassilly, Michael Epps, Petra Johnson, Billy Gagum, Ernest Whaley, William Dudley, Wendy Jones, Elaine Key, Jeffrey Mitchell, Helena Simpson, Levon Brown Jr., Darlene Utterbaugh, Connie Mathy, Rosemary Perrot, Jovita Montgomery, Judith Hess, William Hoffman, Mak Maynor, Mary Wright, Sharon Murray, Sandra Saul, Angela Patterson, Valerie McFarlin, Carolyn Addison, Rose James, Evelyn Taylor, Cynthia Ruark, Patricia Reyer, Carmencita Arrojado, Veronica Spry, Andrew Stewart, Kathryn Katz, Diane Gale, Kathy Barrett, Tracy Hollon, Bronwyn Cottet, Diane Amin, Miriam Higgins, Steven Smith, Judith Zappardino, Edward Conway, Linda Loudermilk, Wendy Peterson, Alan Pentz, Mary Sheldon, Patricia Snow, Beatrice Bastiany-Gaumnitz, Marva Venable, and Orpha Beiler.

June promotions include Cynthia Fisher to OAIII, Sylvia Parham to EEG tech. leader, Samuel Moore to maintenance worker, Lynn Parlis to option nurse II, Jamel Williams to hospital tech. I, Joseph Coate and Billie Jo Carter to GNI-ICU, and Robert Barlipp to resp. therapy supv.

Item 15: Vol.4, No.3, August 7, 1987Add to your cart.

A day in the life of the child life specialist Ceal Curry

An ethics committee has been established to educate and consult on ethical issues which may arise during the course of patient care management.

The personnel department's official name has been changed to the Department of Human Resources and Joan Williams" tititle has been changed accordingly to director of human resources. In addition, the Employees Assistance Program now reports to Human Resources.

Joan Zelinka, LCSW, was honored by the University of Maryland School of Social Work and Community Planning with a certificate of appreciation for 15 years' service as a field instructor for graduate social work students.  The presentation was made by Dean Ruth Young at the school's 25th Anniversary Symposium.

Champion Vegetable Grower Milton Tudahl, director of photographic services, recently won 92Star Radio's "Killer Tomato Contest" for the largest home-grown tomato with a two-and-three-quarter-lb.entry.

Volunteer visitors for terminally-ill patients is a new group of specially-trained volunteers available to visit terminally-ill in patients with few or no visitors.

Item 16: Vol.4, No.4, September 4, 1987Add to your cart.

Construction of 200 additional parking spaces has begun. The laundry building has been demolished and employees authorized to use the gravel parking lot next to the laundry building are asked to park on the "D" lot for the time being.

July appointments include John Jenkins, Nayan Nanavati, Benjamin White, Josie Bodenstein, Jean Di Pasquale, Everett Sewell, Joyce Pratt, Janet Sumpter, Noreen Patak, Thomas Lehr, Charles Johnston, Robin Coleman, Larry Warfield, Marlene Henson, Jeanette Jackson, Marilyn Richardson, Deborah Shiflett, Delores Thomas, Dana Hagelberg, Joan Dacher, Rita Fuell, Patricia Henderson, Lisa Hall, Christopher McCoy, Joyce Adamski, Wanda Knight, Carol Siemek, Dianna Rowley, Robert Zaczek, Lnn Wilkes, Penelope Runyan, Dora Evans, Linda Cooper, Mary Smith, Lisa Kus, Mae Benbow, Denise Wilson, Maria Haislett, Larisa Anderson, Doreen Graves, Millie Anderson, Josephine Coucher, Alice Perry, Vicki Marsalek, Randy Stair, Marian Johnson, Jeanette Ray, Wayne Nelson, Joy Johnston, Gayle Brown, Mark Coker, and Paul Watters.

July promotions include Bomani Simelani to food service worker II, Katherine Woods to data systems assistant, Mary Terry to OAIII, David Lewis to O AII, Brenda James to chief occupational therapist, Sharon Caplan to chief of speech/language pathology, and Hebron to respiratory therapy supv.

The heart health program staff will offer cholesterol and blood pressure screenings on the last Wednesday of each month.

Get into the community spirit by volunteering a few hours at the FSKMC booths this fall.

Item 17: Vol.4, No.5, September 25, 1987Add to your cart.
Ronald R. Peterson thanks employees for help they have given to United Way agencies but hopes that they can raise the $68,000 between September 28 and October 9, making the 1987 campaign the best ever.
Item 11: Vol.3, No. 23, June 12, 1987Add to your cart.

Top officials of state and city government and of The Johns Hopkins University and Health System led groundbreaking ceremonies on May 15 for the Asthma Center and Clinical Sciences Building-the first in the proposed $500 million Bayview Research Campus on the 130-acre campus.

Registered nurses at the Medical Center voted May 27 to decertify the Maryland nurses Association as their collective bargining organization, voting against all third-party representation.

All Medical Center employees are invited to attend the dedication and preview of the new Children's Daycare Center on June 19. Christine E. Ader is the director of child daycare.

April appointments include Adrienne Berkey, Pamela Somerville, Deborah Reynolds, Betty Wise, Jennifer Black, Leslie McClane, Jerome Sparrow, Jerrod Sparrow, Deldrenea Garrett, Dona Esserwein, Shirley O'Toole, Paul Banks, III, Valie Johnson, Patricia Sharpe, Ronald White, Beatrice Kert, Emundo Cox, Rosemarie Bonvegna, Lucile Barcase, Juddy Marroquin, Tonya Tilghman. Karolyn Coghlan, Lisa Ferguson, Karen MacCrehan,Ann Capasso, Shirley Lake, Rosemarie Hutson, Robin Eckert, Patricia watkins, Linda Walker, Deborah Jones, Pauls Nickens, Lori Cassell, Mary Green and . Marcia Schuett Golstein.

April promotions include Sharon Mosley to RN, Johnsie Crawley to RN, Vicki Gillis to secretary II, Dolores Ganzermiller to O AII, Mary Nelson to RN, Mary Williams to critcal care ass't. Kimberly Duffy to option nurse II, Patricia Palmer to RN, Ellen Pope to lab ass't. I. Paticia Koscielski to therapy aide I and, Ella Henderson to office supv.

Child life specialists Ceal Curry and Joan Guilarte, R.N. head nurse A5Center and A2Center, recently participated in the Third Annual Pediatric Nursing Symposium, "Pediatric Nursing'87, An Update" at the Omni International hotel, which focused on the chronically-ill child.

Pringle Lawrence, R.N. and Julie Victor, R.N. Burn Prevention Program nurses will conduct a mini-session of "State-wide Targeted Burn Prevention Program" in June at the Maryland Institute for Emergency Medical Services seminar on "Pediatric Accident Prevention."

Item 18: Vol.4, No.8, November 6, 1987Add to your cart.

The Banner's Managing editor Lee Kennedy recently spent time with Jeff Ream in the Division of Nuclear Medicine.

United Way "Thank You Celebration" planned fron 2:30 to 4 p.m. on Nov. 13.

Kathleen Kennedy Townsend was the featured speaker at a one-day workshop sponsored by the Medical Center Department of Nursing on Oct. 22 for healthcare workers who come into contact with chemically dependent patients.

FSKMC is employer of the year by both the city and state chapters of the Business and Professional Women's Club for its efforts to provide employees afforable and reliable day care.  Anita Langford and Cristine accepted the awards on behalf of the Medical Center at luncheons held on Oct. 17 and 24.  At the recent Baltimore City chapter's Awards Luncheon, FSKMC also recieved a Certificate of Merit from Mayor Clarence "Du" Burns.

Results from the Pumpkin Carving Contest are: 1st place Marcor Contractors. 2nd place Kathy Fairley, Heart Health, 3rd place Kathy Woods, Ann Matsumoto, and Jerry Girbach.  Cele Nelso was the winner of the pumpkin weight-judging contest

The Kiwanis Club's annual Coloring book sale will be held from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Nov. 10.

Item 19: Vol.4, No.9, November 20, 1987Add to your cart.

The 1987 United Way Campaign reached a total of $68, 666.41 surpassing the goal and having an employee participation rate of 80 percent. Special achievment awards were presented by David Cavey and Ellen Walderman at a "Thanks Celebration" Nov.13.

The Intermediate Care Unit will be the site of FSKMC's pilot for a self-governance nursing model when it reopens Nov.23 according to Judy Reitz.

October appointments include Anthony Wilson Sr., Janice Burghardt, Kari-Ann Lynne, Karen Johnson, Theresa Moreland, Freddie Lisbon Jr., Tonjia Best, Melvin Downing, William Frank, Helen De Pasquale, Lisa Jones, Rosetta Lane, Wanda Jones, Charles Jones, Elizabeth Pfarr, Walter Stenborg, Madalena Davis, Alein Tyree, Jocelyn Hamlett, Jaime Johnston, Marlene Robertson, Darlene Smith, Barbara Hudler, Sharon Scmidt, George Jerscheid Jr., Theresa Cook, Joseph Bernetski, Cheryl Frederick, Evelyn Jewell, Edith Prewitt, Lynda Guerra, Danielle Jones, Patricia Kemble, Susan Lafko, Jane Chatfield, Elaine DeGraves, Patricia Broyles, Loretta Brown, Donna Taylor, Joseph McCray, John Minas, Patricia Prescott, Elaine Shanholtz, Susan Hinkle, Shirley Walters, Hamid Postindoz, Kathryn Schumacher, Larry Watson-El Sr., Barbara Slusher, Shirley Hawkins, Vernon Krause Jr, and Tamara Gogel.

October promotions include Loretta Jamal to medical technologist, Vici Marsalek to head nurse, Betty Jean Williams to medical technologist, Margaret Testa to clinical nurse specialist, Beatrice Robbins to clinical nurse specialist, Joyce Rohlfing and Kathleen Lindemayer to rehab. therapists, Joann Larkin and Dawn De Gross to mental health associates, Erin Kalbarcyzk to rehab. therapist, Anthony Tice to plumbing supervisor, Bobby Ripple to opt. nurse II, Petra Johnson to food service worker II, Deborah Froman to IV therapy support manager, Flaviana DelaCruz to medical technologist, Janet Moenius, Betty Crowel, Helen Yarosh and Doris Long to practice model, Laura Klein to pathology ass't, Steven Kammar to purchesing agent, Gayle Brown to resp. therapy equipment tech., Ronald Smith Jr. to psych. aide III, Jamal Williams and Richard Dougherty to medical technologists.

Nursing employment incentive plan begins today. Untill Feb. 1, 1988, all non-management and non-supervisory employees will be paid $1,000 for every new R.N. or L.P.N. "recruited" to work at FSKMC

CSC Building to go smoke-free Dec. 1

Ceremonies to celebrate this year's canned fod drive to benefit the Southeast Emergency Needs Network Food Closet will be held Nov. 25 for all employees.

Item 20: Vol.4, No.10, December 4, 1987Add to your cart.

Between Dec. 28-30, all "955"  telephone numbers at the Medical Center will switch their prefix to "550" while the telephone company  coverts the Johns Hopkins Health System institutionsand the Johns Hopkins University telephone system to 5-digit internal dialing.

Thw winners of the bake sale contests were cookies: Sandy Harris, pies: Judith Warson, and cakes:Oie Peets. Linda Chatterton, Josie Peddicord, and Sandy Tart won turkeys. FSKMC employees contributed almost two tons of food during the 1987 drive.

Judy A. Reitz has been named to the first Board of Advisors for the new Maryland Hospital Association Center for Nursing. The Center will develop short- and long-term strategies to help Maryland hospitals cope with rhe statewide nursing shortage.

Joan M. Bathon, assistant professor of medicine, has recieved a $15,000 research grant from the Maryland  Lupus Foundation to study the inflammatory process and clotting tendency that often occurs in the blood vessels of lupus patients.

Louise Anndrew, associate director, Department of Emergency Medicine, was elected president of Women in Emergency Medicine on Nov. 1 at the annual meeting of the American College of Emergency Physcians in San Fransisco. WEM, a part of ACEP, is dedicated to the special interests and problems of female physcians practicing emergency medicine.

1988 calendars featuring 12 of Baltimore's best-looking fire fighters are on sale to benifit the Baltimore Regional Burn Center.

The heart health program is sponsoring a cholestoral screening program from 5-7 p.m. on Dec.9.

A seizure clinic will be available weekly at 1 p.m. on Wednesdays at the Medical Clinic.

Paid research volunteers are needed for a study on the effects of kidney disease and the ability to think clearly.

The Beacham Adult DayCare Center is sponsoring a crafts sale to raise money for its clients.

Item 21: Vol.4,No.11, December 18, 1987Add to your cart.

It ain't  gonna ring if you dial the wrong thing!

The annual employee Christmas party is scheduled from 2:30 to 4:30 p.m. on Dec.23 and from midnight to 12:30 a.m. on Dec. 24 in the cafeteria.

The 14th Annual Tree Lighting Ceremony occured on Dec. 10. Music was provided by the "Utra Tone Music Club" directed by Hampton Williams, the Hampstad Hill Elementary School sixth grade choir under the direction of Phyllis Dadano and Dawn Dixon, the General John J. Stricker Middle School eigth grade chorus "The Ensemble," directed by Denise Caporaletti, and the "Madrigal Ensemble" from Patapsco Senior High School who sang under the diection of Douglas Byerly. Following their performances, students from the Charlesmont Elementary School passed out gifts to MFL residents.

November appointments include Douglas Womer, Lorrell Plater, Kim Smith, Dorothy Adamson, Laveita Poole, Jacqueline Dudley, Karl Collins, Sharon Crispens, Kyriakos Karamalidis, Lonnie Heckstall, Janice Wiggins, Cynthia Austin, Nicholas Carriero, Reka Kovacs, Beverly Jones, Germaine Williams, Michael Cosgrove, Josephine Calledo, Agnes Dawes, Donna Foster, Donna Hardy, Judith Crump, Ellen Davis, Linda Crockett, Billie Hatmaker, Robin Lee Stauffer, Dvonne Overby, Lisa Lee, Lucretia Wilson, Yvonne Hamilton, Sylvia Floyd-Wilson, Saundra Maynard, Tonimarie Swartz, Joseph Parson, Samuel Mintz, Barbara Mills, Gloria Brooks, Majorie Salisbury, and Dennis Olver.

November promotions include Sandy Zywicki to option nurse II, Michele Brown to rehab. therapist, Melvin Downing to material handler I, Eddie Horton to material handler I, Delores Taylor to OAIII, betty LaPierre to unit coordinator, Bobbie Hollingsworth to office supervisor, Betsy Schultz to clinical nurse coordinator, and Susan Finkelstein to head nurse.

Folder 1988Add to your cart.
Item 1: Vol.4, No.12, January 8, 1988Add to your cart.

The Banner's managing editor, Lee Kennedy, recently spent time with Marlene Alexander, a cashier II who works primarily in the Acute Hospital.

The Beacham Adult Daycare Center has been awarded a $3,000 mini-grant form the Chesapeake Education Research Trust to develop an in-service educational program for adult day care. The grant titled "A Mechanism for Preserving Educational Resources for Use sd Adult Medical DayCare Staff Training snd Community Outreach" will enable the Beacham staff to develop a daycare specific slide presentation for training of its adult daycare personnel.  Mary D. Taylor, the director of the center, and Cleve Laub Jr., administrator of the Mason F. Lord Chronic Hospital and Nursing Facility, will recieve the award at the  CERT luncheon on Jan. 22.

Richard Gelfond has been named senior industrial engineer for the Medical Center. Gordon Christmyer has been promoted to dirctor of materiels management.

Kathy Fairley has been promoted to program coordinator fot the Heart Health program.  Linda Burstyn takes over as the program's health program instructor and is responsible for Heart Heath's smoking cessation, weight reduction, and cholesterol screening programs.

Item 2: Vol.4, No.15, February 5, 1988Add to your cart.

Managing editor Lee Kennedy attended last Saturday's annual meeting of the Senior Athletes Program, a Medical Center research project studing the relationship between regular excercise  and aging. Andrew P. Goldberg, is the principal investigator of the Senior Athletes Programm and director of the General Clinical Research Center.

Construction of the multi-tenant building is to be located at the southwest corner of the Medical Center's campus has begun.

Levi Watkins, cardiac surgeon at The Johns Hopkins Hospital, will speak on Feb. 11 in the Carroll Auditorium in celebration of Black History Month.

Betsy Lynn Schultz has been appointed clinical coordinator in the Department of Nursing.

Douglas Bumstead, administrative manager for the Department of Respiratory Care, has been elected president of the northern chapter of the Maryland/D.C. Society for Respiratory Care.

Medical Center-Sponsored courses for employees who showed an interest in them via survey last year are invited to attend an overview session on Feb. 18.

Ash Wednesday will be observed on Feb. 17.

As part of National Heart Month, the Heart Health Program begins a Smoking Cessation Program on Feb.8.

Item 3: Vol.4, No.15, February 19, 1988Add to your cart.

Managing editor Lee Kennedy recently spent part of a morning with Brian Katana  from the Department of Pharmacy.

January appointments include Austin Carpenter Jr., Donald Kausch, Christopher McGowan, Lourdes Derosales, Linda Rice, Robin Sprecher, Dewayne Hamlette, Joann Goeb, Darlene Morgereth, Terry Thompson, James Sherman Jr., Ernest Whaley, Derrick Kennedy, Edward Bunker, Renee Gatley, Kimberly Reddy, Heide Morgan, Bobby Lloyd, Annette Posner, Leah Carns, Edna McKnight, Mary Curlee, Robin Worsley, Michele Bathurst, Frances Grafton, Ruth Livengood, Denise Earnshaw, Patricia Forester, Margaret Hess, Stephanie Coker, Catherine Hagan, Margaret Herzog, Virginia Massey, Elizabeth Watkins, Angela Thomas, Frances Million, Donzella Bailey, Regina Harley, and  Ada Metcalf.

December promotions include Richard Rzeckowski to director of admitting services, Veronica Reaves to graduate nurse intern, Jayne Giunta to graduate nurse intern, Joy Johnston and Wayne Nelson to OA II, and Mark Friedly to lab tech.

A check for $100 was donated to the Division of Pediatrics by the Exchange Club of Highlandtown.  Childlife specialist Ceal Curry accepted the check.

A "Heart Healthy Cooking Course" begins March 2 from 6:30-8 p.m. in the Carroll Auditorium.

Item 4: Vol.4, No.16, March 4, 1988Add to your cart.

A higher number of people show signs of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease than past figures have estimated, and 38 percent of its victims are women. The Mecical Center Division of Pulmonary Medicine staff are one of the ten national research groups participating in the study, a $30 million, five-year National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute grant. Robert A. Wise, associate professor of medicine at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and one of the Medical Center's co-investigators of the study said, "Learning that women make up 40 percent of COPD victims is a new finding."

A direct link between "silent" changes in heart function and death in patients  who have had recent heart attacks, a finding that could help identify patients at high risk for sudden death, has been reported by Hopkins physicians led by Sidney O. Gottlieb, assistant professor of medicine and director of the Medical Center's cardiac catheterization laboratory. Results of this study, published in the Feb. 19 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association also may help physcians identify patients on conservative medical therapy who might benifit from more aggressive treatment. Other researchers in the study include: Myron L. Weisfeldt, Shelson H. Gottlieb, Stephen Achuff, Rosemary Baumgardener, and Gary Gerstenblith.

Congratulations to Harry R. Hom, accountant in the general accounting section of Finance, who just passed the Maryland Certified Public Accountant exam.

"Heart-Healthy" cooking course begins March 2.

Item 5: Vol.4, No.17, March 18, 1988Add to your cart.

Pharmacy staff to observe poison prevention week.

Johns Hopkins Cancer Center representative Linda Slutsky wil be at the Medical Center on March 25 to rcruit platelet donors for cancer patients.

Staff of the Medical Center Department of Nursing in cooperation with the Baltimore Area Council Exploring Division will sponsor an Explorer's Post to give area high school students the opportunity to see nursing first-hand.

February appointments include Norman Hewick, Donna Kucharek, John Evans, Paula Morehead, Eloise Acord, Beth Swain, Stephanie Vathis, Deborah Wolfe, Veronica Jones, Carol Ann Hays, Daniel Seimer, Gia Firth, Suzanne Linchoten, Mary McEvoy, Linda Haulsey, Janet McMenamin, Marcee Zakwieia, Christine Warren, Stephanie Welker, Theresa Pineno, Francine McGowan, Jacqueline Salter, Gloria Higley, Anthony Howard, Karen Robinson, Jacqueline Townes, Wana Pailin, Rose Thomas, Lynn Leight, Garrick Brown, Michele Stokes, Angela Moore, Lisa Stackhouse, Hedy Sutton, and  Kirsten Shepard.

February promotions include Muriel Asgari to med. records tech, Linda  Crockett to pharmacology res. ass't, Marilyn Bond and Anne O'Brien to critical care ass't., and Margaret Hassler to accounting ass't. II.

Rita Kowalevich, data processing OAII is reiring after 18 years on March 1, and Elenor Patrick, R.N., central sterile supervisor is retiring April 1 after 19 years.

The Medical Center Heart Health Program will offer a free, beginner's walking excercise program lasting about 20 min. each session from March 22 through May 17.

Volunteer service is collecting stuffed animals for patients in The Mason F. Lord Chronic Hospital and Nursing Facility.

The Department of Human Resources is looking for employees who would like to volunteer their calligraphy talent to the department.

Item 6: Vol. 4, No.18, April 22, 1988Add to your cart.

Deputy U.S. Surgeon Genral Faye Abdellah, R.N., Ed.D., Sc.D., F.A.A.N., the keynote speaker for the Darptment of Nursing's first conference on long-term care, will address current and future issues in long-term care policy, research, and practice on April 25. The program's faculty includes nine speakers from the Bayview campus: Judy A. Reitz, Anita Langford, Carol Christmyer, Jean McLeod, Alan Pentz, Karen Santmyer, Eileen Leahy, Kathleen McCormick, and Ann Scheve.

Heart health program to participate in "Countdown USA": the Medical Center Heart Health Program staff will conduct screenings for cholestoral and blood pressure levels inorder to help heighten awareness and educate local residents.

March appointments include Amy Miller, Lorraine Fortini, Dwayne Ballard, Tyrone McCullough, Elizabeth Powell, Geraldine Heinrich, delores Stray, Shelly Tawney, Kelly Sapp, Vivian Thompson, Katherine Suttle, Michael Higgins, Judy Kidron, Cheryl Neal, Andre Cooper, Evelyn Taylor, Barbara Pavelka, Betty Ann Blimline, Keith Battle, Martha Cecil, Dechen Surkhang, Kenneth Punch, Charlotte Callaway, Kay Sinnot, Ann Martin, Jeffrey Benincoa, Wendy Gordon, Michael Zito, Eileen Stanley, Teresa Noise, Patricia Johnson, Robert Lucas, Elaine Smith, Pamela Bramble, Wilie Jones, Joan Kramer, Myrna Sroka, Kathleen Carmody, Ruth Lewis, Elaine Smith, Stacy Callaway, Rose Wilson, Jonathon Williams, Christine Wise, Debra Moorehead, Lisa Shirk, Jennifer Burhardt, Matthew Polk, George Smith, Thelma Roby, Richard Stewart, Lois Williams, and Joanne Crowell.

February promotions include Deanna Kelly to vice president --operations, Kee Lee to sr. med. tech., Debra Miller to OA III, Margaret Mohr to OAIII, and Janet Wilson tofood service worker II.

The Southeast Emergency Needs Network SEEN Annual Plant Sale will be held on Thursday May 3 and the proceeds will benifit less fortunate residents of nearby neighborhoods who need food or prescription assistance.

The Department of Nursing will celebrate Nurses' Week from May 6-12 with National Nurses Day on My 6 and special observance of Florence Nightingale's birthday on May 12.

Item 7: Vol.4, No.19, May 6, 1988Add to your cart.

FSKMC Walk-a-Thon Team shows community support.

103 volunteers were recognized at the annual awards luncheon and ceremony at Eichenkraz' Restaurent on April 28. The group was addressd by WMAR-TV2 weatherman/reporter Tony Pagnotti who joined Ann Sussman, Ronald R. Peterson, and Fred Dowdy Jr., in the awards cermony.

Join the Department of Nursing in celebrating Nurse Week-May 6-12 with displays, the event "Nursing Issues for the Eighties," and a Patient Advocate Award Ceremony.

"Treatment of Arthritis Pain," a free program for employees and the genral public on May 16 will feature Frederick Wigley, associate professor of medicine and cheif of the division of rheumatology at the Medical Center,

Two upcoming heart health programs include "High Blood Pressure Facts and Fiction May 11 and Weight Loss and Exercise Program beginning May 24-June 23.

Item 8: Vol 4, No.20, May 20, 1988Add to your cart.

Beginning June 1 thru July 5, the Medical Center Cafeteria will be changing its serving and seating accomadatios for renovation. There will be a pizza station, deli, soup/salad bar, and the usual hot food choices. The Marriott Corp. is contributing sizably to the effort. Food service magager Jeffery Berdis says renovations will mean new equipment, more and better choices, and quicker, more convient service.

The plant sale was a success and $137.80 was collected to benifit the Southeast Emergency Needs Network Food Closet

The Annual Mason F. Lord Festival to benifit the Activity Fund for MFL residents is June 11.

The Medical Center's Annual Blood Drive is scheduled for June 20.

April appointments include Michelle Testerman, Denise O'Neill, Wanda Little, Wilma McBride, Kelly Sapp, Patricia Mouring, Patricia Montell, Andrew Hendricks, Frederick Bethea, Charles Wenczkowski, Leroy Bradford, Barbara Elgin, Barry Lepley, Theresa Lynch, casandra Singleton, Wanda Knight, Karen Hall, Deborah Round, Angela Ebanks, Sharon Louden, Vivian McCray, Carl Redd, Elyse Geber, Gloria Prince, Samuel DiBlasi Jr., Clare Engleman, Joseph Smith, Isabelita Ortiz, Sharon Lozon, William Fazenbaker, Janet Brooks, Debra Rose, Maria Stone, Barbara Russo, Mary Leshko, Amy Preto, Marian Krausse, Kellie Bona, Jacqueline Clites, Carol Carter, Linda Coll, Susan Cummings,  and Douglas Spegman..

April promotions include Cynthia Heggins to lab. tech., Kathy Guy to lab ass't. II, Linda Iser ro dialysis & supply manager, Barbara Reed to OA II, Mark Fleming to visual media supervisor, and Jose de Borja to systems analyst supervisor.

Healthy men and women over 39 are needed for an ongoing study that examins memory and motor performance in normal aging.

Bake sale to benifit the children's daycare center will be on May 25.

Item 9: Vol.4, No.21, June 3, 1988Add to your cart.

The shuffling at Chow-Time has begun.

Eighteen Medical Center employees recently were awarded Certificates of Completion for the first round of classes offered free to employees by the Medical Center Deparment of Human Resources through Dundalk Community College.

MFL summer festival to feature fun, food, and prizes wil be held June 11.

Item 10: Vol.4, No.22, June 17, 1988Add to your cart.

Contributing writer Charles Barker recently toured the Beacham Adult Daycare Center with Dolores Voss, R.N., the Center's health coordinator and nurse.

The 10th annuaal medical housestaff awards were presented on June 3. Bruce Leff and Joseph Tomanelli  shared the Rathburn Award, Gary Applebaum received the first Medical Resident Award and Grace Cordts received the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Geriatric Medicine Faculty Award.

May appointments include Gladys Mbah, Cynthia Meushaw, Mary Smutniak, Isabel Rojas, Sharon Lowman, Gregor Tomas, Lawrence Royster, Gail Stokes, Clara Sanders, Elizabeth Burton, James Harrison, Michelle Palmer, Eric Gardner, Prescilla Stokes, Lisa Robinson, Maria Adams, Karen Douglas, Deborah Townes, Marca Wehage, Alicia Bunch, Ingrid Milton, Sandra Smith, Betty Tyson, Eddie Stanton, Michelle Ward, Sharon Comelius, Joyce Stevenson, Tonya McCrobie, Dionne Kelly, Vickie Wrightson, Jay Hubbard, Susan Ayd, Nafeesah Abdul-Bagi, Stephanie Coss, Laura Kelly, Kathy Bindel, Daphne Green, Linda Distefano, Linda Charlton, Karen Joseph, Debra Willis-Vogelsang, Jordan Aach, and Nicola London.

May promotions include John Jenkins to lab tech, Patricia hardy to supervisor, veronica Kim to graduate nurse intern, Mary McEvoy to R.N., Kathleen Lindemayer to voc. rehab specialist, Carol Amitin to clinical specialist, Freddie Harris to mat. handler II, Terry Thompson to mat. hand. I, Veronica reaves to R.N., John Muller to graduate nurse intern, Linda Haulsey to R.N., Stephanie Coker to R.N., Steve Kammar to materieel control manager, Rosetta Lane to OA II, Veronica Jones to option nurse I, Carla Talley to office supervisor, Victoria Waligorski to graduate nurse intern, and Christine Mitchell to graduate nurse intern.

To enter the "Name of the Cafeteria Contest" submit suggestions to Lou Kulis.

Item 11: Vol. 5, No.1, July 8, 1988Add to your cart.

Managing editor Linda Charlton recently interviewed David O. Hash, director of property development for the Dome Corp., the for-profit business arm of The Johns Hopkins University and Health System, for details on the Johns Hopkins Bayview Research Campus's first phase of development.

A research team lead by George A. Ricaurte, assistant professor of neurology at the Medical Center, has found that ecstasy causes damage to serotonin-producing cells in monkey's brains. The findings were published in the The Journal of the American Medical Association.

Doris Ray submitted the winning entry in the Name the Cafeteria Contest.

Nearly 400 people attended The Mason F. Lord Chronic Hospital and Nursing Facility's Eigth Annual Summer Festival.

Breathe Free Day, an activity sponsored by the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Lung Health Study will be held on July 19 at Lexington Market.

Item 12: Vol. 5, No.2, July 22, 1988Add to your cart.

A six-member Medical Center team of surgeons and nursing staff performed the first cultured skin graft in Maryland on July 20, which includes Andre M. Munster, M.D., Rodney Hoggard M.D.m Joseph Disa M.D., Steven Folmer, R.N., Keirst Hill R.N., and Yvonne Toles, surg. tech. Surgeons from the Baltimore Regional Burn Center attatched laboratory-grown sections of 46-yer-old Steven Kovios own skin to replace sections of skin lost when he received second and third degree burns over 75% of his body.

It's open and the name's official. William J. Ward, Jr., Doris Rav, and Larry Krouk snipped the blue ribbon.

230 units of blood were donoted by Medical Center employees during the Third Annual Blood Drive held June 20. An additional 64 pints were collected July 15 for a total of 294 pints. Katherine C. Tvaronas, administrator for clinical buisness services and chairperson of this yr.'s drive said a second donation date was needed for a number of employees who expressed the desire to give but could not do so during the June drive.

June appointments include Deborah Simmons, Dorthy Vlch, Stephen Applegate, Kimberly Bobo, Mary Cherry, Raymond Giuriceo, Joanna Consoli, Dana Betram, Audrey Perdieu, Susanne Konschnik, Janes Amend, Patricia Williams, TangaliaBrown, Tracha Johnson, Sheri Schmidt, Donna Sylver, Linda Dudley, Sheranda Cooper, Delores Askew, Cynthia Winston, Chryl Thomas, Janice James, Karen Armacost, Barbara Austin, Sara Greenwald, Vicki Nadim, Brian Golightly, Susan Lauter, William Mitchell, Michael Reihart, Sharon Amos, Dana Hoehn, Linda Scarborough, Bernadette Murphy, Michele Baker, Shaukat Habeeb, Keith Buffington, Kathleen Murrin, Shirley Cartwright, Mavis Neil, Sheila Willis, Micaela Aigner, Paula Blevins, Carolyn Childs, Rebecca Sparks, Kathleen Martin, Sharon Bellamy, Kathleen Watson, Veronica Brooks, Crystal Martin, Ella Green, Patti Dahlin, Jane Driskell, Carolyn Janney, Kim Clark, Lesley Geary, Denise LaPaglia, Norma Dean, Deborah Dzierwa, Betty Stewart, James Barlow, Jerome Mirabile, Steven Smith, Teresa McDermott, and David Cargo Jr.

June promotions include Derek Daughton to storekeeper I, Beverly Jenkins to food service worker II, Rochelle Derrien and Patricia Grimes to R.N., Edwin James to graduate nurse intern, Margaret Herzog to option nurse II, and William Hoffman Jr. to research lab supervisor.

June retirements include Midge Bacho, 13 yrs and Edward Bailey after 19.5 yrs.

New medical house staff include Debra Fetherston as senior assistant resident, Daniel Jacobs, Ducan McCormick, Patrice Miller,and Shu-Uin Yang as junior assistant residents. Interns include Heidi P. Auerbach, Lois A. Carani, M. Kathleen Camey, David A. Cochran, William A. Frame, Susan M. Friedman, Gail A. Glotfelty, Amir Katz, Stephen J. Katz, Joan E. Presby, Fred Shapiro, Stacey Siegel, Fransico L. Tellez, Jeremy D. Walston, and Thomas Wannenburg. Psychiatry medicine interns include Annette L. Hanson, Consantine Lyketsos, Marsden H. McGuire, Neal G. Ranen, and Anne M. Stoline.<span style="display: none"> </span>

Item 13: Vol.5, No.3, August 5, 1988Add to your cart.

Seven Medical Center Emergency Room nurses took emergency medicine outdoors onto the greens of the Baltimore Country Club when they served as the medical back-up team with area physcians for the professional golfers and spectators at the 1988 U.S. Women's Open from July 18-24. Volunteers included Phyllis Clements, Cindy Pierce, Marina Pearce, Ceal Cydylo-Hudgins, Barbara Ogram, and Toni Russell.

In Memorium: Kendra Wright Corey (1982-1988) died of AIDS. She was three months old when Ceal Curry, child life specialist, met her.

The Medical Center recently recieved a certificate from the Congressional Caucus for Women's Issues saluting its innovatiob and commitment to provide quality child care services for its employees. Sen. Barbara A. Mikulski's Oct. 19, 1987 visit prompted the recognition.

On the July 22, The Banner  forgot to mention anessthesiologists Judith L. Stiff and Dan Kessler who assisted Andrew Munster in the first cultured skin graft in Maryland which was performed Wednesday, July 20.<span style="display: none"> </span>

Item 14: Vol.5, No.4, August 19, 1988Add to your cart.

Contributing writer Charles Barker recently spent an afternoon with Joyce Schaffer, R.N., a Medical Center quality assurance coordinator. Gary Hill, professor and charman of the Dapartment of Pathology who also chairs the Medical Center Quality Assurance Committee, said that Medical Center Quality Assurance coordinators "provide a structured reminder of all the things that are important to taking care of patients."

The Quality Assurance Staff has moved to new quarters on the second flor of the "A" Bldg.

The Beacham Adult Daycare Center needs donations-household items in good working condition- for its Silent Auction on September 19.

July appointments include Dawn Rowles, Kathy Uhlan, Joseph Boydner, William Stankewicz, John Friskey, Tonya Jenkins, Mary Morrison, Brenda Pleasent, Noel Welty, Sharyn Rhodes, Elizabeth Milavec, Kathleen Dodd, Wendy Hawkins, Mary Casten, Margaret Maney, Andrew McCullough, Mary Bolte, Douglas Kuriga sr., Neil Mapp, Darlene Woodward, Christine Buckner, Helen Boston, Sharon Robinson, Anneke Chung, Mary Pretorius, Nadine Qashu, Elzbieta Waczynski, Angela Montoya, Shirley Podgurski, Evelyn Resseguie, Babara Odeshina, Ruth Jubb, Bonner Smith, Catherine Carlton, Marina Pearce, Darlene Canneti, Jeanne Hickey, Bronwyn Cottet, Dorothy Raimond, Sharon Stewart, Kimberly Loman, Linda Mercilliott, Mary Brick, Barbara Ruzicka, Paula Vargo, Michele Dickinson, Janet Sims, Pamela Williams, Vickie Walters, Machele Infussi, Barbara Przybylski, Gloria Brown, Aelia Young, Audrey Jones, Cynthia Wesley, and Novellor Walker.

Item 15: Vol.5, No.5, September 9, 1988Add to your cart.

Rodney Hoggard, a fellow in Baltimore Regional Burn Center and part of the surgical team that performed Mayland's first cultured skin graft, was killed in a car accident in Catonsville.

Katherine C. Tvaronas, administrator for clinical buisness services, said  that disaster drills are held on-site to satisfy regulations of the Joint Commission on accreditation of Healthcare Organizations and to ensure readiness to respond to crisis situations.

In celebration of National Adult Daycare Center Week, September 18-24, the Beacham Adult Daycare Center will hold an open House on September 22 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on the second floor of The Mason F. Lord Building.

Item 16: Vol.5, No.6, September 23, 1988Add to your cart.

FSKMC United Way campaign, directed by Virginia Alinsao, R.N., assistant director of nursing and Paul Blank, administrative manager of rehabilitation services getsa head start.

Several Medical Center departments and activities such as the Harold E. Harrison Medical Libray and the Photographic Services depatment will benifit from funds recently donated by the Chesapeake Education and Research Trust (CERT), the non-profit foundation of the Chesapeake Physcians Professional Association, the physcians group at FSKMC.

National Emergency Medical Services Week, September 18-24, highlighted the work of emergency medical technicians, paramedics, and others who provide pre-hospital emergency medical care. The Medical Center provides personnel and resources for local EMS training. Julie Casani, M.D., attending physcian in the Emergency Department, serves as Medical Director of the EMS Program at Essex Community College and James Scheulen, P.A., Baltimore Regional Burn Center, is an instructor. The department of Anesthesiology and Emergency Medicine and the BRBC are clinical training sites for the ECC Program.

The Coronary Care Unit has been relocated temporaily while it undergoes renovation including a new monitoring system and floor.

Craig Macomber, plant manager for Facilities Management, was elected president of the Chesapeake Area Society of Hospital Engineers for the 1988-90 term.

Kurt Kuenzel, manager of technical services, has been elected vice president of the Baltimore Medical Engineers and Technicians Society, Inc. for the 1988-89 term.

James Kidwell, plumber, has qualified for and recieved his Gas Fitter's license from the City of Baltimore and the Baltimore Gas and Electric Company.

New employees include Robert McAfee, Kavin Cox, Berethia Moyd, Barbara Nivens, Amante Dupaya, Jeanine Greenbaum, Teresa Gramling, Nancy Bloomer, Gordon Biggers, Darcel Johnson, Bernard Ray, Alice Thomas, Jeannette Baylor, Carla Buckner, Juanita Clark, Raymond Hunter, Lonnie Moore, Katherine Crowell, Crystal Larkin, Sharon Pennacchia, Andrie Rovenolt, Luann Beck, Judith Stillman, Christena Lundy, debra Rebbert, Nancy Antalffy, Karen Chesner, Charlotta Turner, Angela Jackson, Kathleen Pavan, Ivalyn Tisdale, Carol Copeland, Jerilyn Jacob, Tesfai Habtegiorgis, Steven Lehmbeck,  Brandi Zimmerman, Bertha Day, Kandis Harlee, Betty Lou Williams, Yolanda Crane, Harriet Williams, and Karen Davis.

August promositions include Janice Burghardt to acct. ass't II, Tyronne Flemming to psych. aide III, Sharon Crum to clinical lab. mgr, Delores Ganzermiller to OA III, Lori Chearney to mental health therapist, Janet Caputo to rehab. therapist, James Harrison to patient aide, and Faye Grau to office supervisor.

Mostella Gilliam retired from the housekeeping department after 22 years and Dorsie Horsey from nursing after 29 years.

Item 17: Vol.5, No.7, October 3, 1988Add to your cart.

From August 29 to November 18, Penny Catanzariti is acting at the Medical Center's loaned executive with a mission to assist campaign coordinators at 20 neighboring businesses and organizations in meeting their goals at the 1988 United Way of Central Maryland's 1988 campaign.

AIDS-The Time for Education is Now!

Item 18: Vol.5, No.7, October 7, 1988Add to your cart.

Medical Center 1988 United Way Campaign Kicks Off!

While the Beacham Adult Daycare Center is not yet a United way agency, you can still designate your United way pledge to the Center.

Penny Catanzariti is serving as the Medical Center loaned executive for the 1988 United Way of Central Mayland Campaign. Catanzariti said that she appreciated that Dr. Judy Reitz, vice president of nursing and clinical affairs, for giving her this opportunity.

Govenor William Donald Schaefer proclaimed Oct, 10-16 as Hospital and Engineering Maintenance Week.

Manufacturer's Drug Exhibit was a Smashing Success! More than 460 Medical center employees attended the 1988 Manufacturer's Drug Exhibit held Sept. 22 in the CSC Auditorium. Dave Knauer, assistant director of pharmacy, thanks everyone who made it a successful event.

The Medical Center recieved the "The Most Informative Display" Award and plaque from the Eastern Baltimore Area Chamber of Commerce at the Home and Trade Expo held Sept. 16-18 at Eastpoint Mall. The FSKMC exhibit featured historical photographs as well as several items from the Archives Collection.

Anne Flood, director of quality assurance and risk management, urges each employee to cooperate with the Joint Comission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations in their their three-year accreditation survey at the acute hospital and The Mason F. Lord Chronic Hospital and Nursing Facility.

The Medical Center will sponsor free seminars on aging in October and November: "Keeping Dry: Treatment Options for Urinary Incontinence" presented by Dr. John R. Burton and Jane Marks, "Reducing Your Risk of Osteoporia" presented by Dr. Michele Bellantoni, and "Staying Healthy Through Proper Diet and Exercise" presented by Dr. Thomas Finucane.

Item 19: Vol.5, No.8., October 28, 1988Add to your cart.

FSKMC employees top 1988 United Way Goal. More that $89,886 dollars were collected surpassing the goal of $78,000.

Pat Letke, P.A., for the Division of Pediatrics, has been named the 1988 Maryland Physian Assistant of the Year by the Mayland Academy of Physcian Assistants.

New employees include Pamela Duppins, Lynn Jacobs, Stanley Lee, Keith Robertson, Betty Lee Simpson, Annie Walker, Eric Taylor, Laura Riley, Nancy Berry, Gloria Fields, Gordon Tutt, Rochelle Warfield, Robert Scalise, Felicia Ford-Rice, Robin johnson, Mary Bean, Ladonna Holloman, Delores King, Kathryn Scmitt, Carmela Lynch, Mary Rudell, Agnes Cheeks, Helen Maleki, Sandra Kabernagel, Celeste Kenny, Karen Aldridge, Catherine Kopac, Karen Boniarski, Donna Fleckenstein, Darlene Miller, Judith O'Brien, Sharon Williams, Rosa Bitter, Janet Burkhardt, Cindy Carter, Priscilla Manning, Geraldine Stancik, Lori York, Adolphus Mgbeahurike, Yolanda Frazier, Beverly Jooones, Veronica Milburn, Katrina Smith, Adlean Thornton, Montress Vinson, Chryl Brightful, Phyllis Moody, Lavonne Wilson, and Laura Bartos.

September promotions include Randy Zimmerman to acc't. ass't. III, Verita Davis to patient aide, Gloria Higley to office ass't III, Michelle Palmer to patient aide, Kathleen McNully to cheif occupational therapist, Zakariyya Alim to resp. therapist.

Dr. Judy A. Reitz, vice president for nursing and clinical affairs, has announced titile changes affecting management groups within the Department of Nirsing which became effective Oct. I. The head nurse title has been changed to nursing unit manager, nurse clinician to clinical specialist, and assistant director of nursing to nursing division director.

Oct. 23-29 wa National Physical Therapy Week. This year's theme was "Physical Therapy--Sharing the Challenge" and was marked by the Medical Center Physical Therapy Department hosting an open house on Oct. 27.

Bayview Cafe offers snak time and new items.

The Johns Hopkins University School of Continuing Studies offers the Interdisciplinary Master of Science degree for professionals with a background in science.

Item 20: Vol.5, No.9, November 4, 1988Add to your cart.

Ronald R. Peterson extends peronal invitation to each member of the FSKMC workforce to attend an all-employee party Monday Nov. 14. The formal grounbreaking for the geriatric Center and the official kick-off for Phase I is set for Nov. 11.

The Medical Center's Phase I redevelopement will be marked by a groundbreaking for the Comprehensive Geriatric Center on Nov. 11 qt 2 p.m.. William Donald Schaefer, govenor of the State of Maryland and Reubin Andres, M.D., clinical director of the National Insitute on Aging and professor of medicine in Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, are the keynote speakers. Phase I costs $55 million and will provide for the new construction of the Comprehensive Geriatric Center, combined pyschiatric/ambulatory facility, central utilities plant, a covered pedestrian walkway connecting new buildings to the exisiting "AA" Bldg., as well as the demolition of the "CSC" Bldg. and renovations to the "AA" Bldg. In conjunction with the Dome Corp., the University and Health System's for profit subsidary, a 750-car structured parking garage and a mid-campus lot for employees of the Asthma Center and Clinical Sciences Bldg (a project of the Hopkins School of Medicine), are also new additions. Nov. 14 is Operating Room Nurse Day.

Item 21: Vol.5, No.10, December 2, 1988Add to your cart.

The "Ethics Committee" came out of a Maryland Law enacted July 1987 that charged all hospitals to adreess gray areas of health formally through a patient advisory committee. Robert P. Roca, M.D., assistant professor of psychiatry, is chairman of the Medical Center. An Ethics Comittee Team is available 24 hours a day for consultation with patients, their families, and staff. Other members of the Medical Ethics Committee include Drs. Susan Denman (medicine), Claudia kawas (neurology), David Kern (internal medicine), Robert Spence 9Plastic and reconstructive surgery), Peter Terry (medicine), Larry Waterbury (hematology and oncology, and regina Healy (medicine). Anne Flood (quality assurance), Carol Carter (quality assurance), Linda Goodman (NICU), Michelle Hancock (A3West), Debbi Knott (division of renal dialysis and psychiatric nursing), Jean McCloud(mason F. Lord Bldg.), Mary Myers (ccU), Rina Ritenout (social work), Joanne Lewis (social work), Joan Zelinka (social work), and Karen Joseph (patient representative).

The following employees were certified as medical technologists: Donna Sylver, sheri Schmidt, Kenneth Kozel, John Jenkins and , Jun Kim.

October appointments include Penny McCready, Joy Guthrie, Siri-Atma Khalsa, Ula Willis, Nina Forrest, Juanita Staigerwald, Diane King, Shelly Brown, Elizabeth Preville, Dennis Stielper, Patricia Hughes, Sean Wiggins, Mary Crosby, Kimberly ramsel, Denise Riddic, Tracey Shusta, Nathaniel Colbert, Lisa Keeling, Maurice Lipscomb, Kenneth Punch, Elaine Smalls, William Warsaw, Rosa Wilson, William Hartlove, Janes Amend, Donna Ambler, Barbara Anderson, Harold Archer, George Brubach,Jr., Janet Jonah, Theresa Ellis-Bales, Catherine O'Neill, Cynthia Deitz, Sharon Hayes, Kaycell Dillard, Marcia Turner-Smith, Nancy Sherrill, Steve Libowitz, Laureen Tiedeman, Edward Hall,Diana Brown, Hamid Ehsani-Shishhvan, Esther Fedner, Lorrie Zelesnick, Mary Willie, Jean Manley, Bridgette Foster, Sarah Coleman, Carmilla Decator, Patricia norris, and Elizabeth Preston.

October promotions include John Jenkins and Kenneth Kozel to med. techs., Agata Wrzol to med. tech. student, Stanley Lee to storekeeper I, Sheri Schmidt and Donna Sylver to med. techs, Hampton Brooks, Jr. to material handler I, Ruth Zebron to sec. I, and Jun Woong Kim to med. tech.

The Recreational Therapy Department at The Mason F. Lord Chronic Hospital and Nursing Facility will hold the 15th Annual Christmas Tree-lightning Ceremony on December 15. Volunteer Gene Mardone and MFL Royal Six will provide entertainment.

Item 22: Vol.5, No.11, December 16, 1988Add to your cart.

Over $92,00 was raised to assist 47 agencies during the 1988 Medical Center Untied War Campaign.

Highest Actual dollar increase contrib. by a single separtment: Center for Chemical Dependency (Luann Beck, Garnetta Beard, solicitors)

Highest increase in participation by a single department: MFL Intermeadiate Care Unit (Sharon Riggs, solicitor)

Highest percentage increase in dollars contrib. by a single department: Nursing Float Pool (Ceil Foster, Meva Stahl, solicitors)

Highest percent increase in average gift: Baltimore Adolescent Treatment Center (faye Grau, Regina Jadwisiak, solicitors)

President's Award-Highest average employee gift compared to personal income: Housekeeping (Richard Sargent, Seleste Moore, solicitors)

November appointments include Nora Ellis, Denise Myers, Barbara Pruitt, Gloria Street, Betty McRoe, Patricia McKnight, Carl Fornhaff, Gloria Hammel, Debra Stallings, Sue Booth, Cheryl Crandell, Aida Fernando, Donna Brown, Robert Gorham, Robin Steward, Marian Wilt, Joann Asmussen, Amira Burns, Twanda Cameron, Gernaun Gilstrop, David Andrews III, Diane Dunlevy, Janice Quarles, Myra Landmesser, Rosemary Lamky, Kathy Rostowski, Jane Schindler, Tina Spencer, Bernadette Perkins, Betty Sneed, Gladys Berry, Laura Melvin, and Dorothy Myers.

November promotions include Linda Chatterton to general services administrator, Sharon Engleman to psychiatric aide I, Donna Torres to secretary I, Josephine Green to OA III, Monica Campbell to dietician ass't, Madonaa Black-Clark to OA II, and Melinda Dangerfield to OA III.

The Human Resources staff will present a series of informative and entertaining talks in the 2West diningg room of the Bayview Cafe on the first Friday of every month. Richard Kilburg will be the series' first talk on the topic "Drugs, Sex and Rock and Roll: An Upbeat Approach to Stress management" , and he will present another talk on Feb. 3 entiiled "Feelings at Work: Managing Emotions on the Job."

Folder 1989Add to your cart.
Item 1: Vol.5, No. 12, January 6, 1989Add to your cart.

Twelve researchers at the Medical Center have recieved the eigth annual Chesapeake Education/ Research Trust In-House Research Grants totalling $55, 838. Accepting this year's grants which range from $1,950 to 45,000 are Joan Bathon, M.D., Edward Kraus, M.D., Pamela Ouyang, M.D., John Petronis, M.D., Cynthia Rand, Ph.D., George Ricaurte, M.D., Ph.D., Robert Roca, M.D., Edward Shapiro, M.D., Aaron Spital, M.D., Frederick Wigley,M.D., E. Wiiliams, B.A., and Curtis Wright, M.D., M.P.H.

The New Year's Eve Gala, sponsored by the Baltimore Regional Burn Center Foundation, raised over $17,000 acording to Margery M.K. Reid, gala chairman. The event's co-chairman, Mayor Kurt L. Schmoke, joined Ronald R. Peterson, Andrew M. Munster, M.D., and Robert J. Spence, M.D. co-directors of the Burn Center, their wives, and 130 others. The money will help fund the BRBC's first Summer Camp for young burn victims and cover the cost of much-needed equipment and suplies for the Center.

Brian Katona, Pharm.D., senior clinical pharmisist for the Coronary care Unit, has recieved $3,5000 award from the Roche Laboratories Pharmacy Research Grant Program for investigating ways pharmacy and nursing can work together to reduce costs of medications in critical care units. Burt Finkelstein, Pharm. D. commented on the significance of the work.

Carol S. Carter, R.N., M.B.A., has assumed the daily respondsibilities for risk management, quality assurance, infection control and patient representative activities sue to the resignation of Anne Flood and Karen Joseph.

Sandra Walden, M.D., assistant professor of pulmonary and critical care medicine, was mistakenly omitted from the list of Medical Center staff serving on the Ethics Committee.

Item 2: Vol.5, No.13, January 20, 1989Add to your cart.

On Jan. 20, Division of Digestive Diseases officialy opens its new Endoscopy Suite on A5West, a modern clinical unit described by Parviz Nikoomanesh, assistant professor of medicine and director of the endoscopy program for the division. Marvin M. Schuster, professor of medicine and psychiatry and chief of the division says that accomadations not only allow greater patient comfort and convience but also increase amount of patients that can be seen.

Response to the nicotine skin-patch research study has been overwhelming according to Karen C. Kaplita, R.N. A second  patch will be tested in the spring.. The Medical Center offers two other stop-smoking programs' "Quit Smoking Now" and "Stay  Quit."

Jan. 23-27  is National Back Health Week.  Chrl Cooper, chief physical therapist, offers tips on how to avoid injuries and diminish pain.

New employees include Edrick Anderson, Kathleen Cunliffe, Helene Snyder, Donna Johnson, Joycelyn Youngblood, Nayan Nanavati, Nicomedes Delacruz, Debra Stallings, Eldora Barron, Melvin Shields, Vivian Worrell, Robert Ragland, Richard Eberhardt, Helen Pokrywka, Virginia Zawodny, Patrice Jones, Reginald  Avent, Sunil Chatterjee, Jennifer Phips, Kathleen Ernst, Elwood Calvert, Vickie Wrightson, Carol Andreone, Jane Pasko, Beth Smith, Kevin Lansdowne, Florence Jones, Marguarite Hill, Joan Kraemer, Cindy Tucciarella, Edith Garrett, and La Rae Jones.

December promotions include Katherine Woods to accounting supervisor, George Macomber to inventory control spec., Margaret Blackwell to OA III, Michele Johnson to renal billing coordinator, and Sarah Alexander to patient aide.

Joan H. Williams, director of human resources, has been elected to the board of directors of the Johns Hopkins Federal Credit Union.

Parking regulations to be strictly enforced.

Ethics for Lunch.

Item 3: Vol.5, No.14, February 3, 1989Add to your cart.

Medical Center launches model O.R. project alond with Baxter, Corp. William J. Ward, Jr., Judy Reitz, Mary Kellog, and Steve Folmerare positive.

The Medical Center celebrates black history month with a fashion show featuring Willa Bland Models on Feb. 9. a speech by Raymond V. Haysbert, Sr., pres. of Parks Sausage Co.,  and a speech by Baltimore City Delegate Elijah E. Cummings. D. 39th Dist., vice chairman, House Consitutional and Administrative Law Committee on Feb. 23. On Feb. 7, Elrod Hendricks is scheduled to visit patients and the Hampton-Williams Jazz Trio, featuring Ann Guy, will perform.                                                                                         

Feb. is American Heart Month. Sheldon H. Gottlieb, associate professor of medicine and clinical chief, Division of Cardiology,  shares insights on heart disease. He forsees that by the year 200 baloon angioplasty and coronary bypass surgery will be needed less frequently because t-PA, Streptokinase and newer medicines will be given earlier in a heart attack episode.

The Chesapeake Education Research Trust awarded eight anual mini-grants, which toal to $15,00 to Healthcare for the Homeless of Baltimore City, Arthritis Foundation, Deaton Hospital and Medical Center of Christ Lutheran Church, Baltimore City Health Department, Mayor's Coordinating Counsel on Criminal Justice, St. Ignatius Socail Services, Jewish Family Services, and Chesapeake Physcians, P.A.

Heart Health Program offers classes: Heart Health Evaluation, Lower Yout Cholesterol, Eating for a Healthy Heart, Heart Healthy Cooking, Grocery Store Tour, and Aerobic Cycling.

Item 4: Vol. 5, No. 16, March 3, 1989Add to your cart.

Write the winning slogan and win a VCR.

On Apr. 7, The Department of Nursing will present its Fouth Annual Regional Conference, "Ethical Dilemmas in Health Care." Keynote speaker is Leah Curtin, ed. of the professional journal Nursing Management. Medical Center staff taking part in the conference include Cynthia Callum, Susan Denman, Linda Goodman, M. Michele Hancock, Joanne H. Lewis, Jean McLeod, Marry Gibbons Myers, Peter Terry, Sandra Walden, and Joan Zelinka.                                                                                                       

Douglass Burnstead, RrT, administrative manager of respiratory care, was re-elected president of the Northern Chapter of the Maryland/D.C. Society for respiratory Care. Other employees in the society include Maryann Hiteshew and Ronald Hebron.

The Medical Center respiratory Therapy Department  also won the society's first cannual award for "Outstanding Promotion of National Respiratory Care Week" for their display in front of the Carroll Auditorium which featured critical and hpme health equipment as well as providing free pulmonary tests for employees and the general public.

Heart Health Week was a success according to Kerry Stewart, Ed.D, director of Heart Health.

Item 5: Vol.5, No.17, March 17, 1989Add to your cart.

On Mar. 10, the Department of Medicine's Center for Chemical Dependency and the Division of Pediatrics oficially opened the Adolescent Chemical Dependency Center on A5Center. Donald R. Jasinski, associate professor of medicine and pharmacology, director of the Center for Chemical Dependency and co-medical director of the new unit, said the facility was in a good position to fill the void. Archie Golden , associate professor of pediatrics and international health, chief of pediatrics and co-medical  director of the unit, aded that adolescents have diffent reasons for abusing substances than adults. Nursing staff will conduct education and counceling programs. Susan Finkelstein is the nursing unit manger; Joyce L. Smith is the clinincal program coordinator, and Betty Hoerr is the program manager. New employees include Donald Davis, Lisa Villella, Larry Miller, Shirley Cesenar, Deborah Smearman, Kelly Hyde, Michael Smith, Lee Dove, John High, Rachel Frederick, Lora Stepan, Lennard Johnson, Maggie Gorham, Bobby Lindsey, Joseph Winston, Melissa Jelen, Joseph McNamee, Oana Richardson, Lois Pusinky, Lucille Turner, Angela Oppel, Donna Zarachowicz, Elizabeth Bayer, Ruth Wilson, Elizabeth Webster, Brooke Phelps, Jeanine Hunt, Denise Padgett, Olivia Seabolt, Florita Lipinski, Charlotte Fischer, Helen Thurston, Juliann Zahner, Vondra Turner, Patricia Harrison, Catherine Dayberry, Deborah Wagner, Susan Baskin, Bonnie Dill, Stephanie Gellner, Deborah Lang, Christine Beecy, Mary Colbert, Douglass Featherstone, James Rupp, Michael Stein, Elizabeth Close, Joseph Glasscock, Roxanne Wildeman, Antoinette Gill, Benda Kelley, Charlotte Leach, Novella Quarles, Anne Staton,Jacqueline Brooks, and Barbara Jones.

February promotions include Joyce Smith to chemical dependency program coordinator, Lila Purdy to data systems ass't., Deborah Shiflett to patient aide, Ruth Hennick to patient aide, James Sherman to painter apprentice, Wanda Knight OA II, and Tonimarie Swartz and Mark Caspi to senior clinical pharmacists. The following CCU nurses were promoted through the the new Career Progression Systems: Barbara Sisson and Glenda McKee to RN IV and Connie Smith, Marianne Logan, Debbie Powell, Pam Myirski, Sue Lurz, and Felicia Kinlein to RN III.

New FSKMC bulletin boards will be installed outside the Carroll Auditorium

The first Friday lunch series will feature a prec. primer on "Life Insurance: What's Best for You?" by Henry Thomas of Thomas Associates, Inc.

Phase II renovations to the main lobby of the "AA" Bldg. began this week.

A jewelry sale tobenifit patients March 28 and 29.

Item 6: Vol.5, No.18, April 7, 1989Add to your cart.

Staff of the Department of Occupational Therapy will sponsor an open house on Apr. 20 and will demonstrate how occupational therapy improves a patient's physical condition after a burn, stroke, injury, or psychological disorder. These activities are part of Ocupational Therapy Month and follow the 69th Annual Conference of the American Occupational Therapy Association sponsored this year by the City of Baltimore. During the conference, Sharon Biffoni, O.T.R. will present a 'Progress in Partnership" award to one of her patients who the Association agreed exemplified the outstanding progress made after a serious burn injury to his hands.  The Medical Center OT staff served over 900 patients during 1988 and recently added the new Adolescent Chemical Dependency Center and the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit to their service list.

Medical labs to sponsor a talk  and open house on April 11 to celebrate National Medical Labatory Week, Apr. 9-15. Robert E. Miller, M.D., deputy director of Laboratory Medicine at The  Johs Hopkins Hospital and director of the Laboratory Information Systems Division, will speak at noon in the Carroll Auditorium about recent advances in expanded laboratory information-sharing among departments and other institutions.

National media continue to rely on the Medical Center's physcian scientists for upt-to-date information and expert opinions. Among the FSKMC staff recieving media attention in recent months were George E. Bigelow, Ph.D. and Maxine L. Stitzer, Ph.D., director and associate director, respectively, of the Behavioral Pharmacology Research Unit (BPRU), who will appear on the CBS program "48 Hours" April 20 (WBAL TV11 at 8 p.m.). They were interviewed about their research on drug use and performance impairment.  Other BPRU staff involved in the network's report are Kenzie L. Preston, Ph.D., Julian (Jay) Azorlosa, Ph.D., and Teresa McKissack and Tina Cromwell, research assistants.  Donald R. Jasinski, M.D., director of the center for Chemical Dependency, quoted in Newsweek (feb. 20 issue) for the cover story on Kitty Dukakis' alcohol problems. Dr, Jasinki also was interviewed by national, regional and local media regarding the new nicotine skin patch research study to help smokers quit.  Other staff involved in the study are Margaret Testa, R.N. and Karen Kaplita, R.N.  Dr. Stitzer, Wendy Chormock, program coordinator for the "Stay Quit" research study, also of the BPRU, Cynthia Rand, Ph.D., intervention coordinator for the Lung Health Study, and Joyce Smith, R.N., were interviewed by WUSA-TV9 in Washington, D.C. for a story about nicotine gum's effectiveness in smoking cessation. John R. Burton , M.D., chief of geriatric medicine, was interviwed by WJZ-TV13 health reporter Ann Keltan for a four-part series on "The Myths of Aging."  Other physcians interviewd include Susan B. Denman, M.D., associate medical director of the Hospital and Nursing Facility (MFL), Thomas Finucane, M.D., associate medical director of the MFL, Claudia Kawass, M.D., and Michele Bellantoni, M.D. Also featured were the "Fitness Over 50" and the "Senior Athletes" Programs in the General Clinical Research Center, Andrew Goldberg, M.D., program coordinator and Loretta Lakatta, R.N. its nurse coordinator.  Robert Spence, M.D., co-director of the Baltimore Regional Burn Center, was interviewed by WUSA-TV9 about the progress of Steve Kovios, the first burn recipient of a cultured human skin graft in July 1988.

Smoke-free policy information sessions have been scheduled to explain to all employees the institution-wide No-Smoking Policy which becomes effective July 1.

New phone system for FSKMC: a new electric key system (DEKA) has begun to be installed . Fred Dowdy Jr., administrator of support operations, said the hospital will save about $100, 000 per yr. in hardware and service charges.

Now's a good time to get into shape with some help from the Heart Health Program's Christine Beecy, program coordinator and Linda Burstyn, health educator.

Item 7: Vol.5, No.19, April 21, 1989Add to your cart.

Eileen Wright, R.N., C.G.C., won the Medical Center's Smoke-Free Campaign slogan contest with her entry No Puffin'. Members of the selection committee include: Virginia Alinsao, Joan E. Daxher, Ella Durant, Nelson Haller, Steve Libowitz, Bob Scalise, Ellen Walderman, and Joan Williams.

Human resources to pay for stop-smoking classes: Heart health stop-smoking classes and Adopt-a-smoker.

April 23-29 is National Organ/Tissue Donar Awareness  Week. The Francis Scott Key Medical Center is one of three certified kidney transplant centers in the Baltimore Metropolitan area and is the primary user of tissue baank skin because of the needs of the Baltimore Regional Burn Center. Since the program began in 1968, more than 400 kidneys have been transplanted, about 150 of them by Dilip Kittur, M.D., assistant professor of surgery and chief of the division of transplant surgery. Every day in the U.S., over 15,000 people wait for an organ transplant. More than 13,000 wait for kidneys.

New wmployees include: Joan Cumberledge, Deborah Mangold, Brennan Prody, Chester Jones, Ellen Tracy, Ella English, Margaret Cesnick, Ellen Schwartz, Charlotte Donaldson, Denise Foltz, Jerome Barrett, Ernest Bundy, Bryan Ghee, Gregory Jackson, Carolyn Mills, Reginald White, Patricia Turner, Lenora Martin, Paula Jackson, Curtis Myers, Norma Wharton, Matthew Zeller, Charlene Michsloski, Susan Sawyer, Debra Loane, Jensina Nelson, Shawn Brast, Mary Ann Turner, John Cantrell, Gilda Exum, Karen Long, Jaqualin George, Frenese Zick, Vickie Wrightson, Patrice Messercola, Karen McArthur, James Beckman Jr., Brian Schexnayder, Annie Reeder, Yolando Bagtas, Cynthia Booker, Antoinette Kane, Denise Burden, Maureen Lavelle, Bonnie Reddish, Denise Boyd, Jeanette Pridgen, and Veronica Stokes.

March promotions include: Jill Mikos to ass't. manager of budget & revenue, Evangaline Parker to substance abuse counseling supervisor, Jane Driskell to professional nursing student, Lisa Shirk to OAIII, Gwendolyn Smith ti RV IV, Anna Easter and Diana Ocenar to RN IV, and Ella Durant to patient representative.

The first Friday Lunch Series for May 5 will feature a practical primer on "Life Insurance: What's Best for You?" by Henry Thomas of Thomas Associates, Inc.

Ethics for :Lunch meets in the Carroll Auditorium at noon on Monday, April 24.

Item 8: Vol.5, No.20, May 5, 1989Add to your cart.

FSKMC Maintenance Department named best of the year. On Apr. 24, plant manager, Craig Macomber, went to Chicago to recieve Maintenance Technology magazine's first annual "Best Maintenance Organization of the Year" award in the healthcare category.William J. Ward Jr., vice pres. of operations said "This group has every reason to be proud." Maintenace staff members include: Administration: Joe Poore, Craig Macomber, Joann Kittrell, Lee Miller, and Jackie Winder; Carpentry: Karl Carter, Nathan Childress, Wayne Eller, Kenny Kaczynski, Bob Layte, Alexander McCoy, Bob Meyett;Electrical: Hain Ainson, Al Bozek, John Brockman, Charles Irwin, Bill Krentz; Grounds Shop: Harding Carr, Maurice Henry, Sam Sumpter, and Gilbert Taylor;HVAC: Brian Burns, Glen Fleischman, Steven Gray, Bob Huff, David Richmond, and Eric Riessler; Paint Shop: Robert Jackson, Joseph McNamee, James Sherman, Anthony Wicks, and Phillip Wolinski; Plumbing: Wayne Brashears, Jim Kidwell, William Neal, Anthony Tice, and Matthew Zeller; Utility: Fitzroy Alleyne, Chiranjit Bose, Robert McQueen, and William Stevens.

May 6 begins National Nurse Recognition Week.  On May 8, nurse researchers will showcase various nursing research projects and be on hand to discuss their findings. On May 9, nurses working in professional practice models will be available;May 11, Sherry Stein, assistant professor of nursing at Towson State University, will present "Resuscitating Nursing: Who Can? You Can!", and on May 12, Nursing Recognition Awards will be made folowed by the presentation of research findings by karen E. Dennis and Elizabeth Lisle.

Ella M. Durant has been named patient representative at the Medical Center.

On May 17, The Mason F. Lord Chronic Hospital and Nursing Facility will hold a bake sale to benifit the patients' activities program, and on May 24, The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit also will hold a bake sale.

Item 9: Vol.5, No.21, May 19, 1989Add to your cart.

Many suggestions concerning FSKMC were made by employees attending the all-Medical Center focus group and Patients First Program training sessions last year.

Six FSKMC Nursing staff members were recognized during Nurses Week: Gayle Blose, Pat Grimes, Annette Harris, Susan Honshul, Priscilla Lofton, and Delores Sweets.

Ninety-seven volunteers were recognized for their service during 1988 at a luncheon at the Acropolis Restaurant. WJZ-TV13 Seniors Reporters Leona Morris and City Councilman Dominic "Mimi"DiPietro, D-1st Dist., were featured guests. Joined Ann Sussman, director of Volunteers, Ronald R. Peterson, and Fred Dowdy Jr., administrator for support services, in the awards presentation. Two volunteers have 25 years of continuous service:Alberta Baccala and Theodore Gross, and the oldest volunteer is Annie Homer, 89. In 1988, volunteers donated approximately 80,000 hrs.

New employees include:Sylvester Shorts Jr., Peggy Janculk, Gerald Hunt, Hilda Powers, Patricia Daiger, Bernard Leslie, Linda Reynolds, Cristie Farrier, Franklin Cave, sr., Kevin Barnhart, Angie Randolph, Wayne Eller, Felicia Stokes, Crystal Felton, Joan Groth, Michele Young, Linda Shertzer, Alice Watt, Kathleen Ficek, Linda Pierce, Wanda Bryan, Cynthia McLaughlin, Heidi Steinmiler, Angela McMahon, Margaret Brast, Lisa Elliot, Valerie Delvecchio, Michael Coghlan, Ayesa Mian, Kimberly Briscoe, Carolyn Wheeler, and Debra Wheeler.

April promotions include: Patricia wagner to psych. nurse therapist, Donna Johnson, Tracy Kelch, and Jeanne Steps to OAs III, Dennis Strlper to computer operation equipment tech., Gernaun Gilstrop to CCA, Patricia Grimes and Rochelle Derrien to RNs IV, Luan Kwiatkowski to option nurse II, La Rae Jones to pt. aide, David Strapelli to OT II, and Walter Swain to resp. therapy supervisor.

New employee incident forms have been revised according to Carol Matusky of Employee Health Services.

Henry Thomas of Thomas Associates, Inc. will present "Life Insurance: What is Best for You?"

FSKMC's Annual Blood Drive is set for June 7.

Item 10: Vol.5, No.22, June 2, 1989Add to your cart.

In the Spring of 1989, The New York Times heralded the opening of "the best institution of its kind in the world." Writing in the special issue of the the Johns Hopkins Magazine, Alan Sea and Janet Farrar Worthington note ,"Hopkkins reformed medical education, and therefore, practice.  It revolutionized medical research, and thus knowledge.  It launched a movement that turned America from a medica backwater into a world leader...it made possible many of the miracles of modern medicine that we now take for granted until our lives depend on them." The Hopkins Centennial will be celebrated from June 7-11, with many local and national television programs highlighting the accomplishments of The Johns Hopkins Hospital and School of Medicine. Two free concerts by Gladys Knight are among the Centennial activities planned for all employees of the Johns Hopkins Health System.

Triad Technology Bldg. set to open after 17 moths of construction and nearly 116,000 labor hours. It is the 1st building on the Bayview Research Campus, which will official open on June 9. The opening ceremony will be attended by Mayor Kurt L. Schmoke and State Secretary of Economic Development, Randall Evans.  The first tenants will be NOVA Pharmaceuticals Corp. and FSKMC's Departments of Finance and Human resources, including the Employees Assistance Program, Employee Relations, Compensation & Benefits and Employment, all which will make the move the weekend of June 16-18.

Employees who work on a regular, full-time basis will earn rights to pension benifits after only 5 yrs. of credited service (effective Jan.1, 1989).

Spring crafts sale to benifit the Beacham Adult Daycare Center will take place on Jun.7.

Item 11: Vol.5, No.22, June 16, 1989Add to your cart.

It's parytime for Medical Center employees to celebrate five years as The Francis Scott Key Medical Center.  All employees will recieve invitations to the all-employee picnic.

No Puffin' at FSKMC is just 14 days away.

New wmployees include: Christina Lample, Elaine Sergent, Michelle Coles, Valerie Williams, Anne Lui, Wilfredo Santos, Cynthia Nowak, Sharon Berkemeier, Karen Kaufman, Regina Hammond, Anthony Allen, David Ott, Stephanie Shelton, Michelle Stewart, Kimberly Coit, Narvis Robinson, Madgelene Burrell, Bonita White, Karen Rogers, Ndubuisi Mbah, Kirti Chopra, Shawn Bowers, Franklin Kellum, Roxanne Gibeck, Michael Murrel, John Bouton, Deborah Mann, Patricia Strong, Sandra Caldwell, Betty Rosenberger, Charles Diaz, Betty Murphy, Kevin Stephens, Brenda McElveen, David Cargo, Tammy Roberts, Lisa Ingram, Gerald Solfanelli, Tamara Starliper, Kay Schott, Sharon Weber, Anna Edwards, Willie Jones, and Mary Brooks.

May promotions include: Ageta Wrzol to lab. tech., Helen Bocianowski to GNI and Gail Gerlach to weekend option nurse, Lori Ann Jennings to RN IV leadership, Anne Beal to RN III clinical, Deborah Kate to RN III education, Bobby Ripple to RN IV clinical snd Mary Lesko to RN, Mary Gerst and Karen Hill to medical record coders, Carolyn Hanson to RN III leadership, Denise Perseghin, Mae Staten, Susan Husey, and Alice Dawkins to RN III clinical, Debra Scala to RN IV leadership, Carol Carter to director of quality assurance & risk management, and Hamid Ehsani-Shishvan to lab. tech.

At a cermony on June 6, three members of the medical house staff received awards for outstanding sercive: Heidi P. Auerbach recieved the Howard K. Rathburn Award, Philip H. Keiser received the Resident award, and Marianne Cloeren received the Geriatric Award.  The Resident and Rathburn awards were presented by Philip D. Zieve, physician-in-chief and chairman of the Department of Medicine and the Geriatric Award was presented by John R. Burton, director of geriatric medicine.

Candy Stridiron, M.S., R.D., has been named chief dietitian. She replaced Sue Skelly, R.D. Jeff Berdis, director of nutrition services stated "If the chief does a good job, the patient may recover more quickly."

For the third consecutive year, the Johns Hopkins Federal Credit Union has received a No.1 rating--the highest grade given by the federal rating examiner from the National Credit Union Administration.

On June 18, the Department of Human Resources will move to the first floor of the newly-opened Triad Technology Center. Staying in the main hospital is the Employee Health Service.

The First Friday Lunch Series continues on July 7 with contemporary jazz music performed by Jeff Wilson and his four-piece band.

Item 12: Vol.6, No.1, July 11, 1989Add to your cart.

The $16 million Triad Technology Center, Baltimore's first laboratory and office facilty designed and constructed exclusively for the expanding iotech and biomedical communities, opened June 9.  Speakers at the dedication included Mayor Kurt L. Schmoke and J. Randall Evans, state Secretary of Economic and Employment Developement.  The center's architecture encompasses a sweeping, three-story, 40,000 sq.-ft. curved office wing and a 65,000 sq.-ft. research wing, including built-in systems to accomadate wet laboratories.  The project developer, the Dome Corp., is a for-profit subsidiary of the Johns Hopkins University and Johns Hopkins Health System.

The Francis Scott Key Medical Center joins a long list of prestigious organizations nationwide and becomes the first in Baltimore to adopt Johnson & Johnson's LIVE FOR LIFE health promotion package. J &J Health Management, Inc. markets and administers the program.

Gina Greenlee, the LIVE FOR LIFE manager at the Medical Center, is an employee of Johnson & Johnson Health Management , Inc.

At FSKMC, a new program will debut to recognize service.

Another new program is an Attendance Incentive Award of $100 to non-supervisory, full-time employees with 12 continous months of perfect attendance which began July 1, 1989.

1989 retirements include: Josephine Kearney of the Medical Library Department, Dave Cresswell, R.N., Nursing Departmnet, Elsie Green, Finance Department, Ralph Pinckney,  Facilities Management and, Sarah Yarbrough, Housekeeping Department.

William Williams, after 24 years, is retiring.  In 1965, he joined the Baltimore City Hospitals Housekeeping Department and transferred five years later to the Dietary Department.

First Friday Series continues. Aug. 4 "Team Building," Joe Durham, former Baltimore Oriole and Sept. 1 "Why Didn't Anyone Teach Us to Be Parents?," Bill Ingram. Parents Anonymous.

Item 13: Vol.6, No.2, July 24,1989Add to your cart.

FSKMC's "dedication, leadership and commitment" earned the Medical Center a Challenge Award from the United Way of Central Maryland.  Presented June 27 at the traditional post-campaign luncheon, the newly created citation recognized FSKMC for setting standards of leadership in giving.

From June 19-23, The Francis Scott Key Medical Center and the Maryland Chapter of the American Lung Association sponsored Camp Superkids, a week-long day cam experience at Loyla College created to help children 5-12 learn to managage their asthma while having fun.

Open house highlights nuclear medicine week which is from July 30 to August 5.

Hopkins Cancer Center salutes FSKMC. Hemapheresis--a pecial type of donation process--helps replenish parta of the blood that potent cancer treatments destroy, 12 FSKMC employees take time to make blood donations through the Johns Hopkins Cancer Center hemapheresis program.

LIVE FOR LIFE meetings begin this week.

Raffle, Special Souvenirs Mark CSC Demolition on August 27.

Fred Dowdy Jr., administrator for Support Operations, was apponted to the South Carolina State College ROTC Hall of Fame.  He earned the honor based on his service record and rank as colonel.

June promotions includes" Darlene Hyman to DRG Manager, Cheryl Green, Sanovia Lee, and Anthony Walker to CCA, Linda Sprole to RN-Leadership IV, Mary Clark to RN-Education IV, Katherine Schmidt and Linda Stratton to RN-Clinical IV, Cheryl Frederick and Denise Dickinson to RN-Education III, Susan Rose, Helen Malecki, Rosetta Thomas, and Susan Rogers to RN-Clinical III, Dawn DelGrosso to rehab. therapist.

LIVE FOR LIFE advisory committee appointed: human resources director Joan Williams appointed a LIVE FOR LIFE advisory committee as an oversight group on program content and employee needs. Paul Blank, administrative manager, Rehabilitation Services, Cherl Crandell, management analyst, Credit and Collections, Fred Dowdy, Jr., administartor, Support Operations, Douglas Rather, housekeeping aide, Housekeeping, Ann Schulte, employee relations specialist, Bob Scalise, employee relations manager, Human Resources, Jennifer Miller, recreation therapy supervisor, Karen Santmyer, clinical nurse specialist, Marianne Logan, nursing, William Neal, plumber, Facilities Management, and Melvin Shields, food services worker, Nutrition Services.

Item 14: Vol.6, No.2, August 4, 1989Add to your cart.

The Community Services Building has been used as a nursing and staff residence, a nursing school, an HMO, a branch of the Department of Social Services and a multipurpose official site.  Built in 1931, the building is scheduled for demolition at 9:30 a.m. on Sunday August 27 to allow for campus redevelopement. Supervising the event is Controlles Demolition, Inc. of Towson.

Still time to buy raffle tickets to become the CSC's "Master Blaster."

New employees include: Richard Waligorski, Pamela Shaff, Beverly Venedam, Dorlyn Law, Fran Levin, Lorena Landrum, Tamara Pinkett, Marty Lee Tessman, Barbara Anderson, Luella Pennepacker, Patricia Woodham, Russell Burroughs, Raymond Giuriceo, Jerome Mirabile, Kay T. Rengen, Beppie Piantedosi, Doris Dieter, Carol Y. Goucis, Nealie LaRosa, Larry Hubbard, Gwendolyn Harrell, Elaine Piccoli, Mary Spurgeon, Patricia Haberstich, Christine Braun, Jane E. Littleton, Cheryl Walk, Patricia Stewart, Patricia Featherston, Babara Fecley, Geraldine Wicks-Wilson, Jonelle Wright, Linda Ravindranath, Joan Diamond, Diane Birmingham, John Nicklas III, Gloria Skokowski, Vanessa Dargan, Richard Giblin, Cheryl Hughes, Diane O'Connor, Bethany Waynee, Kimberly Jones, Rita Snyder, Jeanne Stanton, Anisa Cofield, Kari Major, Juanita Messier, Diane Pember, Guy Thompson, Barry Morgan, Elizabeth Skelly, Stefanie Strider, Bernice Crawford, Elmo Stinson, Elouise Boyd, Tonya Platt, Dawn Bean, Darlene Shoemaker, Sara Greenwald, Kathryn Holzhauser, Eileen Anderson, Gwendolyn Lee, Beverly Jackson, Tracey Kirkpatrick, Jacob Pattassseril, Elizabeth Pattasseril, Ann McCusker, and Mary Ann Arciaga.

Item 15: Vol.6, No.3, August 18, 1989Add to your cart.
An advisory committee chaired by project director G. Vincent Jordon of facilities management, has planned the detals to execute a safe demolition and to accomadate the spectators expected to watch the implosion from campus and community sites.  A Search and Rescue Team under Nicholas P. Jones, associate professor of civil engineering at The Johns Hopkins University, will coordinate emergency resue. A Film cre may be on hand to record implosion for inclusion in a Ron Howard film shooting in Chicago; the "Master Blaster" selected y raffle will join trustee and invited guests on the roof of the Asthma Center and pull the trigger at 9:30 a.m. The campus closes to normal vehicle traffic from 9 till 10:30; Cassell Drive is the primary access onto campus; emergency vehicles will be re-routed to other medical centers; however, the implosion can be delayd to accomadate unusual emergencies; clean-up of adjacent roadways and neighborhoods will begin immeadiately after the building is down. Viewing will be restricted to campus grounds west of the Asthma Center.
Item 16: September 1, 1989Add to your cart.

Frank Kammerer, a volunteer and Larry Warfield, a patient aide in the OR, are the first to recieve FSKMC's quarterly Patients First Recognition award. The award program was established to recognize outstanding behavior in one or more of the Patients First eight standards of conduct:p Acknowledge, Show You Understand, Be Responsive, Act, Respect, Don't Embarrass, Keep Patients Informed, and Stop to Help.

Call Steve Libowitz, United Way campaign Co-chairperson, if you'd been helped by United Way by Sept. 8.

July promotions include Wilma McBride to medical record technician, Joanne Lough to mental Health associate, Susan Geissler to RN clinical III, Carolyn Neste to RN leadership IV, Stacy L. Callaway to office assistant III, Noel C. Welty to food services worker II, and Bernadette Lanier to PT coordinator.

the illigal parking in the aisles of the mid-campus lot have created major hazards.

Fun Fest, Sept. 16 (rain date: Sept. 23) needs volunteers.

Addie Arrington, a patient aide with a 32-year history at FSKMC, is a recent retiree. She came to Baltimore City Hospitals in 1957 and worked in the Mason F. Lord Building.

Maryland medical licenses for physicians whose last names begin with letters M to Z expire Sept. 30, 1989.

288 volunteers gave 5,866 hours to the Medical Center in July. They performed the work of 38 full-time employees with services valued at $47, 221.

The hill on which the FSKMC campus figured promiently in the Battle of North Point in the War of 1812.

Item 17: Vol.6, No.5, September 15, 1989Add to your cart.

Open enrollement for health benifits will be held for Local #3374 AFSCME represented employees and medical house staff on Sept. 18-30. Eligible employees may enrool, drop, add, or make changes to their benifits package during this period. Enrollments or changes become effective Nov.1, 1989.

The Medicial Center's smoke-free policy has been in effect for two months.

Thee 1000 plus FSKMC employees who signed up for health profiles soon will recieve appointment letters.

The LIVE FOR LIFE Advisory Committee meets Sept. 18 to advise the LFL staff on how the program can best meet health and fitness needs of employees. The LIVE FOR LIFE representatives are: Paul Blank, Cheryl Crandell, Fred Dowdy Jr., Douglas Rather, Ann Schulte, Bob Scalise, Jennifer Miller, Karen Santmyer, R.N., William Neal, Melvin Shields, Sharon Holland. Another way to express an opinion is through the LFL employee interest survey.

Melvin Shields of Nutrition Services encouragment and enthusiam reulted in a high number of sign-ups.

Sallie Ruffin, patient aide, is retiring from the O.R. on Sept. 28, after 31 years.

On Oct. 6, Geraldine Tyler, surgical technician, will be leaving after 20 years.

After 35 yrs., Betty Moore, office assistant III of the Nursing Department payroll office will be retiring on Sept. 15.

Item 18: October 2, 1989Add to your cart.

This year's theme-Be An Everyday Hero For Pennies A Day- is the heart of the United Way campaign.This year the goal is $100,000.

Beginning Oct. 2, all employees will have the opportunity to give to the United Way agency of their choice. Nearly 200 management and supervisory employees of FSKMC have contributed more than $40,000 to the 1989 United Way campaign.

Getting the word out there about the 1989 United Way campaign has taken a new twist, with each department having the oportunity to create posters reflecting its personal impression of the campaign theme.

the co-directors of the 1989 campaign want to ackowledge volunteers who have assumed respondsibilities beyond their busy schedules:Virginia Alinsao, R.N., Netta Beard, Paul Blank, Ceal Curry, Marvin Ellison, Ron Hebron, Dorlyn Law, Terri Leader, Jennifer Miller, Selesta Moore, Richard Sargent, and Ann Schulte.

The silent auction will be conducted from Sept. 29-Oct. 13. The live auction will be Oct. 13.

Bonnie Zelauskas, R.N., M.S., is FSKMC's loaned executive to the 1989 United Way of Central Maryland Campaign.

Item 19: Vol.6, No.7, October 6, 1989Add to your cart.

The FSKMC United Way campaign already has passed the $50,00 mark through the Executive Commitment Program.

More than 50 posters entered in the United Way poster contest are on display in the corridor outside the Carroll Auditorium.

Keep track of progress by checking the tally board outside the Carrol Auditorium.

Harold E. Harrison, M.D., Baltimore City Hospitals' first chief of Pediatrics, died of cancer at the age of 81 on Oct. 2 at Johns Hopkins Hospital. He was a yale graduate who came to Johns Hopkins in 1945 as an assistant profeso of pediatrics and at Baltimore City Hospitaals, chief of pediatrics. He was well-known for his work on oral rehydration and rickets.  Dr. Harrison's interest in research kept him involved with the City Hospital's library. Through his leadership as chairman of the Library Committee, the collection grew and became known for its extensive holdings, some of which date to 1891. In Nov. 1970, on his 25th anniversary at City Hospitals, the library was named in his honor.

LIVE FOR LIFE Health Profiles have begun in B-5 North.

Human Resources, through Dundalk Community College, has continuing education courses planned for the fall semester in Introduction to Word Perfect and Lotus 1-2-3.

Congrats to Joan Williams on her appointment as vice president of Human Resources. Welcome back to Charles Valentine, returning to the center as director of Materials Management.

Item 20: Vol.6, No.8, October 20, 1989Add to your cart.

FSKMC employees set a new total dollar record, contributing more than $111,000 to agencies of the United Way of Central Maryland. More than 85 percent of all employees have contributed at a rate of better than $67 each per yr. The second annual Nurse Recruitment and Retention United Way Auction raised $3,655 from the two-week silent auction and the one-day live auction. Members of the Auction Committee, who worked to make the event profitable, include Susan Finkelstein, Diane Bateman, Lynn Buscema, Kathy Ernst, Sandy Haskell, Diane Jewer, Terri Leader, Vici Marsalek, Wayne Satmyer, Jean Seifarth, and Lynn Wilkes. Honorary committee member, Charles Franklin, created and produced the auction program guide.

12 judges selected six winners of the "Be An Everyday Hero Poster Contest. The first place poster was created by Data Processing. Other departments with winning entries were Endoscopy (C.R. Guinto), IV Therapy, Social Work, Beacham Adult Day Care Center (Ann Guy), and Escort Services.

August promotions include Brandon Fenwick to material handler I, Laura Kelly to clinical nurse specialist, Robert Lucas to RN leadership IV, Patricia Norris to office asst. II, Marina Pearce to RN leadership IV, Dorothy Robinson-Byers to RN leadership IV, Adrey Rutkowski to RN clinical IV, and Jean Seifarth to clinical nurse specialist.  September promotions include David Cavey to ER psychiatric coordinator, Mildred Lewis to office asst. II, and Linda Ware to occupational therapist II.

Scott Wise, biomedical technician in Technical Services, completed the certification exam of the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation qualifying him as a certified biomedical equipment technician.

Shirley Varricchio has been named on-site procurement liaison representative to facilitate emergency ordering and resolve shipping/receiving problems.

Ron Hebron, R.T., supervisor of respiratory therapy, shot a hole in one on the sixth hole at Mt. Pleasant Golf Course during the Cardinal Sheehan Open.

Jewelry sale to benifit MFL patients will take place Oct. 31 and Nov.1.

Thelma Bawgus retires after 20 yrs. of working in the Housekeeping Department.

During the week of Oct.20-31, the first 225 to say "sign me up" for health profile receive a Healthy Halloween T-shirt. The drawing for the 12-speed bicycle.  Earn three LFL dolars by attending a Lunch n'Lean Oct. 23 on "Managing Stress During the Holiday Season."

Item 21: Vol.6, No.9, November 3, 1989Add to your cart.

The Johns Hopkins Asthma and Allergy Center opens Nov. 18.  The $40 million, five-story center will bring together allergists, clinical immunologists,  and pulmonologists. Philip Norman, prof. of med. and co-director of Hopkins' Division of Clinical Immunology, said the primary focus will be research.  The 2227,000 sq. foot building has been designed to foster this collaboration, with most floors housing adjacent research and clinic wings. Additionally, the center has 12 examining rooms, a patient education room, bronchoscopy room, allergen laboratory, an X-ray room, and office room. Division of Pulmonary Medicine is moving into the center. Solbert Permutt, M.D., prof. of med. and research and director of the Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care, will be the center's associate director. In ongoing investigations, Permutt's group has discovered that the lungs of asthmatics seem to be physically different-with very small airways. Dr. Permutt and other scientists are involved in screening 15,000 adult smokers to see if early drug and behavioral intervention can slow or stop lung damage from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.  The Center will also house the Sleep Disorders Center. Lawrence Lichtenstein, co-director of the Division of Clinical Immunology, will direct the activities of the Center. More than 400 guests are expexted to attend. Keynote speakers include Anthony Fauci, M.D., director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease, Claude Lenfant director of the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, and Congressman Steny H. Hoyer (D.4th Dist.)

Celebrations for the Asthma and Allergy Center for the Asthma and Allergy Center opening continue on Nov. 19 with the visit of Jackie Joyner-Kersee who will pay tribute to the center with an 8K race, One-Mile Fun Run, and a Beat-the-Boss Walk. Proceeds will benifit AAFA, Maryland's only health agency dedicated exclusively to fighting asthma and allergic disease.

Effective Nov.5, the mid-campus parking lot, will be devoted exclusively to Asthma and Allergy Center personnel and vistors.

Item 22: Vol.6, No.10, November 17, 1989Add to your cart.

Grace Pryor is the compensation and benifits manager.

Minge Freeberger, employee benifits assistant, is a 23-year veteran of the medical institution.

Karen Rodgers is an employee benifits analyst.

Ellen Walderman is the coordinator of Employee Assistance Program.

Register your birthday with the Kiwanis Gift Shop and receive a certificate for 15% off any single gift item purchased during your birthday month.

U.S. Centers for Disease recommends that all health care personnel who have contact with high risk patients be vaccinated with the 1989-90 flu vaccine.

The Service Recognition Award presentations are planned for Jnuary 23-26.

Gloria Smith, a float pool patient aide, won the Lotus 12-speed all-terrain bicycle won in a random drawing of 1,000 employees who signed up LIVE FOR LIFE health profiles.

The fitness center is under construction.

Researchers from the Behavioral Pharmacology Research Unit have been awarded a $10 million, 5 yr. grant by the National Institute on Drug Abuse.  The grant establishes a 20,000 sq. ft. Drug Abuse Treatment Unit to develop improved ways to treat IV drug users as a front-line strategy in preventing the spread of AIDS. The research is a cooperative effort between the Medical Center's Departments of Medicine, Pschiatry, Obstrics, and Gynecology.George E. Bigelow, associate professor of behavioral biology and pschiatry and director of the BPRU, is the principal investigator working in collaboration with Maxine L. Stitzer, associate professor of behavioral biology and associate director of the BPRU and Donald R. Jasinki, associate professor of medicine and director of the Center for Chemical Dependency.

Anita Langford has been named its administor of The Mason F. Lord Chronic Hospital and Nursing Facility.

Thomas F. Pokorny has been named director of Facilities Planning and Redevelopment. Daily management of facilities will be shared by Lee Miller and John Shaver.

Tyrone Fleming of the Alcholism Treatment Services was certified as an alcholism counselor by the Maryland Alcholism Treatment Certification Board.

Item 23: Vol.6, No.11, December 1, 1989Add to your cart.

Hazel Kroen, chairperson of FSKMC's Community Advisory Board and assistant vice president of Equitable Bank, N.A., will judge the finalists on Dec. 15.

The Volunteer Deoartment and social worker Joanne Lewis sponser a bereavement support group every Monday.

Visitors and patients can obtain re-entry passes to the parking lot if they plan a return visit the same day.

Penicillin skin tests will now be handled at the Asthma and Allergy Center.

Bayview Cafe now offers express meals.

Welcome Donna Nelson, supervisor in the pre-billing area, and welcome back Marty Swank who returned to FSKMC after two years at GBMC and is now the MFL's new business office manager.

The children at Johns Hopkins Oncology Center have been busy creating posters and holiday artwork to say thanks to all hemapheresis donors

Item 24: Vol.6, No.12, December 15, 1989Add to your cart.

More than $115,000 was raised during the 1989 FSKMC United Way Campaign benifitting 84 agencies in Central Maryland.

At noon on Jan.5, David Neubauer, M.D., Dept. of Psychiatry, shares his "Travels to Antartica."

Folder 1990Add to your cart.
Item 1: Vol.6, No.13, January 5, 1990Add to your cart.

Joan H. Williams , vice president of Huiman Resources and chairperson of the Smoke-free Policy Committee, said employees caught smoking inside will now face disciplinary action.

The Metropolitan Fire Fighters, Inc., an organization established to provide funds for the Baltimore Regional Burn Center, presented a new 20" color television and a VCR with a remote control to the Pediatric Burn Unit at a ceremony on December 19. Since 1981, the Metropolitan Fire Fighters have contributed nearly $1 million to the Burn Center to support burn prevention education, researc and special equipment.

1st place in Door Decorating Contest was Community Relations, second place volunteer services, third place endoscopy, and a special "spirit of Christmas" award goes to the Housekeeping Dept.

Victoria A. Godwin has been appointed director, Ambulatory Services & Clinical Program Support.

Frederick Wigley, M.D.m chief of Rheumatology, has been named the Arthritis Foundation of Maryland's 1989 Volunteer of the year.

At noon on Feb. 2, Rebecca Charton, director of the Medical Library, shares her "Pictures and Artifacts of China."

Item 2: Vol.6, No.14, January 19, 1990Add to your cart.

Employee Recognition Week January 22-26

FSKMC Honor Roll (combined years of BCH & FSKMC service)

10 yrs of service: Peggy Barr, Anne beal, Ann Brannan, Carol Brown, Jessie Byron, Patricia Carroll, Karl Carter, David Cavey, Francis Davis, Marvin Ellison, Mary Flowers, Delores Freeman, Barbara Glover, Cheryl Harrow, Karen Hill, George Holt, Bernard Isaacson, Mary James, Davis Knauer, JoAnn Larkin, Geraldine Leffman, Flora Lighty, Thomas Marshall, Sheila Matthews, James Moore, Barbara Orndoff, Beverly Reddick, David Romanic, Judy Rooks, Walter Simonsen, Barbara Sisson, Gwendolyn Smith, George Summerville, Mary Taylor, Joan Williams, Philip Wolinski, and Linda Yates.

15 yrs of service: Gayle Adams, Joanne Alsruhe, Patricia Bair, Harding Carr Jr., Faye Grau, Mary Honshul, Joan Horney, Calvin Jackson, Dorothy Kane, Linda Kelly, Jacqueline Matthews, Robert Meyett, Sylvia Parham, Dorothy Robinson, Katherine Schuerholz, Faye Simmons, Rubby Slusser, Jeanne Steps, and Sarah Watkins.

20 yrs. of service: Albert Bozek, Lena Bryant, Richard Craig, John Day, Patricia Deck, Helen Fisher, Mattie Footman, Virginia Gill, Joan Graves, Edwina Green, Ella Henderson, Merelene Hill, Sharon Jones, Carol Matusky, Reba Miller, Elizabeth Norris, Minnie Parker, Lana Parsons, Sandra Permelia, Louis Petrolsillo, Anna Sehnke, Shirley Schisler, Margaret Schmitt, Janet Schuchardt, Judith Scott, Gladys Spiller, Beulah Street, Agnes Stricklin, and Eva Watson.

25 years of service: Ruth Amlet, Carol Ball, Ethel Baugher, Jean Davis, Michael DiMarco, Ethel Estep, Doris Fitzgeralo, James Gray, Janie Hooper, Mattie Jones, Marcella Krug, Sadora Lewis, Margaret Moss, Jeanette Pindell, Leon Pindell Jr., Charlotte Rooney, Frances Silwick, Wayne Swartz, Delores Sweets, Milton Tudahl Sr., and Sarah Woods.

30 yrs. of service: Viola Barney, Joyce Carre, Evangeline Faulkner, Melva Fleming, Myrtle Harrison, Geraldine Sharp, Gerad Smigle.

35 yrs. of serce: Julia Budries, Gloria Dunham, Juanita Johnson, Meva Stahl, and Margaret Steers.

40 + yrs. of service: Mattie Barnett, Vinnie Collines, Ruth Lamma, and Mable Neal.

Ruth Lamma-43 yrs. Central Sterile Supply

Joseph Johnson-37 yrs. Houskeeping

Mattie Barnett-42 ys. Nursing Department

Meva Stahl-35 yrs. Nursing Department

Gerad Smigle- 30 yrs. Finance Department

Helen Fisher-20 yrs. Admissions Office

Wayne Swartz-25 yrs. Community Psychiatry

Joan Horney-15 yrs. Human Resources Department.

Karen Hill-10 yrs. Medical Records

Pamala Betz-5 yrs. Acute Psychiatric Unit

Employees with 35 and 40 + yr. anniversaries received special gifts from Ronald R. Peterson, president of The Francis Scott Key Medical Center.

Dorothy M. Cotton, a 15 yr. employee died Dec. 16, 1989. As linen/transportation coordinator, she was involved in almost every facet of the Medical Center.

Item 3: Vol.6, No.15, February 2, 1990Add to your cart.

10 yrs: Andrie Andreyev, Flordeliza Evardo, Sharon Jones, Theodore Kammarr Jr., Dorothy Linz, Sharon Murphy, Judith Nawroski, and  Antonio Santana.

15 yrs: Vascar Blackell, Antonia Matias, and Walter Simonsen.

20 yrs: Minda Albano, Rosemary Hines, and POie Peets.

30 yrs: Eneida Barlow and Shirley Carr.

FSKMC employees now have 24 hr. acess to an Automatic Teller Machine.

Among the Blck History Month activities include a visit from Elod Hendricks, Orioles bullpen coach, at the MFL on Feb.9 and Dr. Richard Hunter, superindent of Public Instruction for Baltimore City Schools on Feb. 27. Soul food will be served in the Bayview Cafe Feb. 27. Special Black History Month exhibits will be displayed in buildings throughout the campus each wek during Febuary.

December promotions iclude: Fitzroy Alleyne to chief engineer, Gayle Blose to RN clinical IV, Keirstin Bueche to RN education IV, Billie Jo Carter to RN clinical III, Deborah Hunter to RN leadership IV, Diane Jewer to RN leadership IV, Debra Killion to RN clinical IV, Ronald Kuta to RN clinical III, Nancy Neukam to RN leadership III, Janice VanLandingham to RN clinical III, Susan Wallace to option RN II, and Dorothy Williams to patient aide.

Dorothy Hoover, secretary, retired from the Security Department on Feb. 1, after 24 yrs. of service.  Janet Schuchardt, office assistant III, retired from the Finance Department after 21 yrs. of service.

John Ruhrah Elementary School, a member of FSKMC's School Patnership Program, is collecting blue register receipts from Giant Food for Apple computers.

Live for Life programs begin Feb. 5; all classes are free and will be offered on a regular basis to FSKMC employees.

Item 4: Vol.6, No.16, February 16, 1990Add to your cart.

The Human Resources department is proud to announce the grand opening of the LIVE FOR LIFE Fitness Center on March 8, 1990. The new center is on the first floor of the Triad Building, The center is 4,000 sq. ft. and state-of-the-art and reflects FSKMC's mission of promoting good health to employees as well as to the comunnity. The program offers a quality fitness facility and special Action Program classes. Gina Greenlee, LFL manager, said "We are looking foward to welcoming all employees at the grad opening."

The Kiwanis Club of East Baltimore contributed more than one million dollars to the Medical Center.

Minge Freeberger, Heidi Auerback, and Kari-Ann Lynne will receive awards for their outstanding contibutions in supporting the Patients First philosophy.

Item 5: Vol.6, No.17, March 7, 1990Add to your cart.

FSKMC's Fire Marshal Earl Books has discovered several areas inside the Medical Center where employeess are smoking cigarettes.

March is national nutrition month.  Candy Stridiron, chief dietian said that we try to dispel myths and educate the medical community about the vital role a registered dietitian plays as part of the healthcare team.

Robert P. Harrison was appointed to the new position of director of development.  Formerly a chief fund-raiser for Maryland Public Television and the American Cancer Society, Harrison is charged with establishing a comprehensive fund-raising program for the Medical Center. This effort is intended to encourage private and public support for the hospital's mission, with a particular focus on funding for the redevelopment program.

Terry Lovell has been appointed coordinator for the LIVE FOR LIFE Fitness Center.

William Riggs has joined the Medical Centeras associate director of Facilities Design.

Vernon Christopher is a technician in the Clinical Engineering Department as well as a black belt in karate and an illustrator/cartoonist.  The latter skill will be displayed on Patients First bulletin boards and in The Banner.

Item 6: Vol.6, No.18, March 21, 1990Add to your cart.

You can make a difference by becoming a hemapheresis blood donor. Elsie Ellis , Roger Litow, and William Ward all  donate often.

FSKMC is planning a variety of census activities.

Sandra B. Harris, formely FSKMC's medical staff coordinator, has joined the division of geriatric medicine at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine as the program director of geriatrics and gerontology.  She will be responsible for developing a Johns Hopkins Health System Physician Referral Network and Directory for giatrics services, expanding services system-wide and coordinating outreach programs and special events for the elderly.

Katherine Pazdernak has joined the Medical Center as medical staff coordinator,

Hopkins Conference on Aids on April 1-4, 1990.

The medical staff office has temporarily relocated to the trauma services office.

Congrats to David RichmondHVAC tech. who completed his apprenticeship at  FSKMC in heating, ventilating and air conditioning.

On Apr. 6, Diane Stegman, from the Kennedy Institute, will introduce the Specialized Foster Care Program to those interested in becoming foster parents.

Item 7: Vol.6, No.19, April 4, 1990Add to your cart.

National Organ and Tissue Donar Awareness Week, April 22-28, calls attention to need of organ and tissue donations for transplantation. Since 1987, an Organ and Tissue Donar advocacy Program has been in place at the Medical Center and proven very effective in increasing the number of donations.  The program, initiated by Dilip S. Kittur, director division of transplant surgery provides a round-the-clock education and support to nurses, physicians and other health care professionals.  Janet Hiller, R.N., and Myrna Sroka, R.N., are FSKMC advocates who are knowledgeable in all respects.  The Maryland Organ Procurement Center and Tissue Bank's trolley will be outside the Medical Center on Monday, April 23. On Wednesday, April 25 and Thursday April 26, the Transplant Department staff will be available to answer questions.

During National Volunteer Week, April 22-28, volunteers everywhere are recognized . FSKMC will honor more than 100 full-time volunteers at an awards luncheon on April 30.

The March of Dimes Team Walk 90 is Sunday, May 6, 1990 at Memorial Stadium FSKMC team captain, David Strappelli, is organizing the walk for employees.

FSKMC's first Medical/Surgical Nursing Technician Program is underway.  Innitiated in response to a nursing shortage, the program is an opportunity for highly skilled patient aides to advace in the health care field.They must complete 320 hours of classroom and clinical instruction and an additional 1000 hours of clinical supervision. Professionals associated with the program include Linda Houk, Joan Long, Hazel Brown, Alice Watt, Annette Gardner, Charlotte Kontantinou, Donna McKoy, Beverly Singletary, John Keithley, Leon Smith, Darlene Butler, Marguerite Richardson, and Elena Villegas.

Item 8: Vol.6, No.19, April 18, 1990Add to your cart.

LIVE FOR LIFE Fitness Center offers high-tech equipment, comprehensive fitness evaluations, and one-on-one training. As of April 1, more than 300 employees had joined the fitness center.

LIVE FOR LIFE is now offering stress management, nutrition, cholesterol education, blood pressure management, and weight control programs to departments.

The Employee Assistance Program was created to help employees get through and manage difficult times.  Since 1987, it has assisted more than 400 FSKMC employees or their family members.

A new Education Savings Bond Program now permits qualified taxpayers to exclude from their gross income all or a portion on eligible Series EE savings bonds issued after December 31, 1989. Series EE bonds may be purchased through regular allotments from weekly or biweekly pay.

Since launched in 1987, 14  FSKMC employees have enrolled in a very special on-the-job training program.  It ensures a ready, thoroughly trained labor pool for FSKMC's maintenance department as well as on-the-job trainin, job security, and advancement for employees.  Programs are available in carpentry, electronics. HVAC, plumbing, stationary engineering, and painting.

Item 9: Vol.6, No.20, May 2, 1990Add to your cart.

Accidental injuries are the leading cause of death and permanent disability in children in the U.S. Thus, the Medical Center has initiated  Safe Sitter, a nationally recognized babysitter training program.  On May 3 and 4, FSKMC will host a training session which will teach people how to train babbysitters. Safe Sitters is a medically oriented program designed for young people. It offers a 13-hr. curriculum with student instructional materials and focuses on first aid, respondsibilities and ethics of safe babysitting, age-appropriate entertainment, and the basics of starting a business.

The Retired Seniors Volunteer Program has awardwed FSKMC volunteers with the distinguished Miriam Lennig Award. This annual award recognizes one group of volunteers which exemplify volunteerism at its best.  Gene Nardone, a 13-year FSKMC volunteer with more than 18,000 hrs of service was chosen to accept the award for the Medical Center at RSVP's annual recognition luncheon on May 19.

National Hospital Week May 6-12

The Medical Center's United Way poster and the United Way special edition of The Banner earned first place awards in the 1989 United Way of Central Maryland publicity contest.  United Way co-chairpeople, Susan Finklestein and Steve Libowitz, earned awards for excellence in telling the United Way story.

Andrew M. Munster, prof. of surgery at JHU School of Medicine and direector of the Baltimore Regional Burn Center, has been elected secretary of the 3,400-member American Burn association.

Mary C. Terlep has been named director of medical records.

Anne M. Warwick has been appointed director of nursing for the Mason F. Lord facility.

Digestive Diseases Awareness Week is May 12-18.

Martin W. Donner, prof. of Radiology and founder of the Johns Hopkins Swallowing Center will be the guest speaker at an inservice entitled "Dysphagia: An Interdisciplinary Team Approach" on May 15.

FSKMC's co-ed softball league looking for members.

Nurses Week, May 7-13 recognizes nursing staff for their hard work and dedication.

Pat Carroll of Comunity Relations earned first runner up status in the "Best Secretary in Maryland Contest."

Etta Connor retires after 35 yrs. as a patient aide.

Irene Kyler retires after 13 yrs. in the nursing department.

Any employee who completes 12 months of perfect attendance (no sick leave or unpaid time) after July 1, 1989 will be eligible for a $100 reward.

In recognition of National Employee Health and fitness Day and National Physical Fitness and Sports Month,  LIVE FOR LIFE has planned a month of special fitness activities.

Item 10: Vol.6, No.21, May 16, 1990Add to your cart.

Pediatric Trauma Prevention Week is May 21-May 27.  Topics include prevention of child abuse, burn injury, poisoning, and car and toy safety.

Members of the Metropolitan Fire Fighters Burn Center Fund, would like you to help "Fill the Boot" during Fire and Burn Education Month.  They will be collecting donations for the Baltimore Regional Burn Center during their anual street drive on Friday May 18 and Saturday May 19.

The Office of Public Affaires works to project, protect, and perfect the image of the Medical Center through activities in media relations, publications, and special events, and to a more limited extent, marketing and advertising. It produces 3 publications The Banner, Community News, and the award-winning employee magazine, Keynotes. Director P. Susan Davis meets reguarily with the Johns Hopkins with the Johns Hopkins Health System public affairs and marketing directors. Associate director Steve Libowitz coordinates the department's media efforts.  Sandy Reckert, public relations specialist, is the managing editor of The Banner. Terrie O'Sullivan plans special events, organizes catering, parking, and other important spects which contribute to a successful event.

The Nathan W. Shock Memorial Lecture, sponsored by NIA's Gerontology Research Center will be held June 8. The topic is "The Glucocorticoid Hypothosis of Brain Aging: New Evidence on Possible Mechanisms," presented by Philip W. Landfield.

The Department of Human resources honored Patterson High School and Canton Middle School for their commitment in sponsoring health career awareness programs.

Valerie Graves retires after 24 years od dedicated service as a surgical technician.

Searesse James retires after 27 yrs. of dedicated service as a nurse' aide in the MFL.

Michael Dimarco retires after 25 yrs. of service as a housekeeper.

May is Blood Pressure Awareness Month and LFL is offering free blood pressure screenings, blood pressure wallet cards, sodium-free seasoning samples, and raffle prizes.

Item 11: Vol.6, No.22, June 6, 1990Add to your cart.

Jeff Berdis, director of Nutrition Services at FSKMC, says "Nutrition Services operates in a very exciting and fast-paced environment." Each yr. Nutrition Services serves 24,000 pounds of roast beef, 96,000 pieces of chicken, 2,400 gallons of chili, 24,000 pounds of green beans, and 43,000 loaves of bread for nearly 1 million patients, visitors, and hospital staff. With its physical expansion, the growth has spurred changes to the food services management. Nutrition Services provides catering 150 departments in six buildings. Some 1,800 patient trays are prepared each day for the Medical Center, the MFL, and 9 other locations. Staff work 16 hrs. a day and 365 days a yr. Berdis has a 5-peson managementt team: Mike Talipan, operations director, Allen Wolfe, cash operations manager, Candy Striron, chief dietitian, and Flora Christian and Gloria Moon, patient service managers. Dietians Donna Esserwein, Cindy Finley, Rachel Frederick, Lucy Goudner, Dechan Surkhang, and Lori Wiersema share this respondsibility.

Bayview Community Park Dedication on June 7 will feeature live music and an opening ceremony with Mayor Kurt L. Schmoke.

Gene Nardone, a 13-yr volunteer, contributed $3, 500 in his wife's name to refurbish the hospital chapel. On May 14, the room was dedicated the Sophie Nardone Chapel.

Alvin Pettit, Jr., worked in Escort Services during the summer of 1988 to earn extra money so that he could pursue a bachelor's degree in illustration arts from the School for Visonary Arts in Manhattan.

Rosa Cofield, housekeeper, received her GED through the Maryland State External High School Program.

Members of the Medical Center's Community Psychiatry Program presented a workshop entitled "Integrated Care Systems: Concepts and Delivery" at the American Psychiatric Association's 143rd annual meeting in New York. Participants included Mitchell J. Cohen, medical director of Community Psychiatry, wayne Swartz, adminstrative manager of Community Psyciatry, and Wendy Shepard, nurse therapist in a supervised housing program for chronically mentally ill patients.

The Obesity Treatment Center plans free orientation sessions on June 13 and 27.

The Employee Assistance Program is pffering a workshop for managers and supervisors entitled "Substance Abuse in the Workplace."

Item 12: Vol.6, No.23, June 20, 1990Add to your cart.

In conjunction with the Greater Baltimore Committee and the Baltimore City Public Schools, FSKMC sponsored a partnership program entitled "Our Future Workforce" for two 9th grade English ckasses and an 11th grade chemistry class from Patterson High School.

More than 360 employees have joined the Fitness Center.

Summary Plan Descriptions were distributed to all eligible employees the weeks of May 25 and June 2.

The June 5 American Red Cross Blood drive was a success, with 219 FSKMC employees donating 178 units of blood. Thanks to Dave Strappelli, management analyst, Cheryl Cooper, chief physical therapist and Fred Dowdy Jr., administratot of support operations for a well organized event

The Medical Center celebrates one yr. smoke-free on July 1, 1990.

The Radiology Department and Respiratory Therapy Department are offering attractive incentive programs to help recruit allied health professionals to the medical Center.

Margaret waters retires after 24 ys of service as a housekeeping supervisor.

Item 13: Vol.7, No.1, July 4, 1990Add to your cart.

Construction work for the Central utilities Plant will impact vehicle and pedestrian traffic on the east side of the campus. Flagmen will direct traffic along Mason Lord Drive during the next several weeks as the road is extended. In the Comprehensive Geriatrics Center workers are in the process of closing the exterior walls.  Gates in all parking lots will be operational July 16. Work to upgrade patient rooms 344, 345, 346, 347 and the corridor continues. Showers will be installed in Patient rooms 270, 272. 276, and 278. NICU renovations are in progress and will include a larger work area and a new conference room.

More than 300 people attended Science Day at the Asthma & Allergy Center on June 15.

Delores F. Sweets was nominated as Maryland Hospital Nurse of the Year.

All fire extinguishers throughout the Medical Center are coded to denote the types of fires on which they can be used.

The Obesity Treatment Center plans free orientation sessions July 11 and 25.

The Horsemen of Essex in cooperation with the Back River Neck Recreation and Parks Council and the Baltimore County Department of Recreation and Parks, will sponsor its Fouth annual Charity Trail Ride on July 15.  All proceeds will go to the Baltimore Regional Burn Center.

Larry Simpson will be FSKMC's employee relations manager.

Item 14: Vol.7, No.2, July 18, 1990Add to your cart.

Candy Stripe Program began June 25 for 43 young people ages 14-16 who commit 20 to 40 hrs a week to the Medical Center. They work in almost every area of the Medical Center answering phones, performing clerical duties, and visiting with patients.FSKMC has more candy stripers than any other hospital in the area.

301 vol. gave 5, 821 hrs. to the Medical Center in June, performing the work of 38 full-time employees. Volunteers from Saint Rita's Senior club knitted more than 300 hats for the NICU and Newborn Nursery.

The Obseity Treatment Center plans free orientation sessions July 25 and August 8.

The Mid-Atlantic Bridge Conference is sponsoring a Charity Night to benifit the Baltimore Regional Burn center August 14.

FSKMC's Child and Adolescent Services  of the Community Pschiatry Program was the recepient of an award given by Mayor Kurt Schmoke to Baltimore City programs for outstanding achievments in providing mental health services to children and youth.

The Bayview Cafe will offer a new wellness menu begining August 1, 1990.

Business is booming at the Kiwanis Gift Shoppe.

In conjunction with Dundalk Community College, FSKMC will offer computer courses.

As of July 8, employees will receive a separate check for tuition reimbursements, rather than as part of their bi-weekly payroll check.

Item 15: Vol.7, No.4, August 15, 1990Add to your cart.

FSKMC and The Johns Hopkins Obesity Center offer Reductions to Employees.

JC Penney Styling Salon will hold a Cut-A-Thon August 25 and August 26 and all proceeds will go to SafeSitter.

"What does it take to be a lifesaver?" is the theme of Emergency Medical Services week, Sept. 16-22.

Stephanie Durruthy, M.D. has been appointed medical director of the Psychiatric Day Hospital and assistant director of Community Psychiatry at The Francis Scott Key Medical Center.  She is also an instructor at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and asistant clinical professor at the University of Maryland.

R. Arturo Roa, M.D., has been appointed to the attending staff in the Department of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery.

Timothy J. Carrion, D.D.S. has been appointed to the staff in the Department of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery.

Heart Health's Fresh Program at FSKMC and the Baltimore County Adult Education Program are co-sponsoring a three-week heart health nutrition program beginning September 27 at Dunddalk High School.

Lamona Burdusi, an office assistance III in the Medical Records Department, retires after 23 yrs.

James Burrows retires after 25 yrs in the housekeeping department.

Item 16: September 10, 1990Add to your cart.
FSKMC's 1990 United Way campaign theme, "Be a United Way Player...Give It Your Best Shot," emphasizes the importance of performing as a team to meet the United Way goal of $129,000.
Item 17: Vol.7, No.6, September 19, 1990Add to your cart.

Patients First Award Recipients Honored at Special Luncheon August 15, 1990. Hazel Brown was honored as the first winner of the annual Patients First Award.  Quarterly award recipients include Minge Freeberger, Kari-Ann Lynn, Ann Guy, Nancy Waligorsky, Larry Warfield, James Mays, Cynthia Callum, Deborah McNerney, Frank Kammerer, and not pictured Heidi Auerbach, M.D.

Stars for Perfect Attendance include: Eleanor Adams, Juanita Adkins, Kimberly Bobo, Marlene Borowski, Georgine Bowen, Michele Bradby, Pamela Bramble, Earl Brooks, Diana Brown, Brian Burns, James Burrows, Billie Jo Carter, Agnes Cheeks, Sue Coleman, Lillie Craft, Mary Davis, Kathy DeRuggiero, Janet Dillard, Betty Douglas, William Dudley, Bill Eiler, Minge Freeberger, Lucinda Gardener, Mary Green, Carolyn Guinto, Joy Guthrie, Charles Hager, Ellen Henry, Maurice Henry, Marlene Henson, Judith Hess, Janie Hooper, Charles Irwin, Calin Jackson,Edwin James, Joseph Johnson, Helen Johnson, Marion Johnson, Irene Jones, William Klosicki, Gail Laszczynski, Robert Layte, Sadora Lewis, Jose Lopez, George Macomber, Robert Mcafee, DeniseMelvin, Heide Morgan, Pamela Myirski, Mary Nelson, Daniel Nowak, Ronald Orndorff, Aleksandras Radzius, Kay Rengen, David Richmond, Martha Ross, Debra Scala, Susan Schaub, Linda Schuler, Geraldine Sharp, Steve Sisler, Elma Sliger, Maggie Smith, Deborah Smith, Mary Smith, Rose Sparkman, Jeanne Steps, Patricia Stewart, William Stewart, Rosetta Thomas, Patricia Turner, Patricia Woodham, Eileen Wright.

Open enrollment for health benifits will be held for Local #3374 AFSCME represented employees and medical house staff from September 20-October 5.

The Human Resources Department is pleased to announce the developement of a Criteria Based Performance Program to be implemented July 1991, which will provide a method for managers and supervisors to review and evaluate employee performance based on clearly defined performance standards as they relate to current job duties.

The LFL fitness center has new equipment including a Stairmaster 4000, a Precor electronic treadmill, and a David high-low pulley system.<span style="display: none"> </span>

Item 18: Vol.7, No.7, October 3, 1990Add to your cart.

The Medical Center announced the creation of the Center for Addictionand Pregnancy, which is one of the first programs in the country targeted for prgnant addicts offering a complete treatment plan housed in one location.  It will provide intensive and comprehensive residential and ambulatory obstetic care, drug abuse, specialized psychiatric services, family planning, pediatrics, occupational assessment and treatment for substance abusing pregnant women, their babies, family members and significant others.

FSKMC have contributed more than $100,000 to agencies of the United Way of Central Marylan which fell short of the $129,000 goal.

Ronald R. Pterson was mhonored by Maryland Hospital Associaln for his three terms on the statewide organization's Executive Council and chairmanship of one of its major standing policy committees.

Edward W. Gabrielson, director of Clinical Laboratories at the Medical Center and assistant professor in the Department of Pathology at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine was among 5 people the American Lung Association, Maryland chapter, chose to receive citations supporting research on adult lung disease.  Govenor Schaefer presented Dr. Gabrielson with the citation at a ceremony on August 29.

Robert Mcafee of the Technical Service Department has been certified as a biomedical equipment technician by the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation.

Nurses at FSKMC will teach CPR and other basic safety measures to prevent burns, poisoning, drowning, and motor vehicle accidents on October 21.

Open enrollment for health benifits for non-union employees began October 1 and will extend thru October 15.

Item 19: Vol.7, No.8, October 17, 1990Add to your cart.

Carol carter, director of Quality Assurance/Risk Management is featured in numerous scenes in Barry Levinson's movie Avalon.

Congrats to FSKMC "stars": Connie Copley, Ethel Estep, Deseree McLawhorn, Lucille Parker, Phyllis Flair, Mary Flowers, Rhonda Qualls, Charles Franklin, Pilan Hsu, Michele Nose, Mary Storto, Wayne Gilmore, Vernell Gross, Ruth Harris, Euula Lunn, Beulah Taylor, Sharon Taylor, June Wicks, Mary Prodey, Alama Wooten, Henry Scott, Kay Schott, Zeloides Wilkerson.

Archie S. Golden, chairman of pediatrics, has completed his term as chairman of the Section on Community Pediatrics of the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Virginia Gill of Rehabilitation Services retires after 20 yrs of service.

Geraldine Sharp of Cardiac Care Stepdown (A4E) retires after 31 yrs of service.

Fitness Center offers extended hours.

Item 20: Vol.7, No.9, November 7, 1990Add to your cart.

Quality Management is Here...Setting Change in Motion

FSKMC's QM Council: Ronald Peterson, Gayle Adams, Carol Carter, Linda Chatterton, Barbara Davrick (a new meber representing CPPA), Susan Davis, Ken Grabill, Anita Langford, Terri Leader, Judy Reitz Sc.D., Bill Ward, and Joan Williams.

Quality Management Areas of Opportunity include: Visitor Control, ER Throughput, Patient Discharge Process, Patient Transfer, Accounts Receivable Management, and Mason F. Lord Food Temperature.

Cheryl Harow, RNC., clinical IV of the Newborn Nursery, has been certified as a lactation consultant by the International Board of Certified Lactation Examiners.

Theresa Higgins, R.N. has been appointed to the position of infection control coordinator.

Jeanne LeClair, MPH, has joined the Medical Center as an infection control coordinator.

Stars for perfect attendance include: Muriel Asgari,Anne Beal, Patricia Chelton, Elsie Ellis, Christine Freedman, Linda French, Linda Goodman, Margaret Herzog, Susan Husey, Emile Kalil, Kathleen Keene, John Meisenhalder, Gilda Miales, Leola Moore, Ricky Placide, Judy Pollard, Frances Portee, Veronica Reaves, Dorothy Taylor, Gwen Taylor, Dorothy White, and Dorothy Williamson

Item 21: Vol.7, No.10, November 21, 1990Add to your cart.

The Attendance Incentive Program was developed to recognize non-supervisor employees who achieve 12 consecutive months of perfect attendance.  Many FSKMC departments held special ceremonies to recognize their "star" employees. 118 employees have been presented with $100 checks and certificates.

The Criteria Based Performance Appraisal Program is underway.  Hospital-wide standards for Patients First, customer relations, safety and quality assurance have been developed by the Human Resources Department and will be added to every job description.

Employee Recognition Day  will e Jan. 30. This yr 272 employees will be recognized for their commitment to caregiving.

The Banner will now be distributed through news racks.

Employees Get Free Shot in the Arm.  According to the CDC, administration of the flue vaccine is the single most important influenza control measure.

Many FSKMC employees have been revaccinated for measles, mumps, and rubella as Maryland is experiencing an outbreak of measles and mumps.  It is essential that employees born after January 1, 1957 report for communicable disease history update and immunization if necessary. 

Employees who have daily contact with blood or blood products are eligible and encouraged to receive the Hepatitis B vaccine.

LFL Dollar Sale Nov.29 and December4-7.

The 1990 Food Drive started November 19 and will go through December 14.

FSKMC is pleased to announce a Quilt Cometition and Exhibition to celebrate the grand opening of the new Comprehensive Geriatric Center in spring, 1991.

Item 22: Vol7, No.12, December 19, 1990Add to your cart.

The Medical Center, in an effort to link Security Department Services and Escort Services, recently establishe the Guest Assistance Program on Nov. 26, 1990.

The MFL's 17th annual Tree Lighting Ceremony took place on December 13, 1990, in the 1W solarium

FSKMC employees contributed more than 1, 847 cans of food and $421 in cash to this year's food drive. A bake sale also raised $169 to benifit the food closet.

William H. McLean, director of security at Hopkins Bayview Research Campus since 1978 is going to Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions as security director.

The Johns Hopkins Obesity Center offers a 20 percent discount on weight reduction programs for FSKMC employees and will cover 50 percent of the remaining balance.

Folder 1991Add to your cart.
Item 1: Vol.7,No.13, January 23, 1991Add to your cart.

Employee Service Recognition Day Jan. 30, 1991.

Carol Hart-20 yrs, Chief Radiology Technician;Mary Chesgreen-30 yrs., LPN, Labor & Delivery; Paul Blank-20 yrs., Manager, Rehabiltation Services, Patricia Sann-35 yrs., Office Assistant II, Medical Records; Lawrence Trent-35 yrs., Housekeeping Aide 1; Mary Kellogg-5 yrs., Division Director, Surgical Nursing; Phyllis Driscoll (Elaine)-25 yrs., RN, Renal Medicine; Rosa Books-15 yrs., LPN, Endoscopy, Eula Lunn-30 yrs., Food Service Worker IV, Nutrition Services; Maurice Henry-20 yrs., Electrician I, Facilities Management; Roosevelt Miles-15 yrs., Escort Supervisor, Escort Services; Beatrice Bramble-10 yrs., Telephone Operator, Communications; Geneva Champ-25 yrs., Personnel Records Assistant, Human Resources.

Employees with 35 + yr. anniversaries recieved special gifts: Marion Whitehurst, Patricia Sann, Deseree McLawhorn, Margaret Risher, and Helen Walker.

5 yrs: Leona Adams, Anne Aquilla, Laurey Barth, Garnetta Beard, Stephanie Berkey, Susan Berbstein, Loriane Black;Tommy Blankenshio, Rita Books, Carolyn Braughty, Rebecca Brotemarkle, Curtis Brown, Sylvia Bullock, Douglass Bumstead, Brian Burns, Barbara Byrd, Penny Catanzariti, Charles Chambers, Julia Colandro, Carole Coleman, Christine Conti, Melinda Dangerfield, Catherine Davelli, Joseph Davis Jr., Bette Jean Davis, Jose Deborja, Karen Dennis, Sandra Dickerson, Janet Dillard, Jane Dusing, Kathleen Evans, Sharlene Fair, Charles Franklin, Linda French, Robert Fuchs, Lesli Gelfert, Mary Gerst, Joyce Goodwin, Victoria Grzelik, Charles Hager, Sandra Harris, Sandra Haskell, Gloriana Henley, Maria Honaker, Linda Houk, Susan Husey, Doris Irwin, Benoit Janvier, Delores Jelen, Emile Kalil, Annie Keeling, Mary Kellogg, James Kidwell, Carol King, Laura Klein, Diane Krentz, Gertrude Larichiuta, Eileen Leahy, Eleanor Leavitt, Patricia Lechert, Delores Ledlich, James Lessman, Barbara Levine, David Lewis, Joanne Lewis, Ethel Lisbon, Marianne Logan, Deborah Louden, Mary Ann Luksic, Joan Mahaffey, Robin Marshall, Janet Martin, James Mays, Lula McDuffle, Robert McQueen, Deborah Miller, Dawn Miller, Lena Monroe, Christine Moore, Carolyn Neste, June Nicholas, Terrie O'Sullivan, Patricia Painter, Cathy Panos, Cynthia Pierce, Cheryl Poelma, Judy Pollard, Diana Potter, Judith Proffitt, Aleksandra Radzius Jr., Doris Ray, Barbara A. Reed, Barbara J. Reed, David Richmond, Bobby Ripple, Beatrice Robbins, Ann Scheve, Beverly Schroll, Betsy Schultz, Robert Sharps Jr., Cheryl Slamovitz, Elma Sliger, Susan Snyder, Joann Staley, Sheila Stewart, Melva Stratemyer, Ann Strycharz, Sharron Taylor, Jeffrey Turek, Janice F. Ulmer, Florence Watson, Delores Voss, Anthony Wicks, Victoria Wisniewski, Michael Zaharko, Sandy Zywicki

10 yrs: Leslie Adams, Carol Amitin, Bessie Arrington, Marya Arrington, Linda Baker, Thelma Barry, Michele Bradby, Beactrice Bramble, Rose Mary Bronstein, Rebecca Charton, Selma Coates, rose Mae Cofield, Gregory Crowder, Rosa Curley, Eva Davis, Kim Deacon, Rochelle Derrien, Gloria Eaton, Jean Enos, Cynthia Fisher, Susan Geddes, Gwendolyn Gibson, Alice Hill, Ruby Hill, Maryann Hiteshew, Sharon Holland, Izetta Holmes, Rosemary Johnson, Theresa Johnson, Patricia King, Joann Kittrell, Lynne Koch, Henrietta Lewis, Priscilla Lofton, Renee Long, Janice Lopez, Saundra Murray, Mary Nalls, Janet Orourke, Scottie Ricks, Undray Roles, Nora Senft, Louise Single, Cynthia Snead, Catherine Stewart, Ann Sussman, Palestine Turner, Nancy Waligorski, Patricia Woerner, Eileen Wright, Bonita Zelauskas

15 yrs: Christine Amrhein, Edrick Anderson, Janice Bernhardt, Rosa Brooks, Elsie Ellis, Dorothy Gagliano, Garland Gregory, Ellen Henry, Bonnie Hill, Craig Keller, Sr., Doris King, Sanovia Lee, Elizabeth Meyers, Roosevelt Miles Jr., Glenda McKee, Angela Sampson, Walter Simonsen, Nelda Snidow, Lavaughn Spence, Anne Sterling, Cecelia Vinson, Ilene Wiggins, Anne Woll

20 yrs: Paul Blank, Sylvia Brice, James Calloway, Lillie Craft, Deborah, Hair, Carol S. Hart, Maurice Henry, Madeline Ledford, Aileen Lomax, Mamie L. Mathis, Sheila Matthews, Sherman B. Phippin, Anna Sisk, Meria Turner

25 yrs: Hattie Boone, Louise Carroll, Geneva Champ, Georgia Cobb, Veda Cornish, Helen Culbreath, Phyllis Driscoll, Joan Duppins, Lillie Edwards, Rachel Futtrell, Helen Jean Johnson, William H, Johnson, Robert Loughry, John E. Lynch, Leola Moore, Velma Stafford, Gwendolyn Thomas, Marilyn Wilson, Theresa Yerrell

30 yrs: Malene Alexander, Josephine Brown, Clotilda Cameron, Mary Chesgreen, Geraldine Harris, Hilda Lewis, Eula Lunn, Vivian Nicholson, Mary Smith, Peggy Smith, Rosette Thomas, Yvonne Toles, Laura Troxler, Ann Woods

35 yrs: Ola Hall, Deseree McLawhorn, Margaret Risher, Patricia Sann, Mary E, Scott, Lawrence Trent, Edith Venable, Helen Walker, Marion Whitehurst, almma Wooten

Item 2: Vol.7, No.14, February 6, 1991Add to your cart.

Among this year's Black History Month activities are a presentation by Boyse F. Mosley, Willa Bland and the Flair Models, and an African-American trivia contest.

In collaboration with the Maryland chapter of AACVPR, FSKMC's Heart Health program will raffle a Pulsestar stationary excercise cycle, a $50 gift certificate from foot Locker, and an American Heart Association Cookbook,

FSKMC employees, contractors, and community groups donated more than 3,223 food items, and $1,778 in cash to the 1990 food drive.

The Acute Geriatric Unit, a sercice for acutelt-ill patients 70 and older opened Jan. 21 on A4W. John R. Burton will be the attending geriatrician.

FSKMC Photographic Services has a new  name-BioMedical Media Services and offers expanded computer graphics, audio/visual, slide and photography services.

Judy A. Reitz has been selected as a member of The Leadership, a program sponsored by the Greater Baltimore Committee for emerging civic leaders at the executive level to explore issues that affect the Baltimore region.

Jeffery G. Miller has been named the new director of security for the Hopkins Bayview Research Campus.

Lori W, Wirsema has been named clinical coordinator for The Johns Hpkins Weight Management Center.

Bonnie Krizek has been appointed developement assistant in the developement department.

Steve Allen, a FsKMC security officer, has been named Employee of the Month for the security division of Broadway Services, Inc.

The Johns Hopkins Weight Management Center plans free orientation sessions on Feb.20  and Mar. 6.

Dennis A. Brown, an FSKMC employee in the dietary department, died Dec. 5, 1990.

LFL is offering a free 12-week course in basic self-defense for FSKMC employees.

Item 3: Vol.7, No.16, March 7, 1991Add to your cart.

The opening of the Johns Hopkins Geriatrics Center is set for early June. Jesse Roth, M.D., newly appointed director of the Johns Hopkins division of geriatric medicine and gerontology, is based at the FSKMC campus.

Marguerite B. Barbacci has been named nursing unit manager for the Center for Addiction and Pregnancy.

Alan A. Russell has been appointed assistant director of housekeeping.

Baltimore Magazine recently completed a survey of Baltimore's top doctors. John Burton, Philip Smith, and Patrick Murphy were named tops in their fields.

Terri Leader, patient relations manager, has moved from the Quality Assurance office to Room 1 in the Social Work Department.

The Johns Hopkins Weight Management Center plans free orientation sessions on March 20 and April 3.

A jewelry sale will be held March 25-March 27.

248 volunteers gave 5, 309 hrs. to the Medical Center in January.

Wheel of Wellnes

LFL is offering aerobic-only memberships for $30.

Item 4: Vol.7, No.17, March 20, 1990Add to your cart.

On behalf of the Medical Center, The Human Resources Department pays tribute to FSKMC employees who served in Operation Desert Storm Commander Jeffery Bender, M.D., director trauma/surgical critical care, 1st Lieutensnt John Nicklas, RN II, Medical Clinic, Chief Warrant Officer Lonnie Kohl, physcian assistant, emergency department, Sergeant Darrel Ramkalawan, surgical technician, operating roon, Private 1st Class Dimitrios Stakias, fitness technician, LFL fitness center.

FSKMC stars as of Feb.: Kathleen Hackman, Doris King, Christena Lundy, Phillip Mickey, Anne Millar, Christopher Stenger, Charlotte Thomas, Laura Troxler, and Randy Zimmerman

Educational Benefits

Employee Assistance including saving bonds and benefits focus groups

Employee Service Recognition Day was held Jan. 30, 1991.

A recent change in hospital policy expands the scope of eligibility for free Hepatitis B vaccines to include any FSKMC employee who has regular contact with blood or blod products.

The citeria based performance appraisal program, to be implemented July, 1991 will provide a method for managers and supervisors to review and evaluate employee performance based on clearly defined performance standards as they relate to current job dutioes.

LFL announces the kick off of its Rockport Walking Club, available to all FSKMC employees starting Apr. 1.

The itness center now has the DAVID High/Low Pulley System.

Laura Kline, pathology assistant, is the LFL fitness center Member of the month.

Item 5: Vol.7, No.18, April 3, 1991Add to your cart.

Peter S. Creticos, medical director of the Asthma & Allergy Center, will present a lecture entitled "The Work Up of the Allergic Patient" on Apr. 16.

National Organ and Tissue Donor Awareness Week, April 21-27, calls public attention to the need for organ and tissue donation for transplantation.

A support group for caregivers of Alzheimer's patients meets the first and third Sunday of the month.

The CCu is holding a bake sale on April 10.

On Apr. 11, Dr. Martin Valentine will present "What Do Peanut Butter and Shellfish Have in Common?." On Apr. 18, Dr. Peter Creticos will present "How to Get Control of Asthma." On Apr. 25, Dr. Franklin Adkinson will present "Coping with Asthema and Allergies in Children."

The women's weight clinic in the fitness center will offer two new programs-weight training for women and weight control & excerise.

April is National Cancer Control Month and LFL has created a series on cancer prevention entitled "Do You About Cancer?" begins April 18.

Item 6: Vol.7, No.19, April 17, 1991Add to your cart.

The Center for Addiction and Pregancy opens April 23. George R. Huggis, M.D., is the center's director. Robert K. Brooner, Ph.D., is the director of psychiatric/drug abuse services. Preston M. Gazaway, M.D., director of obstetric services, Vanessa E. Cullins, M.D., director of family planning services, Archie S. Golden, M.D., director of pediatrics, Chester W. Schmidt, M.D., chairman of FSKMC's department of pschiatry, Pattie Weinmann Schartz, program coordinator, Marguerite B. Barbacci, B.S.N., M.P.H., nursing unit manager.

Free Hearing Screenings

The clinical nutrition staff plans a one day seminar on "Topics in Nutrition and Pharmacology" on May 16, 1991.

The volunteer services department is recruiting volunteers for its Candy Stripe Program.

Occupational Therapy Month in April was created to promote public awareness of the services provided by occupational therapists to people with physical, mental, and psychosocial disabilities.

The Johns Hopkins Weight Management Center is pleased to announce the addition  of  Lifesteps, a 16-week course developed by the National Dairy Council.

Teen Trim is a medically supervised, 20-week program designed for obese teenagers.

Asthma and Allergy treatment Seminars: On April 18, Dr. Peter Creticos will present "How to Get Control of Asthma," and on April 25, Dr. Franklin Adkinson will present "Coping with Asthma and Allergies in Children."

Linda Rice and Rober Roca received a $17,300 grant from the International Association of Fire Fighters Burn Foundation to study the quality of life in burn survivors.

FSKMC stars as of March: Louise Bush, Carol Lannen, Erich Riessler, and Joan Zelinka.

cheryl Sutphin, Ms. Maryland Bodybuilding Champion, 1990, will teach weight training classes at the fitness center April 9 through May 28.

Item 7: Vol.7, No.20, May 1, 1991Add to your cart.

"Nurses Care for America" is the theme for National Nurses Week, May 6-12, 1991.

National EMS Week, May 12-18, theme is "Emergency Medical Services: The Team That Cares."

A jewelry sale will be held May 30 and May 31.

Safe Sitter Classes

The Francis Scott Key Medical Center won first place in the publications category and third place in the special event category at the United Way of Central Maryland 20th Annual Communications Contest awards, Congrats to Toni Russell, Dave Knauer, and Jennifer Miller for the award-wining United Way All Stars Carnival, and L.L. Sheeler Graphic Arts and the Office of Public Affairs for the special edition of The Banner.

LFL if offering a three-session program titled "Healthy Pregnancy."

The LFL has started its morning Step-Up Aerobics classes.

Item 8: Vol.7, No.21, May 15,1991Add to your cart.

FSKMC stars as of April: Mildred Banner, Rita Books, Hazel Brown, Georgia Cobb, Sharon Cornelius, Melba Fulton, Charles Gaines, Myrtle Harrison, Beth Hawbaker, Nancy Horton, Lynn Jacobs, Biggers Johnson, Juanita Johnson, Dolores Ledlich, Anie Lewis, John Lynch, Judith Shaw, Peggy Smith, Pamela Somerville, Sandra Tart, and Carol Yeager.

Performance Appraisals

School Patnership Program

The Employee Health Service is looking for 87 employees who need to be revaccinated for measles, mumps, and rubella.

Geriatric Nursing Assistants play a role in the daily care of patients. To become a GNA, 75 hrs of training from a state approved training program is required, Grace Beard, GNA 33 yrs. and Isaac Fenwick, GNA 14 years.

Apprenticeship Program Gets One More Feather in Cap. Programs are available in carpentry, electronics, HVAC, plumbing, stationary engineering, and painting. To receive a journeyman's certificate, an apprentice must complete up to 8,000 hrs of supervised work and 800 hrs. of course work. Some apprentices are James Kidwell, Nathan Childress, Kenny Kaczynski, Alex McCoy, and Charles Irwin.

Mabel Neal, LPN, retired May 12 after 43 yrs.

Doris Fitzgerals, patient aide, retired after 26 yrs.

Hawaiin Luau on May 22.

Barbara and Michael Nickol are the LFL fitness center Members of the Month.

Item 9: Vol.8, No.22, June 5, 1991Add to your cart.

On June 10 and 11, 230 MFL patients will move into the Johns Hopkins Geriatrics Center. The move will be under the direction of Anne Warwick, director of nursing at the geriatrics center.

June 6 FSKMC will dedicate the Johns Hopkins Geriatrics Center. Surgeon General Antonia C. Novello, M.D., M.P.H., is the keynote speaker. Enployee open house on the week of June 24.

Pres. Bush named the members of the daily Thursday Volunteer Groupat FSKMC as the 475th "Daily Point of Light." The Honor, announced on May 16th, recognizes the efforts of 30 area residents who have volunteered more than 100,000 hrs at the MFL during the past 15 yrs.

Due to a team of more than 21 FSKMC employees, the installation and conversion of a new computer system for patient accounting has been completed. The 7X Project Conversion, stated in January and was completed May 1, 1991, makes data collection more efficient, faster for more accurate billing to patients, is capable of storing and recording all patient information, and tracking billing. 175 employees ehave been trained on the system. It was completed under: Steering Committee: Ken Granbill, Dan Smith, Nelson Haller, Stephanie Reel, Sandra Anderson, Linda Chatterton, Carol Bell, Carol Carter, John Ellis, Lorraine Nagle, Martin Swank, Dennis Pena, Susan White-Baxley, Faye Hagerman, Sheila Matthews, Rich Rzeczkowski, Emogene Wright, Madeleine Kollman, Mary Terlep, Barbara Reiber, and Cheryl Dorr.

Help for families of chemically dependent people on Sundays fom 2-3 p.m.

FSKMC's basketball team, the Fifgting Eagles, played their first game on May 30, 1991 against the Regional Institute for Children and Adolescents and won. Team members include: Allen Russell, Joe David, William Neal, Sam Sumpter, Derek Ballard, Bill Gagum, Robert Townsend, Paul Baker, Tony Simmons, Carl Brown, Ed Costley, Kevin Hawkins, Keith Robertson, Robert Williams, Jerome Barrett, and Larry Hubbard.

The Lifesteps program, managed by the Johns Hopkins Weight Management Center, will begin June 19 and will meet every Wednesday  evening from 6-7.

Ronald R. Peterson, FSKMC president, has been named to the Maryland Hospital association's search committee.

Michael B. Bloom has been named adminstrative manager of respiratory care.

Debra LeVan, community psychiatry, was a speaker at the 1991 Maryland Conference on Social Work Practice in Public Mental Health.  LeVan's presentation was titled, "A System Under Sige: Treating Chemical Dependency in Public Mental Health."

Joe Davis, service and supply supervisor in the emergency room, and recent Patient's First award recepient, earned a 5 ft sub sandwich for achievement.

LFL's new dollar power folder will say how can spend LFL dollars and how to earn more. Folders will be distributed via interoffice mail.

FSKMC stars as of May: iinclude Phyllid Driscoll, Brian Finnegan, Dorothy Gagliano, Betty Gehrmann, Antoinette Gonzales, Joan Horney, Robert Jackson, Mary Johnson, Hattie Jones, Donna Kucharek, Robert Marshall, Barbara Nichol, June Nicholas, Barbara Orndoff, Louisa Petrosillo, Annie Rogers, Stephanie Shelton. Mildred Wiggins, Susan Willcher, and Junita Winbrow.

Item 10: Vol.7, No.23, June 19, 1991Add to your cart.

On June 11 and 12, staff and volunteers moved 230 patients from the MFL to the Johns Hopkins Geriatrics Center.

Macy's Owings Mills will host, " The Magic of Giving," a benefit shopping day for the Baltimore Regional Burn Center and 39 other non-profit organizations Nov 19, 1991.

The physical Therapy department is holding a bake sale June 20.

The Johns Hopkins Weight Management Center is pleased to offer a 15% discount on program services to FSKMC employees' spouses and  Hopkins Bayview Research campus and Johns Hopkins Hospital employees and their spouses.

Every Wednesday in July and August, Live for Life staff will visit offices and introduce seven welness activities.

Item 11: Vol.8, No.1, July 3, 1991Add to your cart.

Crossroads Rehabilitation Program,a unique program for seniors age 55 and older, was started in 1986 as a weekly variety club and has since developed into a pschiatric day program.  The variety geriatrics unit will be moving from Crossroads to a new location in July.

"The Magic of Giving," a benefit shopping day for the Baltimore Regional Burn Center and 39 other non-profits will take place November 19, 1991,

July 14 former burn patients, ages 8-16, from the Baltimore Regional Burn Center and Children's National Medical Center in Washington, D.C., will go to Capital Camps in Waynesboro, Pennsylvania.  FSKMC staff attending the camp are Linda French, E. Tonas Kalil, Linda Ware, Ellen Davis, Cheryl Cooper, June Nicholson, and Bill Steward.

Volunteer Services is holding a bake sale July 10 and Physical Therapy on July 25.

Cynthia Fisher, nursing unit secretary, the Baltimore Regional Burn Center, recieved her emergency medical technician certification in May.

The employment office has initiated JOBLINE, a new way to get FSKMC job information by using a touch tone telephone.

The Medical Center will offer an additional tax sheltered annuity option through Lincoln National Life Insurance Company.

Certain Solutions, LIVE FOR LIFE's new comprehensive eating plan, can help people eat healthier.

Item 12: Vol.8,No.2, July 17,1991Add to your cart.

Spotlight on: Pat Turner

Last July was the first month employees were eligible for FSKMC's perfect attendance award. Since then, 219 employees qualified for the $100 bonus.

The old 1 east unit is now located on the Lakeside level and 1 west is located on the Plaza level. Residents on 2 west are housed on the Terrace level while the old 2 east and 2 center units are split between the Bridgeview and Chesapeake level.Adult and child care centers are located on the Garden level, and rehabilitation services are on the Terrace level.

Karen Baxter joined the human resources staff on March 27 as an employment specialist.

Judy Jackson, R.N. II came to the Employee Health Service staff.

As part of the "Our Future Workforce" program, 32 Patterson High school ninth graders and their teacher Nancy Reid toured the Medical Center on June 4. Dep. tours were conducted by Ron Capitol and Jose Lopez, radiology, Renee Sherrill, Physical therapy,, Kathy McNulty, occupational therapy, Jeff Turek, nuclear medicine, Maryann Hiteshew, respiratory therapy, and Susan Finkelstein, nursing.

LFL Health Fair was on May 15

Sunburn Prevention

Beat the Heat

Join members of the Rockport Walking Club for a two-mile stroll around the campus every Wednesday at noon.

Runners participated in the Spring Fun Run held June 15 in Patterson Park.

Mary Grace Lodico has worked as a social worker in community psychiatry for the last 11 yrs and has been a member of the fitness center since February. She is the Fitness Center Member of the Month.

Item 13: Vol.8, No.4, August 21, 1991Add to your cart.

Paving the Way for New Hospital Tower. A six-story hospital tower designed in an L-shape to wrap around the acute care building. The new facility will will house 190 critical care, step-down, and medical/surgical beds, converted from predominantly four-patient suites to private and semi-private rooms. Plans include state-of-the-art operating suites and and an imaging center. The burn center and the emergency room/trauma center will move there. The dietary department, admitting area, medical library, doctor's lounge, and conference center will be built on the ground floor adjacent to the new entrance and lobby.  The second floor will be "intersital space." Thomas F. Pokorny, director of facilities planning and redevelopment, said that layout would allow them to make changes to suit technological advances without adversly affecting patient care or services. Located on the third and fourth floors will be 44 critical care and 38 step-down beds serving critical care patients from surgery, medicine, coronary care, and the Baltimore Regional Burn Center. the Fifth and sixth levels will house 108 medical/surgical beds.

July figures from Ann Sussman, director of volunteer services, show that more than 250 volunteers contributed 8,787 hours, the equivilant of 57 full-time employees.

New Weight Program Starts

The human resources department is holding several "benifits to You" programs to answer employees' questions about their benifits. Karen rogers, employee benefits analyst, conducts meetings.

Item 14: Vol.8, No.5, September 4, 1991Add to your cart.

United Way Campaign Kicks off September 16

Operation Bake Up a Storm to befit the 1991 United Way campaign will be held September 11 in the Asthma & Allergy Center.

Housekeepers: Hospitals' Goodwill Ambassadors

The Career and Life Planning Center of the Johns Hopkins University School of Continuing Studies presents two free one-hour previews of their fall courses "the Myth of Job Security" on Sept. 9 and "Work and Welness Series: Is work Running Away with Your Life," on Oct. 8. Lectures, open to the public, are held at the Downtown Center.

The Bel Air Acres Homemakers Club donated 23 paiorss of curtains to the pediatric unit.

FSKMC's department of nursing in conjunction with the Community College of Baltimore is offering a surgical technician training program.

Shoe & Scrubs sale September 27

Patricia L. Heaton, r.N., B.S.N. has appointed nursing unit manager for renal medicine,  Heaton is responsible for hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis, home training, acute hemodialysis services, and the renal clinic.

Marie V. Stimpson, R.N., M.S.  has been named nursing unit manager for A4 west.

In conjunction with Dundalk Community College, FSKMC will offer computer courses, designed to enhance knowledge and skills needed on the job for promotion.

Learn about blood pressure and how to manage it at classes on Sept. 12 thru Oct. 3.

LIVE FOR LIFE is offering Weight Control Support Program for FSKMC employees who have hit a weight loss plateau or are in danger of slipping back into old eating habits.

LIVE FOR LIFE's massage classes are held Mondays, Sept. 16 thru Oct. 7.

Item 15: September 16, 1991Add to your cart.

This year's United Way Campaign theme is"The Call of Duty: Heroes on the Home Front."

Co-Chairpersons for the 1991 Medical Center United Way Campaign is Robert Harrison-director of developement, Linda Buscema R.N.-nursing unit manager, labor and delivery, Terri Leader-Patient relations manager, and Debra Knott, R.N.-assistant director of nursing, Johns Hopkins Geriatrics Center.

Lee Kennedy, associate director of public affairs, has been named the United Way loaned executive for 1991.

Why Give? Ella Durant

Item 16: Vol.8, No.6, September 18, 1991Add to your cart.

Spotlight on: JHGC's Activities Department headed by Sue Rosman.

The human resources department has developed an employee benefits committee to address and suggest new benifit ideas.Eligible employees are given the opportunity to enroll, add, delete, or change their benifits. Employees, nearing retirement, should call Karen Rogers.

Juanita D. Adkins is retiring after 28 yrs.

Rita Newkirk received a Patients First Award for quick response when a patient fainted on the way to the X-ray department. She has since been promoted to office assistant in outpatient billing.

Louise Boone was promoted to crital care assistant.

Fact or Fiction: LIVE FOR LIFE

Hurray for FSKMC's Junior Volunteers: Candy Striper: Erin K, Betz, Scott Borowski, Mandy Brown, Amy and Dorothy Coghlan, Jennifer Donaldson, Sammy Knag Evans, Joseph Gann, Ashleigh Harris, Christopher Hensley, Christopher Jones, Lauren Kline, Antonio McDougold, Karen Nickol, Laura Pierson, Jennifer Reitz, Melisa Regulski, and Sanjeev Varghese.

Meva Stahl retired after 38 yrs.

To increase the number of surgical technologists at The Francis Scott Key Medical center and to provide qualified employees an opportunity for career advancement, the department of nursing is pleased to announce a tuition suppot program at the Community College of Baltimore.

the LIVE FOR LIFE staff would like to thank all employees who participated in the "Summer Splash" series.

Calvin Jackson of the Behavioral Pharmacology Research Unit, is Fitness Center Member of the Month.

Item 17: Vol.8, No.7, October 2, 1991Add to your cart.

Groundbreaking ceremonies for the new acute patient tower will be held October 15, 1991 at 2 p.m. Dr. Andrew Munster said it meant a lot that the burn team got to be involved in the functional planning of their mear area. Carol Hart, cheif technologist in radiology, is also excited.

Biomedical media services has something for everyone.

Geriatrics Center residents won third place in the quilt contest, seniors' division, at the Maryland State Fair in Timonium. The quilt was entitled "Patchwork of Generations." Fire extinguishers, escape ladders, and smoke detectors may be purchased at the second annual fire sale Oct. 8 and 9. Hugh McCusker and Earl Brooks will be on hand to provide fire prevention and safety information.

James M. Earley has been appointed nursing unit manager for the Center for Addiction and Pregnancy.

Physical Therapy Week and Bake Sale Oct. 10.

Respiratory Care Week, Oct. 6-12, 1991 & Bake Sale Oct. 11.

Friends of Key Patients.

Security Officer Day, Octoer 9 and National Security Week, October 6-12, recognizes diligent and effective efforts of security officers nationwide in protecting patients and staff in health care institutions.

LIVE FOR LIFE is offering a free 8 week course in basic self defense taught by Sansei Warren Better.

Seafood Festival on Oct. 9.

Microwave Cooking classes are held Fridays in the Carrol Auditorium.

Item 18: Vol.8, No.9, November 6, 1991Add to your cart.

Safe Medical Devices Act

Yellow Ribbons for FSKMC Heroes

The 1991 food drive begins November 18 and will continue through November 29.

The hemodialysis units are now located in the Triad Technology Center.

Volunteer services will hold its annual costume jewelry sale November 18-20.

Oriole pitcher Jim Poole an d the Oriole bird visited the children's center in Community Psychiatry.

Stanford M. Goldman, chairman of radiology, was elected alternate counselor of the American College of Radiology for Maryland.

Rosa Cofield is the registration clerk in the medical clinic.

The acute psychiatric unit plans a bake sale on November 20.

Great American Smoke out.

Item 19: Vol.8, No.10, November 20, 1991Add to your cart.

Joan Williams, vice president of human resources, appointed Regina Ritenour, director of social work, Sylvia Wilson, senior compensation analyst, and Fred Dowdy, administrator of support operations, as complaint officers.  Employees who feel they have been treated unfairly because of race, color, religion, sex, or national origin or may have been victims of sexual harassment may call or visit the in-house complaint officers.

Employee Service Recognition Day will be held January 29, 1992 in the Asthma & Allergy Center Auditorium.

FSKMC employee health service is offering free flu vaccine to all FSKMC and CPPA employees.

Patients First Award Recipients Honored at Special Ceremony: Ronald R. Peterson, Judy A. Reitz, Brian Finnegan winner of the annual Patients First Award, quarterly recipients include Gene Nardone, Patricia Christopher,  Jackie Thomas, Margaret Ekstrom, Joe Davis, Rita Newkirk, Betty Gehrmann, Sheila Seltzer, Doug Rather, Anne Keeling, and Virginia Gill.

Erich Riessler, HVAC technician V, completed heating, ventilation, and airconditioning courses at Dundalk Community College.

Perfect attendace recipients for July: Juanita Adkins, Marlene Borowski, Michele Bradby, Pamela Bramble, Earl Brooks, Rosa Brooks, Eva Davis, Mary Davis, William Dudley, Geraldine Gallman, Carolyn Guinto, Charles Hager, Janie Hooper, Helen Johnson, Joseph Johnson, Irwin Meyers, Maria Pennicott, Kay Rengen, Kimberly Richmond, Sharron Taylor, Angnes Terrell, Patricia Turner, Dawn Walker, Cynthia Wise, and Eileen Wright.

Recipients for August: Grace Beard, Patricia Carroll, Mary Flowers, Vernell Gross, Carolyn Hanson, Rosetta Iman, Bonita Krizek, Martha Ross, Lisa Ruppel, Beulah Taylor, and Gwendolyn Thomas.

Recipients for September: Sarah Alexander, Ethel Baugher, Bernice Crawford, Betty Douglas, deborah Exum, Cynthia Finley, Phyliss Flair, Christine Freedman, Linda French, Annette Garner, Charles Irwin, Emile Kalil, Janet Kivett, William Klosicki, Ruth Lamma, Robert Layle, Jose Lopez, Eula Lunn, Robert Mcaffe, Glenda McKee, Heide Morgan, Lucille Parker, Frances Portee, David Richmond, Patricia Stewart, Lizzie Thomas, Rosetta Thomas, and Florence Watson.

Recipients for October: Brenda Addison, Frances Borowy, Lillie Craft, Calvin Jackson, Rosemary Jomidad, Walter Plaine, Susan Schaub, Michele Seiler, Theresa Stanley, and Dorothy Williamson.

United Way Outdoor Maneuvers

John Haver, manager of safety and environmental health, is the LIVE FOR LIFE fitness center member of the month.

Item 20: Vol.8, No.11, December 18, 1991Add to your cart.

New registration process

Sandra Harris has been appointed administrative coordinator for the General Clinical Research Center,

Saint Rita's Catholic Church in Dundalk and Victory Villa Senior Center in Towson knitted 225 baby hats for FSKMC's nursery and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

On December 5, 1991, Andrew Munster, director of the Baltimore Regional Burn Center, presented Certificate of Service Awards and Burn Center logo watches to employees with 10 or more years of services which included: Virginia Alinsao, Mary Clark, Susan Geissler, Delceno Jackson, Susan Rogers, Debra Schaekel, and Theresa Yerrell.

As of December 13, 1991, FSKMC employees and campus contractors donated $3,230 in cash and checks and 2,706 food items to this year's food drive.

The following retirees include; Juanita Adkins, 28 years, Mattie Barnett, 44 years, Nellie Bunch, 30 years, Geraldine Harris, 31 years, Delores Hicks, 30 years, Betty Hollloway, 25 years, Marcella Krug, 27 years, Mary Scott, 36 years, Meva Stahl, 37 years, Edna Stokely, 39 years, and Marilyn Wilson, 26 years.

Perfect attendance award recipients for November, 19991: Leslie Adams, Ruth Amlet, Muriel Asgari, Nathan Childress, Linda Coper, Bernadette Debelius, Alice Hill, Mary Nalls, and Patricia Prescott.

Folder 1992Add to your cart.
Item 1: Vol.8, No.12, January 22, 1992Add to your cart.

Employee Service Recognition Day January 29, 1992

Vinnie Collins-45 yrs. Geriatric Assistant, Johns Hopkins Geriatrics Center

Ruth Lamma-45 yrs. Sterile Supply Assistant, Central Sterile Supply

Mildred Wiggens-35 yrs. EKG Tech, Cardiology

Rosa White-25 yrs. RN II, NIDA

Ruby Foster-25 yrs. Paitient Aide, Float Pool, Nursing

Velester Boone-20 yrs. Housekeeper II, Housekeeping

Eileen Hensley-20 yrs. Office Assistant III. Nursing

Anita Langford, R.N., M.S., N.H.A.-10 yrs. Administrator, Johns Hopkins Geriatrics Center

Ron Capitol-15 yrs. Cihief Radiological Technician, Radiology

Josephine Peddicord-10 yrs. Accounting Assistant II, Payroll

Sue Coleman-5 yrs. RN II, Center for Chemical Dependence

Charles Irwin-5 yrs. Electrician V, Facilities Management

FSKMC Service Award Honorees-45 yrs: Vinnie Collins, Gregor Ruth Lama 40 yrs: Joseph Johnson 35 yrs: Betty Douglas, Melba Fulton, Waymond Gregory, Lucille Parker, Mildred Wiggins 30 yrs: Minnie Ballard, Nellie Bunch, Corine Carr, Delores Hicks, Biggers Johnson, Susie Moses 25 yrs: Sandra Banks, Mildred Banner, Betty Bell, Helen Brooks, Genevieve Burns, Inell Burrow, Lenora DeGaspiris, Ruby Foster, Minge Freeberger, Vernell Gross, Faye Hagerman, Ruth Harris, Nancy Horton, Edith Jackson, Robert Jackson, Josephine Johnson, Gayle Mahoney, Johnnie Moore, Shirley Neal, Anna Peterson, Beaunita Rivers, Ida Smith, Agnes Terrell, Lizzie Thomas, Mildred Townes, Rosa White, Dorothy White, Annie Winkler, Emogene Wright 20 yrs: velester Boone, Phyllis Clements, Christine Freedman, Malesa Goldberg, Eileen Hensley, Bobbie Hollingsworth, Joyce Kneen, Jose Lopez, Veronica Reaves, Deborah Smith, Mae Staten, Helen Turner, Jill Walters 15 yrs: Elena Balovlenkov, Ronald Capitol, Kenneth Carlton, Betty Crowell, Laura Doane, Barbara Evans, Doris Ghee, Henrietta Lashley, Gail Laszczynski, Carrie Lindsey, Josephine Long, Thaddeus Miller, Susan Schaub, Sheila Seltzer, Bomani Simelani, Jerry Skwarek, Jerry Wallace, Jennie Wyche 10 yrs: Sarah Albritton, Bernadine Allender, Fitzroy Alleyne, Rose Bryant, Deborah Bull, Louise Bush, Carole Chambers, Mary Curry, Cecelia Cydylo-Hudgins, Debra Epitropakis, Sarah Epps, Elizabeth Fisher, Lillie Fortune, Joan Franks, Gail Gerlach, Ronald Grochowski, Seretha Harris, Betty Hoerr, Barbara Holicky, Linda King, Marie Krausz, Anita Langford, Letha Marable, Glenda Matthews, Mary McCadden, Edna Mendiola, William Neal, Anita Nelson, Nancy Neukam, Michele Nose, Terri Novotny, Mary Outlaw, Linda Paferi, Josephine Peddicord, Mary Rainess, Nancy Robinson, Susan Rogers, Mary Rollis, Debra Schaekel, Joseph Scaferbien, Martha Sonntag, Nancy Spatafore, Mary Storto, Patricia Summers, Mary Warfield, Peggy Warner, June Wicks, Kathryn Wisniewski, Carole Yeager, Coreen Yox 5 yrs: Steadman Adelung, Gayle Blose, Chiranjit Bose, Alvin Bowe, Shirley Bowman, Keirstin Bueche, Marie Burns, Sharon Caplan, Mark Caspi, Laurie Catalfo, Denise Cianelli-Rose, Robin Clay, Denise Cole, Sue Coleman, Mary Davis, Laura Dawson, Barbara Demers, Judith Derkocz, Sharon Dunn, Nancy Eaby, Betty Earles, Loretta Eldridge, David Evans, Brian Finnegan, Gary Flax, Mark Fleming, Anne Francis-Wood, Mary Frank, Annette Garner, Fern Geber, Willard Gill, Lenora Graves, Steven Gray, Winston Green, Elizabeth Guzman, Florence Hackerman, Bonnie Hadel, Kurlene Hall, Debra Hammel, Roxanne Hann, Annette Harris, Brenda Harris, Beverly Hax, Janet High, Julie Horowitz, Eddie Horton, Anna Iacovelli, Charles Irwin, Linda Iser, Edwin James, Linda Johnson, Kathleen Keen, Ellen Kirkman, Donna Kolarik, Patricia Koscielski, Debbie Kramer, William Krentz, Billie Jo Kreps, Ronald Kuta, Bernadette Lanier, Robert Layte,Carol Lewis, Douglas Linton, Roger Litow, Patrick Mackin, Jean McLeod, Deborah McNerney, Sandra Meridith, Jill Mikrod, Christine Mitchell, Faith Mouring, Evelyn Mullins, Markieta Mullins, Anita Neal, Karen Perseghin, Deborah Phillips, Joseph Poore, Deborah Powell, Maria Pratta-Irizarry, Andrea Raspa, Lynn Ridlon, Denise Rostkowski, Karen Santmyer, Wayne Santmyer, Beverly Singletary, Kathleen Sirota, Carolyn Skinner, David Smith, Leslie Soloman, Darlene Stauch, Karen Stewart-Gauss, Marguerite Taylor, Margaret Testa, Jacqueline Thomas, James Walters, Thessie Whitley, Ruth Zebron

Item 2: Vol.8, No.13, February 5, 1992Add to your cart.

On the Move

Free Firewood

As of February 10, the Medical Center will restrict smoking within 50-feet of building entrances.

On Feb. 6, FSKMC's Bl;ack History Month Committee will present a fashion show featuring Willa Bland and the Flair Models.

The Kirwanis Gift Shop will sponser a shoe and scrub sale Feb. 7.

James A. Block, M.D. will succeed Robert M. Heyssel on July 1 as president and CEO of The Johns Hopkins Hospital and the Johns Hopkins Health System.

Melinda Stein, Ph.D. has been appointed assistant professor of medical pschology in the department of psychiatry and behaviorial sciences and also has a secondary appointment as an instructor of pediatrics.

Heart Health Celebrates Cardiac Rehab Week

Bayview Cafe Winners: Ginny Carmen, Bob Fuchs, Donna Gossage, Carroll Lannen, Neil Mapp, Joviata Montgomery, Denise Myers, Rhonda Stokes, Pat Turner, Laura Walker, and Nancy White

Patient First Nominations

Recycle Printer Catridges

The Medical Center extends best wishes and thanks to the following retirees: Julia Budries, 38 yrs;Mildred Banner, 25 yrs; Geraldine Harris, 31 yrs; and Helen Walker, 36 yrs

Perfect attendance for December 1991: Sarah Albritton, Carol Brown, Joyce Carre, Sarah Daniels, Evangeline Faulkner, Cheryl Harrow, Lawrence Jewell, Patricia Painter, Veronica Reaves, Sandra Reckert-Reusing, Robert Sharps, Debbie Smith, Maggie Smith, Gilbert Taylor, Anthony Tice, and Delores Voss

Perfect attendance for January 1992: Eleanor Adams, Loretta Carpenter, Joann Cowan, Mary Curry, Georgia Davenport, Kathleen Demuth, Sylvia Flyod-Wilson, Deldrena Garrett, Donna Gossage, Cynthia Hill, Melba Jackson, Letha Marable, Mamie Mathis, Lisa McHarque, Larry Miller, William Neal, Terrie O'Sullivan, Diana Ocenar, Catherine Rehmeyer, Laura Richards, Keith Robertson, John Scott, Dimitrios Stakias, and Christopher Stenger

Robert V. Carr Jr. is the new QUADS program representive at the Medical Center.

Tuition Reimbursement requests need to be approved now for the spring 1992 semester.

The second meeting of the benifits committee will be held Friday Feb. 7.

Item 3: Vol.8, No.14, February 19, 1992Add to your cart.

The Bayview Cafe and the Atrium Cafe announce "Wellness and You," a program which offers new healthy food selections.

The Medical Center's United Way special edition of The Banner earned first place, and the special event, Outdoor Maneuvers received third place in the 1991 United Way Communications Contest.

The Medical Center is looking for FSKMC employees who are notary publics.

All FSKMC employees are invited to join JHGC patients at the 2nd annual Black History Month Fashion Show, featuring JHGC's own talented "model employees on Feb. 26.

William J. Ward Jr. was elected president of the Board of Trustees for the Trans plant Resource Center of Maryland, Inc.

Patricia L. Tubbs, RN, MN has been appointed nursing unit manager for the Baltimore Regional Burn Center.

Melinada Stein, Ph.D. has been promoted assistant professor of medical psychology in the department of psychiatry and behavioral sciences.

National Nutrition Month in March

The Johns Hopkins Weight Management Center has expanded its line of weight loss products to include entrees, high fiber cookiess, and chewy bars.

The Lombard Street bridge has reopened.

Birth Control

Food study


Heart Study

Bowel Study

The human resources department is holding several "Benifits to You" programs to answer employees' questions, and Karen Rogerd, employee benifits analyst, is able to answer questions and distribute insurance forms.

LIVE FOR LIFE presents "This Monday's for You" which will be held the fourth Monday of every month.

Item 4: Vol.8, No.15, March 4, 1992Add to your cart.

Volunteer services will sell Mary Sue easter Eggs on Tuesday March 10, and Tuesday April 7.

We need your magazines.

The Bayview Cafe now offers Pepsi fountain flavors.

The community relations department wil sell fresh-cut daffodils on March 20.

Paula Wernick, a Gerontology research Center employee in the laboratort of cardiovascular science, is sponsoring a country craft show on March 17.

Margaret Stewart, R.N., B.S.N., has been named nursing unit manager for ambulatory services.

Debra Gray has been appointed ambulatory services supervisor.

Sheila Matthews has been named to the new position of quality and education coordinator.

Perfect attendance for February 1992: Alicia Allen, Diane Amin, Carrie Banks, James bissett Jr., Deanna Boyd, Diana Brown, Roger Burch, Cindy Cantrell, Mary carlin, Nicholas Carriero, Ethel Estep, Lenora Graves, Bonnie Hadel, Barbara Holicky, Pilan Hsu, Raymond Hunter, Betty Lee, George Macomber, Albert Mears, Jennifer Owens, John Rund, Joanne Shelly-Grimes, Leslie Smith, Karen Stewart-Gauss, Richard Taylor, Rosa White, Zelodies Wilkerson

The Medical Center extends best wishes and thanks to the following retirees: Helen Brooks, 25 yrs and Mildred Wiggens, 35 yrs.

Employees nearing retirement are invited to attend a retirement roundtable on March 18.

Wellnes Wednesdays are back

In celebration of Social Work Month, FSKMC's department of social work wil sponsor a presentation by communioty activist for the homeless, Bea Gaddy, March 23.

Item 5: Vol.8, No.10, March 18, 1992Add to your cart.

New blue and white signs posted near building entrances indicate no smoking perimeters.

The employment department will present a roundtable on "Hiring, Interviewing and the Bidding Process."

FSKMC has options

LFL will offer smoking cessation programs this spring.

Employee Service Recognition Day

Spring Fun Run on March 28

The fitness center has new free weights.

Kelly Katilas, R.N., this month's Member of the Month, works in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

Join LIVE FOR LIFE walking club on April 8, 1992

Item 6: Vol.8, No.16, April 1, 1992Add to your cart.

From the President

Happy Hour Benefits March of Dimes

Join the FSK Team in March of Dimes Walk America on April 26

Baltimore County Firefighters' local 1311, will sponsor a charity bull and oyster roast on April 12, and the proceeds will benifit the Baltimore Regional Burn Center.

The Marriot Corporation has named the Bayview Cafe the mid-Atlantic regions's 1991 Retail Account of the Year. Congrats to the staff: Benda Addison, Ann Burton, Wayne Cromwell, Srah Daniels, Trenita Dorse, Ruth Harris, Denise Jackson, Joyce Jackson, Yvonne Jones, Henrietta Lewis, Lucy Powers, Janet Sumpter, Beulah Taylor, Eleanor Wagner, Dusnne Wanner, June Wicks, and Sherrell Williams.

The Geriatrics Center celebrates its first anniversary on June 14.

Sounds of Silence

Labor and Delivery will sponsor a bake sale on April 7.

Crime Prevention Tips

Furniture Painting

Volunteer services will sell Mary Sue Easter Eggs on Aprl 7

The Bereavment Support Group meets each Tuesday from 1-2.

Kurt Kuenzel, manager of technical services, was presented the Army Achievment Medal for oustanding performance in Operation Desert Storm.

Skin Study

Allergic to Cemment?

Perfect attendance for March 1992: Georgine Bowen, Nancy Douglass, Diane Facello, Lori Fulker, Elyse Geber, Theresa Hancock, Deborah Phillips, Marvin Pittman, Thelma Roby, Daniel Stinchcomb, and Eva Watson

Medical Claims

LIVE FOR LIFE is introducing Go For Your Goal, a lively, interactive computer-assisted program that will help you lose or maintain weight.

Item 7: Vol.8, No.17, April 15,1992Add to your cart.

National Nurses Week is May 4-10. This year's theme is "Nuturing the Nurse." LIVE FOR LIFE and the nursing department plan special activities each day of Nurses Week.

National Organ and  Tissue Donor Awareness Week, Aprl 19-25, calls attention to the need for organ and tissue donation for transplantation. Janet Hiller, R.N. and Myrna Sroka, R.N. are FSKMC advocates. The Transplant Resource Center and FSKMC staff plan a display on April 22.

We've Got Proof You Smoke on the Roof

Quilters by Design present A Decade of Growth in Design, a retropespective collection of work by the students of Pat Long-Gardner. On May 2, nearly 100 quilts will be shown in Johns Hopkins Geriatrics Center.

Sounds of Silence

Furniture Painting

Toys and Books Needed

The Bereavement Support Goup meets each Tuesday from 1-2.

516 volunteers gave 70,859 hours to the Medical Center from Jan.1, 1991 through Dec.31, 1991.

A happy hour fund-raiser to benifit the March of Dimes will be held April 16. Celebrity bartenders include Bill Ward, Linda Chatterton, Paul Blank, Debbie Gamzon, Nancy Robinson, and Wally Pickworth,

Asthama Research

Allergic to Cement?

Naltrexone Study

Birth Control

New I.D.Cards for Susqueshanna Members

The human resources department will hold a "Benifits to You" program  on Aprl 17.

The second annual LIVE FOR LIFE health fair will be on May 13.

Item 8: Vol.8, No.18, May 6, 1992Add to your cart.

Here's to US

The $140 million, eight-story Johns Hopkins Outpatient Center will be dedicated May  8 and open for operation May 18, The 450,000-sq. ft. building will be the largest outpatient facility in Baltimore and one of the largest in the Northeast, designed to serve 1,200 paitients a day. Steven Lipstein, director of the center, says "The foal is a positive patient experience."

Sample the delicious Cafe Nouveau coffess offered at the Bayview Cafe.

Ten Rules to Sleep By

Toys and Books Needed

Because of the growing number of materials going through the mail room,refrain from using it for personal mail.

Be part of the FSKMC team that will participate in this year's AIDS Walk held May 31.

It's important to wear your I.D. badge all the time and the Visitor Control Team wants to reward those who do.

Volunteer Services is recuiting Candy Stripers for the Medical Center's summer program, which begins June 24.

The Medical Center has new models to show off the expansion of the Bayview campus.

Effective May 1, a five percent State of Maryland tax was added to the price of all food and drink sold in the cafeteria.

You'll "Blast into Health" at the second annual LIVE FOR LIFE health fair May 13.

Elizabeth D. Kissick has joined the Medical Center as a JHHS post-graduate fellow and will assist in the developement of our AIDS unit.

Frank Kammerer died April 22 abd was best known for his volunteer work at the Medical Center infornmation desk.

George Delter died April 27. He was a volunteer since 1983 organizing the patient library and serving as food closet "chief."

Sandy Reckert has been promoted to associate diector of public affairs.

Kim Goad has been named public affairs specialist.

Item 9: Vol.8, No.21, May 20, 1992Add to your cart.

The recently formed Quality Service Task Force is devoted to improving the way we treat and interact with our customers.Chaired by Judy Reitz, Sc.D., vice president of patient care and medical support services, the task force organized focus group meetings in April. Eleven groups were formed: an outpatient group, an inpatient group, an emergency group, two cummunity groups, two physician groups, a manager group, and three employee groups.One of the groups defined customers as "Everyone who walks through the hospital's doors. That means paitients, their families, and friends, the general public, and employees."

Effective July 26, the Americans with Disabilities Act will protect the disabled in employment matters.Last September, Joan H. Williams, vice president of human resources, organized a task force of managers, including representatives from pharacy, rehabilitation services, nursing, human resources, and geriatrics.The group has initiated efforts to revise employment application and job descriptions. Additionally, The Medical Center's employment office is now accessible to handicapped applicants and employees.

Meet Sarah Alexander an FSKMC Star

The Results are IN! LIVE FOR LIFE

Rose Jomidad, a nurse in the BPRU, is the Fitness Center's Member of the Month.

Your Opinion Counts

Training Update

Item 10: Vol.8, No.22, June 3, 1992Add to your cart.

The Johns Hopkins Geriatrics Center is already a year old. To mark the occassion, there will be a day of food, fun, and celebration on June 14.

The Beacham Adult Day Care Center in the JHGC can provide benefits for you and for an elderly loved one in need of supervised care.

The Behavioral Pharmacology Research Unit has moved to a new facility in the G-building, 5510 Nathan Shock Drive.

A white elephant sale will be held June 15 and June 16 in the Kwanis Gift Shop.

FSKMC has set up a source of information counseling and breastfeeding promotion-the new Breastfeeding Center for hospital patients, employees, and community members. The center is directed by Cheryl Harrow, R.N.C., an international board certified lactation consultant, and Archie Golden, M.D., medical firector of the center and chief of pediatrics.

Bayview Cafe Sprouts a Veggie Bar

Don't Weight to Shed those Extra Pounds

If you're a notary, the Office of Public Affairs would like to know.

Check out the book roam on Wednesdays from 11:30 to 12:30.

Tell US How We're Doing

At the recent Nursing Recognition Awards Ceremony, six FSKMC nurses were honored as the best:. Jo Ann Grimes was named Nurse of the Year. She along with 48 other nurses from hospitals across the state was nominated to recieve the Maryland Hospital Nurse of the Year Award. Susan Snyder, R.N., was named manager of the Year. Others to receive awards includ: Cecelia Rund, Pamela Myirski, Connie Lowery, and Melba Fulton.

Robert D.H. Harvey, chair of thw FSKMC Board of Trustees, received the Milton S. Eisenhower Medal for Distinquished Service at The Johns Hopkins commencement ceremonies on May 21.

Robert M. Heyssel, M.D., retiring president and CEO of The Johns Hopkins Hospital and Health System also was honored at the ceremony, receiving an honorary doctorate of humane letters for his outstanding contributions in the health care field,

Anita M. Langford, R.N., M.S., N.H.A., Geriatrics Center administrator, has been elected to the Board of Trustees of the Maryland Association of Non-profit Homes for the Aging.

Ann Sussman, director of volunteer services, was awarded a certificate of apprecition for her contributions to the quality of life of JHGC residents.

Joan V. Franks, R.N., was recently inducted into the Mu Eta Chapter of the International Sigma Theta Tau Nursing Honor Society at the College of Notre Dame of Maryland.

Medical Center volunteers Tina Buck, Donna DePaula, and Bertha Kovach were invited to meet and greet President Bush when he arrived in Baltimore to visit an area health center.

Geri Mendelson, R.N., M.ED., M.A., has joined the Geriatrics Center department of nursing as assistant director.

Andrew Weiss has been named administrative intern for operations.

LIVE FOR LIFE: Health Fair a Success

Item 11: Vol.8, No.22, June 17, 1992Add to your cart.

Discharge Time by 1 P.M.

Uniform and Shoe Sale, sponsored by the Kiwanis Gift Shop, is on June 22.

JHGC Team Makes a Patient's Wish Come True

Nurses on the progressive care unit (A4 East) want to save the earth and raise money for patient education programs, which is why they have started collecting an compacting aluminum cans.

The Weight Management Center expanded it's line of weightloss products.

Wellness items are being offered to Bayview Cafe patrons.

"Energy Breaks" will begib July 7.

Naltrexone Study

Blood Pressure Study

Free Hepititis B Vaccinations Offerered

Call the EAP for Help

More than 10 volunteers attended the volunteer luncheon. Ronald R. Peterson thanked volunteers, and guest speaker Suzanne Bosstick, deputy diorector of the Maryland Office on Aging, also stressed the importance of volunteerism.  Fred Dowdy Jr., administrator of support operations, also expressed appreciation for volunteers.

Georgan Kline has taken a new position as a nurse recruiter in the department of nursing.

Item 12: Vol.9, No.1, July 1, 1992Add to your cart.

Practical Picnic Pointers

The SAFE SITTER program at FSKMC offers young people, age 11-14, a medically oriented, 13 hr. course. The next course will be held July 18 and 19.

FSKMC has been asked to assist Baltimore's Hispanic Center in compiling a list of physcians in the greater Baltimore area who are bilingual in English and Spanish.

Parking Protocol

Please refrain from eating in the handicapped area of the dining room if you are not disabled.

Beginning today, the Medical Center is implementing the new discharge time, 1 p.m. Special thanks to patient discharge team members: Jusy Reitz, Carol Ball, Karl Bankert, Jeffrey Berdis, Ella Durant, Michele Hancock, Rosemary Hines, Philip Katz, M.D., Annabelle Potter, Barbara Reiber, Regina Ritenour, Craig Sattler, and Candy Stridiron.

The Flaming A's are Hot!

Escort services has recentlyu reported the disappearance of many FSKMC wheeelchairs.

A pilot study designed to increase organ and tissue donations at FSKMC is a great success.  Implemented by the Donor and Tissue Advocacy Committee, the study was initiated in the ICU.

If you are having problems finding day care, the solution may be the Day Care Center in the JHGC. It's a fully licensed, developmental child care program for youngsters ages 2-5. Marvin Ellison, respitory care supervisor says, "It's really perfect for me because I work in the Geriatrics Center."

The Baltimore County Public Schools are sponsoring a summer lunch program at area Depaartment of Recreation and Parks playground sites.

Francis Scott Key's acute psychiatric unit and adult and adolescent detoxification units received the highest quality rating given a provider by Preffered Health Care Ltd. David Neubauer, M.D., medical director of the acute psychiatric unit, and Donald Jasinki, M.D.m chief of the Center for Chemical Dependence, were recognized for their leadership efforts.

Best wishes to the 47 teens volunteering in the Candy Stripe program this summer. Special welcome to children of FSKMC employees: Amy and Dorothy Coghlin, Ellen Kritz, Ashley Harris, Bonita and Christopher Hensley, Christopher Jones, Jelani Johnson, Shannon Mugrage, Karen Nickol, and Sanjeev Varghese.

Item 13: Vol.9, No.2, July 15, 1992Add to your cart.

Cheer on the Orioles at FSKMC Night at Camden Yards

Project Independence (formerly Options) touches the lives of many residents. In cooperation with the Baltimore City Office of Employment Development, FSKMC provides participants the training and work experience needed to secure permanent jobs.

Call the EAP for Help

LIVE FOR LIFE can energize you and your co-workers by bringing 15-minute energy breaks to your work site each week.

Congrats to the dedicated workers who received perfect attendance awards for April 1992: Hattie Boone, Rosa Brooks, Veda Cornish, Mary Grauer, Winston Green, Robert Jackson, Biggers Johnson, Loretta Lucas, Sylvia Parham, Ricky Placide, Rhonda Qualls, Kimberly Reddy, Elena Villegas, and Linda Yates.

Receipients for May 1992 included: Gloria Adamson, Michael Allen, Susan Atkinson, Cathy Brown, Rovenia Brown, Geneva Champ, Josephine Croucher, Minge Freeberger, Mary Johnson, Josephine Johnson, Robert Marshall, Irwin Meyers, Jeanette Peterson, Elizabeth Seymour, Mary Smith, Leslie Smith, Mary Terry, Lizzie Thomas, Michael Wenczkowski, and Regina Zuccarelli.

Benefits Update

The opening of a 16-bed post-acute AIDS unit in the MFL represts two Medical Center firsts: the first Health System effort to provide comprehensive and chronic care to AIDS patients, and the introduction of a concept called patient focused care.

The Johns Hopkins Federal Credit Union was one of two credit unions named as winners in an annual awrds program held by the National Association of Federal Credit Unions. Namd Federal Credit Union of the Year in the category for institutions with less than $75 million in assets, the JHFCU was cited for its outstanding growth in assets during the past ten years, sound financial management, variety of meber services, and commitment to consumer education.

Don't Get Stuck with Hepititis B

Savings on Summer Fun

Health Fair Scrapbook

Carol Garer, an addictions counselor in the Southeast Baltimore Drug Treatment Program, is the Fitness Center Member of the Month.

Item 14: Vol.9, No.3, August 5, 1992Add to your cart.

Changes: Adding regular features, Encouraging recycling, and Letting you know who to contact with story ideas and suggestions.

Fiscal 1992 marked a "banner" year for FSKMC with 14, 049 admissions recorded-the highest number in the Medical Center's hostory. This week marks the "topping out" of the new hospital tower. FSK's own maintenance crew also has been working hard to spruce up the Medical Center.

A bake sale held by ICU will take place August 7.

Celebrate International Breast-feeding Week (Aug.1-7) by taking advantage of services provided by FSKMC's Center for Breastfeeding. Directed by certified lactation consultant, Cheryl Harrow, R.N.C., the center provides support, assistance, and helpful information to breastfeeding mothers.

The Johns Hopkins Weight Management Center is offering two support groups for compulsive overeaters and non-purging binge eaters. Groups will meet Wedne6sdays beginning August 26.

Helping You Through Hard Times

The new Chesapeake Midwifery Services at Bayview Medicak Center offers well women a full scope of obstetrical as well as gynecological care and family planning services. Three certified nurse midwives include Pat Paluzzi, Janice Emerling and ,JoAnne Leiva, and George Huggins, M.D., is chairman of OB/GYN at FSKMC.

The Center for Addiction and Pregnancy needs FSKMC employee volunteers to help out in the nursery and developmental play area.

To improve patient care and efficiency of the central sterile processing department, the Infection Control Committee has approved a "no expiration date" policy fo all items sterilied and packaged in CSP.

FSKMC nurses can help patients celebrate their birthdays by ordering a cake from Nutrition Services.

Receipients of perfect attendance for June include: pamela Bramble, Earl Brooks, Vinnie Collins, Betty Douglas, Betty Gehrmann, Joan Mahaffey, Lillie Morgan, Maria Pennicott, and Lisa Ruppell.

Jeffrey Davis, M.D., has joined the neurology department as head of the neuromuscular labortary.

Christina Young has been named manager of employment services.

Peggy Haroth, R.N., an FSKMC flex nurse, received the Outstanding Award in Music from Dundalk Commuunity College for her vocal and piano playing talents.

Item 15: Vol.9, No.4, August 19, 1992Add to your cart.

LFL FAll Preview: Indoor walking program, Welness Wednesdays, Indiviidual nutrition sessions, Smoking cessation programs, and Journey to the Orient.

The Crab-Cholesterol Connection

Children's books at a fair price from Aug. 31-Sept.4. All proceeds will benifit this year's United Way campaign.

New I.D.'s for JHMI Employees

The Medical Service Plan of the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine is offering a medical transcription class this fall as part od its professional developement curriculum

Choose from original etchings, woodcuts, lithographs, and sergraphs by American, European, and Oriental artists at an exhibition and art sale Aug. 20 and 21. Proceeds benifit the OB/GYN department's Adolescent Family Planning Program.

FSKMC employees can take courses in WordPerfect or Lotus at Dundalk Community College this fall free of charge.

For each wrapper from an M&M/Mars or Dove International singles or king size product, Volunteer Services will receive five cents.

Support for OverEaters

The Medical Center's blood bank recently has been granted renewal of accreditation by the American Association of Blood Banks.

Dace Svikis, Ph.D., has been named the new director of the Center for Addiction and Pregnancy.

Item 16: Vol.9, No.5, September 2, 1992Add to your cart.

The theme for the 1992 general campaign for United way from September 14-28 is Rx for happiness: Give till ya grin!

Children's Book Sale

Fantastic Furniture Flea Market: Sept. 14-18

Employee Appreciation Celebrartion: Sept. 23

Beginning Sept. 12, the fitness center will be open Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. as part of a three-month pilot program.

Volunteer Services is sponsoring a bus trip to Franklin Mills Mall in Philadelphia on Sept. 21.

The Medical Service Plan, a department of the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, is offering a medical terminology and anatomy course this fall.

Clean Out your Closets for CAP

Helping You through Hard Times

Begin Fall by participating in the Habitrol Smoking Cessation Program (The Patch), sponsored by LIVE FOR LIFE.

Biomedical Media Services staff will impress you at their computer display Sept. 16.

Perfect attendence receipients in July include: Lillie Craft, Vernell Gross, Helen Johnson, Kay Rengen, and Beulah Taylor.

Andrew Munster, M.D., F.A.C.S., professor of surgery and director of the Baltimore Regional Burn Center, has been awarded a Fulbright grant to develop research for burn treatment and teach burn care in India. He is one of 1,800 U.S> grantees who will travel abroad this year inder the Fulbright Program.

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Rx for happiness: Give till ya grin!

Angie Baldwin, offfice assistant-social work, has seen how a United Way agency has provided support to a niece with sickle cell disease.

Jim Kidwell, plumber-plant operations, says payroll deduction makes it easy.

Top Ten Reasons to Give

This year's co-chairs for the FSKMC United Way Campaign: Mardel Albers, Earl brooks, and Brenda James.

Participate in the special activities benefiting the 1992 United Way Campaign: Fantastic Furniture Flea Market and Employee Appreciation Celebration.

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Flu season is around the corner, which is why FSKMC's employee health service is offering free flu vaccinations to all Medical Center employees. The 1992-3 flu vaccine offers protection against influenza viruses common to the United States, such as A/Texas, A/Beijing, and B/Panama.

Receipients for perfect attendance awards in August include: Sarah Alexander, Ruth Amlet, Warren Better, Marianne Chenoweth, Charles Collins, Phyllis Flair, Linda French, Pilan Hsu, Emile Kalil, Lola Maple, Lucille Parker, Patricia Peterson, Zeloides Wilkerson, Annie Winkler, and Alma Wooten.

Call the EAP for Help

Human Resources will offer a medical terminology course at Dundalk Community College.

Take part in the Autumn Olympics at FSKMC. Beginning wednesday, October 7, LIVE FOR LIFE is bringing back Wellness Wednesdays with a twist, presenting an Olymic activity every other week for six weeks.

Twenty-five froups of Medical Center employees participated in LIVE FOR LIFE's weekly "energy breaks" this summer. Soothing strees relief: Mary Eckhardt and Vicki Boswell Satisfying snaking: Sabrina Bailey Ruberneeking: Joan Kramer, Geri Mendelson, and Beth VandeGeijn Stre-e-e-e-tch: Denise Jones Terrific toning: Barbara Nickol, Toni Gonzalez, and Merlene Hill.

Izetta Holmes, a nursing unit secretary i hemodialysis and 13-yr. Medical Center vetran, is the Fitness Center Member of the Month.

Flyin' High with the Birds on FSKMC Night

Cornella "Lia" Pappas, R.N.C., M.S.N., A.N.P., is the new mangaer of employee health services.

Catherine Nagy has been named Medical Center training and developement coordinator.

Once a year, human resources holds open enrollment for non-union employees.  This yaer's open enrollment period runs from October 1 to 16.

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More than 100 women-including employees and community members-attended"Forty Something: Women's Health Issues," a free seminar sponsored by the department of nursing education. Seminar coordinator Diane Bateman, R.N. and Veronica Reaves would like to thank Gayle Adams, Don Caplan, and Pat Joani Steele.

National Health Care Food Service Employees Week and National Physcian Assistants Week were celebratedd Oct. 4-10 and better late than never.

This year's United Way campaign has raised more than $106,000, which is just $10,500 short of the goal.

In July, a 43--yr.-old homeless man was admitted. The search for the patient's family was undertaken by students of Laurene Walker, L.C.S.W., director of JHGC social work who were able to contact the family and make travel arrangements for the reunion.

This year's food drive is from Nov16-Dec.4. The drive supports FSKMC's emergency food closet. Other events-a pie sale on Nov.24, a bake sale on Dec.3, and a citus sale on Dec.10 will also benifit the food closet..

JHGC Residents' Fall Ceramics Sale will be on October 21.

Macy's Benefit Shopping Day will be Nov.12.

Ob/Gyn sale of toys, books, and games on Oct. 22-23.

Spruce Up Old Furniture

Bake sale on Nov. 4 to benifit acute psychiatric unit.

Waist Management

Maryann Hiteshew, R.R.T., support services therapist in the respiratory care department, received the American Lung Association of Maryland's 1992 Distinguished Service Award for Lung Disease.

DRG manager Darlene Hyman, R.R.A, and medical records coders Janet Dillard, Janet Grauer, and Vanessa Leggerr recently passed the first ever Certified Coding Specialist exam held nation-wide by the American Health Information Management Association to recognize skillful coders.

The Chesapeake Vascular Laboratory was among the first 40 in the United States, canada, and Puerto Rico to be granted accreditation by the intersocietal Commission for the Accreditation of Vascular Laboratories.

Richard W. Freeman, M.D., Sc.D. has been appointed director of the office of managed care programs and physcian support services.

Elizabeth Thomas, M.P.H. has joined the Medical Center as part of her participation in the Health System's post graduate fellowship in health services administration.

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Putting Together the Pieces of Quality Management

Our Mission and Values: Words to Work by

Interdepartmental teams/monitoring stage

Interdepartmental teams/ongoing

Intradepartmental teams/ongoing

Under consideration

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Post-acute Aids Unit Puts TQM into Action

Holiday Happenings

Helping our Neighbors in Need

Deserved Recognition for Caregivers

FSKMC nurses can help patients celebrate their birthdays by ordering a birthday cake from Nutrition Services.

The office of safety and environmental services netted more than $350-record amount- from their latest fire sale held during Fire Prevention Week, Oct. 5 to 9.

Each of the 350 employees who visited the infection control display on Oct. 29 walked away winners. Cynthia woods, Georgan Kline, Bobbie Hollingsworth, Betty Bush, and Eddie Horton were the lucky receipients of special prizes, but everyone benifitted from the display entitled "Infection control is everybody's business!"

On Nov. 1, the Medical Center began to strictly enforce its scrub wear policy. The blue scrub wear provided by FSKMC may not be worn outside the hospital.

Karen Armacost, R.N.C., B.S.N., has been named nursing unit manager for the JHGC's Chesapeake Floor.

Nathan Childress has been promoted to lead mechanic in plants operations' carpentry shop.

JHHS corporate purchasing/materials management is occupying new quarters.

Perfect attendance awards in September include: Bill Klosicki, Jim Monolakis, Martha Ross, Patricia Sann, Wendy Shepard, Patricia Vaught, and Thessie Whittley.

Solbert Permutt, M.D., director of research in the division of pulmonary and critical care medicine has been arwaded the 1992 Edward Livingston Trudeau Medal, the American Lung Association's highest scientific honor for his contributions toward the better understanding of lung function.

Bonnie Zelauskas, R.N., M.S., C.D., nursing unit manager on the adult and adolescent chemical dependency unit, was appointed to the State Board of Nursing's Rehabilitation Committee.

Bridgett Bell, who has worked as an instrument tech in the Or for about a yr,, became a certified scrub tech.

To recognize his many years of community service, volunteer Eugene Nardone received a citation from Maryland's Governor William Donald Schaefer.

Addmitting officer Annabelle Miller died of heart failure. She was employed at FSKMC since 1968.

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This Year's Emloyee Recognition Day event is set for Jan. 28.  Special ceremonies and receptions are planned for those whose service fall in increments of five. Employees with 30 or 35 yrs. of service pictured are: Beulah Taylor, Betty Lindsay,nHazel brown, Laura Richards, and Dorothy Lynch. Not ictured are Martha Ross, Dorothy Taylor, and Dorothy Williamson.

The benefits office thanks employees for their cooperation during open enrollment. Within the last month, more than 350 changes have been processed, and the December 1 paycheck reflected the new benifit deductions costs.

Jan. 31 is the deadline to submit claims to Susquehanna Administrators for medical or child care speding accounts.

FSKMC employee holiday party is set for Dec. 17.

Perfect attendance awards in October: Michelle Betit, Nathan Childress, Dawn Clark, Charles Collins, Helen Elliott, Phyllis Flair, Linda French, Emile Kalil, Jaqueline Matthews, Robert McAfee, Glenda McKee, Beaunita Rivers, Herbert Roberts, Gloria Washington, and Cynthia Winston.

Help During the Holidays and All Year Long

The Unemployment Compensation Act of 1992 requires a 20 % withholding tax on lump sum pension distributions from qualified retirement plans 403 (b) tax sheltered annuity plans-such as those available to FSKMC employees.

September's Employee Appreciation Day raised more than $2,000 for our 1992 United Way Campaign.

This year's Patients First award winners included: Michelle Thompson, John Scott, Merelene Hill, Dorothy Williamson, Eric Williams (also annual award recipient), Cynthia Hill, and Jeanette Turner.

Jessica Brooks, an excutive assistant in human resources, is Fitness Center Member of the Month.

Holiday Recipies that Won't Weight You Down

Enjoy the Holidays without Destroying Your Diet

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The Behavorial Pharmacology Research Unit offers craft courses to volunteers who participate  in residential studies.

More than 2, 632 canned or dried goods and $1,000 in cash donations have been donated for this year's South East Emergency Needs Network food drive.

The annual Medical Center holiday party is set for Dec. 17. The party for the night employees will be Dec. 18. LIVE FOR LIFE's holiday celebration will take place Dec. 18.

JHGC managers, nurses, volunteers, nursing administrators, housekeepers, and even patients participated in a day-long project to get dirt and grime out of all the center's equipment on wheels.

The EAP Can Help

The FSKMC archives received an antique oak wheelchair with a worn caned seat and need a volunteer to repair the seat.

Sign, Signs-Everywhere Signs

There will be no regular Banner published in January. Jan 14-Bake sale sponsored by Ambulatory Services, Jan. 19-Bake sale sponsored by the Fitness Center, Jan 20. Raffle sponsored by Community Psychiatry, Jan 21-Bake sale sponsored by Volunteer Services

Don't Let the Flu Bug Bite

FSKMC employees required to work on the day and evening shifts on Christmas Day will receive a complimentary meal at he Bayview Cafe.

Please be considerate to your FSKMC co-workers, patients, and visitors by leaving handicapped parking spaces available to those who need them.

Help a youngster keep warm by donating mittens to the mitten tree sponsored by the child day care center in the JHGC.

Men and Women with Ulcers Needed for Study

Cogratulations to John R. Burton, M.D., chief of the division of geriatric medicine, and to Maxine Stitzer, Ph.D. of the BPRU, who have been promoted to the rank of professor at Johns Hopkins University.

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