Graduate Students

 Graduate/Post-doctoral/Visiting Students Only

Completing Your Pre-entrance Health Form Requirement is a 3-step process.  Please find your student category below to know which steps are required for you to complete. 


Also, please see the instructions at the end of this page for providing proof of health insurance required by the university. 


Online registration begins August 24th.  You will be unable to complete your online registration on August 24th if you have not completed the following: 


Graduate Students:  Complete:   STEP A - Due by July 15th

                                                                         STEP B  - Due by August 15th

                                                                         STEP C - Due by July 15th 


 Post-doctoral & Visiting Students:   Complete:                       

                                                                         STEPS A & C only -  NOW  Due July 15th

A  All entering students are required to provide proof of immunity to certain communicable diseases by submitting a:


  • Pre-Entrance Immunization form completed & signed by your health care provider AND,


  • Consent to Medical Treatment/Insurance Information form completed and signed by you


To download and print the required Immunization and Consent to Medical Treatment/Insurance Information forms, click here.  Will be available March 15, 2010.

Although meningococcal vaccine is not required for graduate students, it is recommended.  You can consult your primary health care provider for information on meningitis vaccine.  In addition, links to information on meningitis provided by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) and the National Meningitis Foundation are provided here for your information:






      GRADUATE STUDENTS:  -  Web Portal:  Now Available   


Enter your immunization information and complete a short medical history online at the JHU SHWC Web Portal.  The information you enter will download directly into your personal JHU electronic health record.  You will need the following information to access the web portal and enter your information on-line:


             1)  Hopkins ID (comprised of six letters and/or numbers):  For instructions on how to

             obtain your Hopkins ID click here.

2)  Email address:  The password needed to enter the web portal will be sent to the e-mail address you provide when completing your web portal registration.  We prefer you use your JHU e-mail, but if you have not set it up, you can use your personal e-mail address.

3)  Immunization Form:  If you have a record of your immunizations, you can start the on-line process at any time; otherwise, we suggest you wait until your health care provider has reviewed and signed the Pre-entrance Immunization form.  Please keep a copy of the immunization form for your records.


Access the SHWC Web Portal.  click here




C Please mail your completed and signed forms, Immunization Form and Consent to Medical Treatment/Insurance Information form by July 15th to:


                                       Student Health & Wellness Center

Johns Hopkins University

3400 N. Charles St., AMR II

Baltimore, MD  21218


Please be sure you have met all of the immunization requirements to avoid any interruption to your Registration process. The Student Health & Wellness Center can complete your form for you if you have no other option. 

Normally, visits to the Student Health & Wellness Center are free, but because completion of these forms is a pre-entrance requirement, we do charge a fee of $85.00, plus the cost of any necessary vaccines, to complete your pre-entrance health form. 


The Office of the Registrar requires all students to provide proof of health insurance comparable to the JHU sponsored plan administered through Aetna Student Health.  ALL GRADUATE STUDENTS CURRENTLY HAVE HEALTH INSURANCE HOLDS UNTIL YOU COMPLETE THIS PROCESS. Please read below to either waive health insurance with comparable coverage or enroll in the school insurance plan. Once you complete this process, the Registrar's Office will remove your hold.



To enroll or waive insurance online please go to - find your school - JHU Homewood, click on Products/Plans, click on Enroll/Waive, click on the Enroll link (use SSN). Make certain to check the box "2009-2010 Graduate Student and Dependent Enrollment." At the end you will receive a confirmation number and it will show a $0 premium due.


If you should have any further questions, please contact the Student Insurance Desk at 410-516-8079.  Thank you.