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  • Daniels praises JHU's greening efforts, says there is more that can be done
    Behold the power of fleece. In a nod to low-tech ingenuity for sustainability's sake, President Ronald J. Daniels donned a blue Snuggie at the Johns Hopkins Earth Day Showcase on the university's Homewood campus to symbolically honor the many efforts under way to reduce the university's carbon footprint and safeguard the environment. The fleec […]


Congratulations to Xavier Ory

Congrats to Xavier Ory on his prestigious award, Prix de l’Académie des Sciences, for his work during his summer internship in the Elisseeff Lab. Xavier is a student at Ecole Polytechnique in Paris. Xavier will receive his prize during a ceremony … more


Football-Shaped Particles Bolster The Body's Defense Against Cancer Release Date: 10/14/2013   T-cells (red) are activated more robustly when they interact with artificial antigen-presenting cells (green) that are elongated (right) … more