Blood Drawing Protocol for Non-SH&WC Providers


As a courtesy to our students, the JHU Student Health & Wellness Center draws blood for lab tests ordered by non-SH&WC providers. However, for the safety of our students and to make sure that results are promptly transmitted to the ordering clinician, we have adopted this blood drawing policy as of February 1, 2012.
Option #1: The student must bring in a Quest or Lab Corp slip completed by the ordering clinician; the slip must contain the following information: 
·        Name of the clinician ordering the lab work
·        Contact Information (address & phone/fax number)
·        LabCorp or Quest Account Number
·        Relevant ICD-9 codes
·        Lab tests requested
For the safety of our students, blood tests ordered by outside clinicians are only collected on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays (so that abnormal results are not transmitted to us when we are closed). The laboratory results will be sent from the laboratory directly to the outside (ordering) clinician. 
Option #2: Students who are unable to obtain the information required in Option #1 can go with orders from their clinician to:
Calvert Outreach Lab at Union Memorial Hospital*
Johnston Professional Building (corner of 33rd St. & N. Calvert)
3333 N. Calvert Street, Suite 121
Baltimore, MD 21218
Hours: Monday – Friday – 6:30am until 5:00pm
*There is no charge for this service and the lab is located just three blocks from campus.
If you have been referred outside of the JHU Student Health to a specialist or facility, we feel it is in your best interest to have the lab work done at the specialist’s office, so that your results will go directly to your specialist and reach him/her in a timely fashion.
Students with the JHU Aetna School Insurance who have been issued a referral to an outside provider by a JHU SH&WC clinician should have their outside provider use Quest or the Johns Hopkins Laboratories to ensure you stay within the Aetna network.
Thank you for your assistance.
Medical Staff
Johns Hopkins Student Health & Wellness Center                  January 21, 2013