Patient Confidentiality


We treat the confidentiality of your medical and health information in accordance with state and federal law. If you are 18 or older, our health care providers cannot release any personal medical information to anyone without your permission, except in the following circumstances: you appear to be a serious threat to yourself or to someone else, you disclose that you have been or are being sexually abused by a relative, or we are required by state law to disclose the information to public health authorities (for example, you have an active case of tuberculosis or you are diagnosed with AIDS). 


In Maryland, students under the age of 18 can obtain confidential medical care for a number of health concerns without parental permission. These include testing and treatment for sexually transmittted diseases and for contraception. In other circumstances (for example, administering an immunization, sending you to the emeregency room, referring you to a specialist or obtaining an Xray), we may need to contact your parents for permission.