The Johns Hopkins University requires that all students have adequate health insurance in order to protect against unexpected accidents or illnesses.
The Johns Hopkins University offers a Student Health Plan to all students. Those students who choose not to purchase this plan must provide proof of health coverage comparable to the university's health insurance plan by completing and submitting a health insurance waiver form to the Office of the Registrar prior to Orientation.  If you do not meet this requirement prior to Orientation, the Office of the Registrar will interrupt your Orientation process and you will not be able to add/drop classes.  Further delay will keep you from registering for the upcoming  semester. 
If you belong to an HMO, PPO, or other managed care health plan, please be sure to let your Student Health and Wellness Center provider know this information before being referred out of the clinic for services such as lab work, x-rays, or specialty consultations.
For questions regarding the school-sponsored health insurance plan, you can visit the website @ or, contact:  
                                                          Student Insurance Desk
                                                          Office of the Registrar