Other Fees



What other fees can I expect to pay in relation to my health care while I am at JHU?


Students are responsible for charges incurred by providers of care outside of the JHU Student Health & Wellness Center for services such as: hospital emergency room visits, specialists' fees, laboratory/diagnostic tests, and x-rays.



Often these charges are covered by your health insurance. If you have school insurance and are in need of any of these services, please contact us first as a referral from us may reduce the amount you are required to pay.  If you have an HMO or any type of managed care plan that requires you use a specified facility for laboratory work or xrays, please make your provider aware so he/she can direct you to the proper facility to utilize the maximum benefits of your health insurance plan and spare you/your parents any additional expenses.   


 Medical Record Copying Fees - Maryland State

How much may a physician charge a patient for copies of medical records?


Maryland law (Health General Sec. 4-304) allows physicians to charge patients (or the patient's "personal representative") a fee for copying medical records. The charges may be adjusted annually for inflation. The updated maximum rates effective July 1, 2011 are:

  • A fee for copying not to exceed .76 cents for each page of the medical record, and
  • The actual cost of postage and handling.
  • Preparation fee of $22.88, if the records are sent to another provider. The federal HIPAA regulations do not allow a charge for a preparation fee for records provided directly to the patient.

A provider may not refuse to provide the records because of unpaid fees for medical services.

Information obtained:  Maryland Board of Physicians Website, December 5, 2011.