Women's Health Tutorial

Birth Control Options

We have heard from several sources that some women have delayed seeking birth control (especially birth control pills) because they believe that they must first get a pelvic examination.

While that was true a decade ago, it is no longer so. Students who wish to start pills (or other forms of hormonal contraception) can make an appointment at the Health Center even if they have not had a pelvic exam.

You will be asked some questions to make sure it is safe for you to take the pill (or other forms of hormonal contraception), and your blood pressure will be checked. Assuming everything is okay, you can start the pills (or other forms of hormonal contraception) without undergoing a pelvic exam. However, if you wish to continue receiving these medications from the Health Center, you will need to get a pelvic exam sometime in the nine-month period after you start the medications. An exam is needed to screen for sexually transmitted infections and to obtain a Pap smear (a screening test for cervical cancer).

Don't forget that free condoms are available in all our bathrooms. No questions asked!

See the following page to explore the different options you have for birth control.

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