Women's Health Tutorial


Continuous Abstinence means not having sexual intercourse at any time. It is the only method that is 100% effective at preventing both pregnancy and the transmission of STIs.

Therefore, the only 100% sure way to protect yourself is to not have sex. It only takes one sexual contact with someone who has an STI to catch it. Despite all the references to sex in the popular media, it is possible to be in a committed relationship and not have sex. You just have to decide that that is what you want and then make sure that your partner understands that you are serious about it.

Abstaining from sexual activity does not mean that you can't express your feelings for your partner. Kissing on the mouth, ears, and neck can be just as loving, and even massages, dancing, and hugging can show your feelings. So instead of sex, why not try exchanging end of the day foot rubs as a soothing and playful alternative for releasing muscle tension.

Need more reasons to be abstinent? Please visit: If you think saying "No" is tough, just wait 'till you say "Yes".

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