Women's Health Tutorial

The following STI screening tests are available for women at the Health and Wellness Center:

Types of tests available for women at the health center
Infection Type of Test Cost Comments
Syphilis Blood Free To state lab
HIV Blood Free To state lab. Can be confidential (through SHWC) or anonymous (through Chase Brexton)
Chlamydia Cervical swab Free To state lab
Gonorrhea Cervical swab Free To state lab
Warts (HPV) Visual inspection and Pap test $75.00-160* (for Thin Prep® Pap test) at SHWC Many people carry the virus without any signs of infection. Please check with your insurance company to determine coverage.
Herpes (active lesions) Culture from ulcer Free To state lab
Herpes carrier status Blood test $80.00-$200.00 (estimated) NOT covered by insurance
Hepatitis B Blood test Free To state lab
* Prices subject to change

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