Women's Health Tutorial

In order to ensure that your exam goes as smoothly as it possibly can, remember these important notes:

*Do not douche within the 48 hours prior to your exam, do not put anything in your vagina (including tampons) and do not have sex in the 24 hours prior to your exam. Douching may wash away or hide abnormal cells.

*Do not schedule your appointment during your period; this will make some tests hard to perform and may skew results.

*Be honest and open with your clinician. The more she knows, the better she will be able to help you and direct her attention to your specific needs.

*Everything you say during your appointment will be kept strictly confidential. Without your permission, no one will ever be told about what occurred during the appointment. This includes your best friends, your teachers, your R.A., and even your parents.

*Let your clinician know if you are uncomfortable at any point during your appointment and exam. We are here to serve you, and we want you to be as comfortable as possible.

*Come prepared with a list of questions, concerns, or comments that you may have for your clinician. Our clinicians will never judge anything you say, so do not be afraid to say anything.

*Relax! The more comfortable you feel, the more relaxed your muscles will be, and the smoother your appointment will run.

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